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The Cash Store is running television ads saying all you need to get a payday advance is 1) a steady income and 2) a bank account. A few months ago I was turned down for a payday advance by a Carrollton, TX Cash Store location because the pay stubs I provided them were 1099 and not W2. I'd been working for the employer for a year and a half and was being paid on the 1st and 15th of every month. Doesn't get much steadier. So their television ads are very misleading.


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    michellemybelle89 Feb 18, 2009

    i worked there just recently, and was FIRED because i came down with bronchitis and could not attend work on monday (family day) so i came in two days later ready to go on my trip with work and she canned me right there. Out of all honesty, its not a total loss for me because it is a terrible company to work for, with ZERO understanding people. Everyone complained about managers etc. I highly recommend for anyone who would like to take out a payday loan, to take it to money mart or EZcash, they are friendlier and a whole lot less ignorant. I couldnt stand how ignorant my ex manager (who was 19 btw) treated people, she was a straight stuck up girl. So anyone contemplating "The Cash Store" do NOT waste your time...go somewere better and more relaxing. Not to mention the ###ED interest rates of 59% and now there doing some scam crap to make you purchase a 15$ Mastercard, stating Ohhh sorry we dont have any regular cash cards left...its ALL i said, money mart and EZcash has cheaper interest rates as well as they give you cash upfront, not on some lame ### card.

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    Mad Customer--they suck Jul 21, 2009

    I went to the cash store in grand prarie and waited for and hour then they finally turned me down..I could of sworn they said you are qualified as long as you have the proof that they need..Such a rip off and a waste of my time

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    coronetsrock Aug 07, 2009

    1099s are not sufficient collaterral for an advance because it does not display federal deductions. They need to confirm that you are in no way in bankruptcy or being garnished unvoluntarily from the IRS. Of course ads make things easily misleading, but you must take into consideration that whether or not they say it, there is an underwriting process assigned by a third party lender that must be met.

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    princessglenda Aug 31, 2009

    The woman above who talked about reversal of checks is right on the money. The same thing has just happened to me.
    The Cash Store went into my bank account on July 10th of this year - then they encouraged me to pay off the balance of $392. 00 a little at a time. Imagine to my horror yesterday I am in Church and these ### called me telling me that I still owe them $800.00.
    As much as I tried to explain to Alex then Freda - then Erin (all ###s who work for the Cash store) that if they looked properly they will see that my check for $423.00 was paid & cleared my bank almost 7 wks ago - these idiots kept telling me that I still owe the full amount. They are trying the same trick - send us a copy of your Bank Statement so that we can have proof that your check cleared.

    Now tell me if my check was reversed would I not have that money in my account & would I not question a windfall ???? ALSO...why would it take 7 wks for this take place.

    So now I am at the point where I WILL NOT BE PAYING THEM A DIME more and they will have to take me to court for the balance of $392.

    Also I think that I will be reporting them to the BBB immediately.

    They are dishonest & theives.

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    coronetsrock Sep 05, 2009

    Your check could have very well have been reversed, but how are we to know? (Note: I don't work for the cash store but am very versed in how they work.) Sometimes, there are times when the check will not clear and it does take longer than a month to hear back from the bank about it. If your check really did clear, why are you so adamat about not providing proof that it did? Do you not really care about your debts? Lots of people who go to the cash store don't.

    The only way I can think of that you were able to pay half of your bill is that your initial check didn't clear in the first place. It isn't rocket science. Each customer is responsible to read their contracts when they are given them at the time of their advance. When you sign the 3rd page of each contract, they will ask you to check the first box. Congratulations! They just got your premission to debit your account one half the amount of your debt and then the other half later once it returns insufficient! And who's fault is that? Yours. You can kick yourself for that later if you don't like it.

    To summarize, you had a loan for 800 dollars. You didn't come in to meet your financial obligations, so they debited your account for $800(or whatever it was) to get it back. You didn't have funds available, so they returned the check. My only guess is that you were unresponsive to their phone calls so they went ahead and tried to debit one half of the amount. Time went by and it returned for whatever reason(fraud, reversal, customer advised not authorized, insufficient funds, account close, stop payment, etc.)

    So... unless I see otherwise, based off of my own knowledge of their ways and what you said, you basically didn't pay it to begin with. So, why do you care about them calling you? Also, it's unfair to list their names in your post. That makes you an ###. Do you want them listing your names? They're just doing their jobs, yet you find a way to make fun of them and call them ###s when I could say the same for you. You've just demonstrated how horrible of a person you are and that you don't feel the need to repay your debts. I need to tell everyone about PrincessGlenda, hold the phone!

    And again, I DON'T work for the Cash Store. I just think payday loan "victim" stories are pretty interesting(and amusing when they are at fault.)

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    vvv03 Oct 01, 2009

    I totally agree. I went on my lunch break to get a loan and the girl the day before on the phone told me all I have to have is my current check stub, current bank statement, and a check and my license. I provided all the information and work right up the street for a huge dealership and they kept calling the corporate phone number that takes care of 100's of dealerships to get income verification and they said that was policy and procedure. They said that they couldn't call my direct dealership phone number. I was totally irritated because they mislead me first and had horrible attitudes second. I then asked the girl for her General Managers name and contact info to issue a complaint and she said she wasn't able to give that information out. She then gave me a card with the managers name scratched out . She then said she was the manager of the branch go figure. Oh and the reason I was misled on the phone is because the girl that talked to me the day before that was her first day ever working there. That to me was very misleading . They took to long and I was late back from lunch . The girl should have never stated that it would only take minutes. They are so full of it.

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    Tee2009 Oct 22, 2009

    Oh my goodness. I almost got a loan with this company. I am getting married in a couple of weeks and needed some extra funds for some unexpected expenses. I filled out an app on line and used the online calculator. It said I could be approved for up to $1275. I'm like, great. I go in, they still take FOREVER to verify everything (eventhough my HR department verified right away) and she tells me I'm only approved for $800. I mean, I knew the online calculator was an estimate, but that's a big difference. So, I'm like okay, I need something so the lady starts trying to hand me the papers to sign, but she hadn't explained repayment, finance charge - NOTHING. So I'm like, hold on, how do I pay this back? She tells me $217 every two weeks 10 times! I said, that's over $2000 paid back to you for an $800 loan! YEAH RIGHT. I'm not stupid!

    So, if you can possibly find another way to get the money you need, please do! I went to check n go instead and got approved for $725 and I only have to pay back $900...what a difference! RUN, DO NOT WALK, AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! YOU WILL BE INDEBTED TO THEM FOREVER!

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  • Td
    Tdot Oct 26, 2009

    All you people keep giving payday loans a hard time and im sorry if you need the money that bad go to your bank and take out a loan and in most cases you cant bcause you have bad credit with them already so these payday loans places are there to help you in a short quick time do you honestly expect it to be FREE or close to it?? NO your the one choosing to go there your the one with bad credit to begin with to have to go there so if you need the money and signed the papers...suck it up buttercup

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    itwasme75 Nov 08, 2009

    In my opinion, pay day loans are a quick way to cover unexpected expenses without dropping your credit score. I have a great job and excellent credit. I have used the Cash Store. Why? Because every time your credit is checked, your score drops a bit. Every time you open a loan, it drops a bit again. So, for me, having this quick method is easier. Yes, I pay more than my bank but for the convenience of not having my credit report ran, its a good thing. just my opinion though of course and obviously we all have one. :-) In addition, I do not take more than I can pay off in a month. Period. They dont make as much money off of me since I pay it off early :)

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  • Po
    poon Apr 02, 2010

    awww cash store took my money :( :( :(

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  • Ta
    TaraWilson Apr 09, 2010

    I had a loan with the cash store, and had paid it in full by debit. This was a month ago. I woke up this morning to see an overdrawn account for the amount that I had written a check for fot that particular loan, the loan I had already paid??? Who would I file a complaint with about that, besides the Cash Store that is.

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  • Ge
    George 1478 Apr 20, 2010

    you know my opinion is this everyone is not in the same position as though that have good or medicore credit yes it's on the individual who takes out a loan instead of a Bank Loan but if people could take out a bank Loan they would i'm sure 1 thing is missing in all of this, 1 people are losing JOBS 2 the ECONOMY is not what it used to be anymore 3 The Banking institutions themselves had borrow from the GOVERNMENT in order to survive and their return interest isn't 400% don't you think their credit rating trustworthiness should be called into question? people all over this country are struggling .The question should be should the PAYDAY LOAN industry should be considered Predatory Lending or should they be required to Regulate their Predatory Fees because no matter if it's 100.00 or a 1000.00 the interest paid should go toward the principle balance if a consumer has to rollover the amount borrowed after the second rollover, it is only fair for consumers going through tough times in which Gas prices are going up prices from FOOD to housing to clothes to insurance including Hospitalization so I feel with that said REGULATE or DISSOLVE them.

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  • Le
    leoaries25 Aug 19, 2010

    I hate this company they have lousy slow incompetant employees who will nickel and dime you to death. In Canada the law says you cannot charge more than $23 per hundred in a loan. However they find ways to charge you service fees monthly charges, card fees, everything they can think of.
    Its a horrible rip off business with terrible practices.

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  • Le
    leoaries25 Aug 19, 2010

    I went to this store because I needed some extra money while my husband was unemployed. I thought it can't be that much and its right next to my house so paying back the loan would be easier.
    I was quoted a $299 for $200 for 10 days. I said that was crazy and got up to leave. The employee said well we can drop the card fee, okay $269 I said fine.
    I took the "mastercard" she loaded with my $200 to a bank machine, couldn't retrieve money. I went back to the store, o she made a mistake and now I could only get $180 because I tried to get it twice and that charged my card fees. I said that I would expect the 20 and the fees off my repayment. She tried to call her boss her manager everything nothing could be done right then, two hours after I got there. I left got the 180 figured the manager would fix it when she was in.
    Repayment time came; I called nothing was done for me. Apparently the employee told the manager i wanted 180 and I still had to pay the full amount. I contacted their "customer service" which was a joke. The district manager replied to me stating everything on their end was fine.
    I was furious, I will never go there again, and have submitted a complaint to the bbb

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  • Sc
    scammed_in_fsj Oct 14, 2010

    Cash Store Fort St. John BC took over $200 out of my bank account by mistake (they acknowledge mistake). Now, I am told by Amanda (staff) who consulted with Wanda (branch manager) that the only way they can give me back this money that they took out of my account is by puting it into their master card. I don' want the money in that Mastercard... they took the cash out of my bank account, I want full cash back into my account immediately, or in my hands. What a scam!!!

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    scammed_in_fsj Oct 16, 2010

    It's me again, "scammed_in_fsj" with a follow up to my last post above. So I walk in to the Fort St. John BC office of the Cash Store yesterday (day after posting above) and they tell me the only way that they can refund the money that they "mistakenly" took out of my bank account is to put it in one of their "Freedom" cash cards which I could use at any Interac ATM to withdraw my money. I was not pleased with this option but had had it with this company and just wanted to recover my money. So they give me a cash card and tell me it is loaded with the money they owe me. I head over to my (TD Canada Trust) ATM machine, try 2x to withdraw the money, and get nothing. I walk across the street to the Bank Of montreal ATM machine and try 3x to withdraw my money, and I get an "insufficient funds" message. I get home and phone the customer service tel # that is printed on the back of the cash card I was given (1-877-600-4729) ... The number is not in service! I do a Google search and find an alternate number and talk to someone at the other end who tells me what the balance on card is... It is not what it is supposed to be! Additionally, I was charged $0.50 for every unsuccessful attempt to withdraw the monmey that rightfully belongs to me, and I must've attempted to do so 6 or 7 times between the TD bank aATM and the Bank Of Montreal ATM. This is not a scam... it is a bloody crime, and I have a good mind to get in touch with the RCMP and the Attorney Generals office to report this.


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    scammed_in_fsj Oct 26, 2010

    I wanted to add that I phoned the number listed on the web site for "complaints". Got a voice mail for someone who identified himself as some sort of manager, asking that I leave a message and I would get a call back promptly. Left a detailed message. That was 10 days ago and I have not heard anything back from anyone at their "complaints" department. Surprise!

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    The Abbot Oct 30, 2010

    I used to work for the Cash(scam)Store and it was THE ABSOLUTE WORST job I ever had. And I had a job cleaning toilets before... They prey on poverty in my town (Seniors pentions, child tax, welfare, disability) which I feel is as low as you can get. I barely slept when i worked there do to the stress of being a criminal for a living. THEY WILL SCAM YOU EVERY CHANCE THEY GET!!! 15% for this 29% for that Witha a overall 59% fee for yadda yadda yadda and youre paying back 180 for 100 fo if you had a loan for 400 expect to go hungry when they take over 600 from you I TOTALLY ADVISE YOU NEVER UNDER ANY SITUATION USE CASH STORE FINANCIAL! EVER!!! They will not only rob you blind but they will harass the living hell out of you while they do it

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  • Rn
    Rnoches Dec 14, 2010

    All true, when you hear the words "refinance" your loan goes back to square one or your original loan amount, eventhough you may have already paid more than your original loan. In otherwords, you can never pay it off. Not bad business if you think about it. You don't refinance the amount owed sans the principal you've already paid, you refinance the whole darn thing, losing both your vested equity and principal.

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  • Kc
    kchlmom Dec 15, 2010

    Quick question, I borrow from the cash store in Ontario, Canada and while I know its not the most ideal situation, ive never had a problem with them. Until this month. They accidently withdrew my loan amount from my account twice. when I confronted them they first denied it saying that their computer only showed it coming out once. I got a bank statement showing the twice withdrawl and they appologised. They said they would refund my bank account. Today when I checked my account i find that they have refunded me twice? Now what? I already secured another loan with them payable next month. Do I wait until next month when I repay it and see if they notice? Do I go in and inform them of their error now? What are their terms and conditions regarding this? Does anyone know?

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  • Mm
    MMouse Apr 05, 2011

    I had a horrible experience with the Cash Store - I absolutely regret borrowing fromt them. I was in a bind in January so I took a pay day loan. I came in late on the day it was due and spoke with Derek to make arrangements. I paid all I had in cash, which was only $28, but we then made arrangements for me to pay on my next 3 pay days. He said my cheque would have already gone to the bank, but that he would be able to catch it so it didn`t bounce - we even discussed how high my NSF`s are at the bank! The NEXT DAY I went to get groceries and I had insufficient funds. I was SO embarrassed!!! When i got home and checked my account I saw that they took an odd amount from my account... sneaky because even if you put a stop payment on your cheque, it HAS to be for the exact amount, so they can still take whatever they want. They caused me to be overdrawn, costing me $42.50 in NSF at the bank, then caused my car insurance to bounce, costing an additional 42.50, plus 30 from my insurance broker. The bank said there was nothing they could do about it except open a new chequing account for me so that I could close the other one once i had brought my balance back up from the NEGATIVE, and they were kind enough to credit me for the NSF to my new account and didn`t charge me for new cheques (YAY TD BANK!!!) THEN the Cash store took another odd amount on the 14th of February BEFORE my payday causing me ANOTHER NSF!!! I called them at that time and they basically said too bad, and told me that DEREK was new and wasn`t supposed to make the arrangements with me that he did... How is that MY fault, and why wouldn't you pick up the phone in the two weeks since I had seen him to TELL me that and give me an opportunity to make alternative arrangements?? Now, they certified the cheque I had given them and took my money again on March 31st so I am now unable to pay my rent. I called and spoke with Leo (okay, I yelled mostly) who tried to encourage me to pay the remaining 50ish dollars outstanding and then they could re-lend to me!! WHAT?!?!?!?! I told him no, absolutely not, and that I would not be able to pay the 50ish dollars this pay period, especially since I wasn't able to pay my rent... guess what I saw on my online account today? A charge from the cash store of 55.12 that has again caused me to be overdrawn and will cause me an additional 42.50 in NSF... WTF? I've spoken with Janet at Heritage Cash Store in Edmonton and she once again is not at all helpful... never ever again!

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  • Wh
    whoknowswhyididit Jul 26, 2011

    I borrowed twice from the Cash Store and paid off the first time.Second time I got 450 dollars and the pay off was about 1100 dollars .I thought payday loan and installment was the same thing.Well I came in on a Wednesday and they took my employment info and noted get paid 15th and end of month.This means nothing since it was due every other Wednesday and if I needed to wait a day or two did not matter since there was no grace period or adjustment it had to be that day or they draft from your checking account whether you had it or not .You had to either scrape up the money or if you were a couple payments into the loan you chould refinance and start from the begin and they give you about 15 dollars in interest if you were broke it seems like a good deal at the time so you start all over again and each time you make two payments its the same thing .I know its my fault for being so desperate and not reading the repayment terms and for thinking it would come out on my pay period and I would not have to go broke in the end.Hopefully this helps someone else since I could not help myself.I did find a real loan company that is not a payday loan and the payment is great not over the top interest and 10 day grace period if needed and will adjust to your pay period.Also reports to the credit bureau to help your credit rating.I wish I had found World Finace first instead of under estimating my credit.They even gave me my credit score.Stay away from the Cash Store unless you like paying way too much back for a couple hundred dollars.Although you might need the money bad but it is not worth it.

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  • Si
    sickofthisjob Jul 29, 2011

    I took a loan out at the Cash Store and then I got hired there after I paid off the loan. YES the loan is expensive we KNOW. But take into consideration that we don't check your credit and we give you cash. We're stuck between getting yelled at by you and yelled at by our bosses. We don't want you to be in collections, we don't want you to be in debt forever. We get NO support from our superiors and our customers think we're evil. Most of us only work there because we need a job and its easy to get hired. The truth is that we're not making commission, the "incentives" are impossible to obtain, and our hourly wage is about as good as a call center. Also everyone and their dog hates us. We have to call at least 20 people 3x a day at three different numbers just for reminder calls - that's nearly 200 phone calls a day. We HAVE to call you until we make contact that's the rule. Otherwise we get fired. And then there are collection calls. That's another 100 - 300 calls a day depending on how many people decided to not read their contracts and not come in on their due dates. I WISH we could hold your payment but we can't. Its nothing personal - we understand that your grandma died/your kid's in the hospital/ you're in another state but we literally can't do anything per company rules. Honestly we hate the company as much as you do but we all have to live. I'm looking for a new job. I'm tired of getting yelled at by stupid people.

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  • Mi
    missbrittanylynn Aug 15, 2011

    stuck in wasaga beach so i went and needed a little money and i had a friend who was going to help, i borrowed 100 and we agreed to take it out on aug 1st well than she had pressured us into haing it do automatically and we did and now im paying 189.54 back, and on top of that they took it out on the 28th and never returned to my bank account, so i am no pleased, and will i ever do this again? HELL NO! everyone is right they do rip you off every chance they get and its not right

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  • An
    annieup Aug 17, 2011

    The Cash Store is the most evil company I have ever worked for. The total lack of ethics and decency, toward customers and employees, ...amazing. If you come down sick while on the clock, they treat you as if you had committed a crime - even if you are only sick once a year. They do not allow employees to observe sincerely held religious beliefs without persecuting for it. (I believe that is illegal). I too feel that I am a criminal for a living. It has affected my entire life in a very negative way. I would not have taken the job had my questions at the interview been answered honestly. Direct questions like: what will my shift be? Ans: you will either work the early shift or the late shift and out hours are 9-7 Mon thru Fri and 9-3 on Sat. Since that is 10 hours, and from the answer given, one would think that they would not be working the entire time span. But that is exactly how they schedule. Open to close. I also asked if I would work every Sat. She said "o no, we rotate Saturdays". Guess what; NOT. Worse yet, if you want off on a Sat even if you have vacation to use, they say "sorry, that is our busiest day". Their insurance is not even real insurance - it is that stuff that the goverment says is not meant to be used as insurance but only as a supplement to your health coverage and healthcare. We even got a notice from the government that it doesn't meet the requirements. (but they had gotten a waiver) - What? I could go on and on about this company, but if there is any other options, even at lower wages, take it. I'm gonna!!! ASAP

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  • Ca
    cas851 May 22, 2012

    Please help.I have a loan with the cash store n its already killing me..I decided to do a stop payment but im just concern about the payable info on the check..does anyone know to what name does the cash store writte the check to?

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  • Yo
    Young nurse Oct 11, 2012

    The cash store has ridiculous pay back fees and no room to work with you on repaying, they will pull money out of your account even with you stating the is none there. Although there was a contract there they give you numerous paper work ensuring you won't want to read it all. Justice finance is a company I've borrowed from in the pas who on, y adds 15 per hundred and they give you a ten day grace period if needed... The cash store is a big scam which o ly helps you dig yourself into a bigger hole they are not understanding at all and some of their e, players have a horrible work ethic. Please do not. Borrow from these sharks

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  • Sm
    smartwithmoney Jan 14, 2013

    Alright, so I've loaned with the Cash Store several times and I'd like to clear a few things up:
    -First of all, if you've ever loaned with the Cash Store, you know that there are 5 pages in your contract. There is NO "fine print" in your contract. It's extremely easy to read and understand (if you're not a ###). It very clearly states that if you are unable to make a payment ON OR BEFORE THE DAY IT'S DUE, they debit the payment amount from your account. Not only does the contract state how much the interest charge is, but it's posted all over the store. There are even huge signs that say what the payment amounts would be for money borrowed in $100 increments. It's not like they're keeping any secrets. I love the store I go to, and the employees are extremely friendly. I've never had a problem with them, but that may be because 1) I always borrow what I know I can afford to pay back and 2) I never miss a payment. I find it interesting that none of these people bother to tell you that not only do you receive an EXACT COPY of the loan agreement, but you are also given not one but TWO different papers showing what your payment schedule is and the amount the payments are. Most of the people on here are just upset because they didn't borrow responsibly, they dug themselves a hole, and they need someone to blame. The interest rates are high, but you should be smart enough to only take an amount that you can afford to make payments on. I'm guessing most of you went in because you only needed $100 (I think the payments on that are $25), but since you were approved for $1500 you took out the WHOLE THING, even though you didn't NEED it. It's not rocket science!! I've loaned with SEVERAL other places that DELIBERATELY take advantage of people and are WAY worse with people who go into debt (they will actually show up at your home! Who are the REAL loan sharks?). If you're not an idiot and actually LISTEN to the employees who explain in GREAT DETAIL the terms of your contract, it's actually a very nice place to loan from. Fast, friendly, and professional.

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  • Pi
    pissedoffhonestguy Jan 23, 2013

    Hello, This letter is to inform you that Ken King, of your Edmonton Branches, is an extreme douche bag! He lies to his staff, managers and anyone who crosses his path. He is a sexual predator that makes advances towards young women and holds them back from promotions and raises. Giving bad reviews to women who want to better there careers and move on! This douche bag should be removed from all his duties! If anyone cares or notices his areas of management, they are all losing staff! I wonder why! A woman works her ### off for over a year with out a raise and then Ken hires new woman with little or no experience at a higher wage!! HUH?! you read it correct!! I am sure nobody gives a damn in that head office but how much money you suck from people in need! I wont stop here!! I will post on all resources...facebook, twitter, google reviews, yelp and all other forms of social media! This guy is a scumm bag! He should hide his face in shame!

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  • Ge
    getaclue123 Mar 19, 2014

    If you use it correctly to begin with and read your contract then all would go well. Communication with them is also key. If you have a horrible experience it's because like an idiot you probably tried to get away with not paying back but were well happy to spend the money they lent you

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  • Ja
    Jazzyjm May 28, 2016

    Do anyone know if they call your bank before issuing loans one company called and two days later withdrew from my account after I didn't take the loan I turned it down

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