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S Sep 04, 2018

The Coca-Cola Company
P.O. Box 1734
GA 30301, USA

Reference [protected]-[protected]
Sept 3, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your letter dated August 3, 2018 in response to case reference [protected]-[protected] raised by my email to your email address: journey.[protected] on 07/22/18 at 19:37:26.
I am disappointed in the above response to the situation I brought to your company's attentions.
As you can see from the enclosed, we have been a loyal Coke supporter for over 50 years. I took the trouble to draw your attentions to this matter in the hope that it would alert the company to a situation that could happen not only to me but other customers. For every one customer who takes the trouble of writing, there are likely to be 50 more out there who have just chosen to stay silent but dissatisfied. As such, I was looking to help a strong brand by writing. Instead what I received was advice on how to better store the product, implying that what happened was a result of my improper handling of your products. In fact, I stored my carton of Coke in exactly the way recommended in your letter.
A case of coke is fortunately still something that can be well afforded by most people here in North America, so while yes, I was looking for a gesture to recognize the trouble (which was considerable given the sugary syrup was both difficult to clean once into the floor and floorboard, as well as the need to eradicate the ants and other insects that the syrup attracted) a case of leaking Coke had caused me, your letter and a coupon for a bottle of coke smack of a ‘handwave' to dispense with a nuisance. I would have thought a special delivery of even a six-pack of Coke would have sent a much more sincere message. Returned herein with thanks is the coupon that you sent me. We are not a fan of Coke in plastic bottles.
Lastly, understand that what consumers are looking for is not freebies, but product and service satisfactions. If people who manage Consumer Affairs don't get that, you have bigger problem than leaking tin cans.

Kelvin Chen
Hard copy by Mail

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