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The Cash StoreHarassment

I had recently agreed to be a reference for a friend of mine for a payday loan. (I did not sign any papers, just provided my phone number and name). Long story short, my friend missed the payment due date and they are now calling me 5 times a day looking for him. They have his number and address, the last time they called was today and they informed me that if someone didn't pay the fullamount they wouldcontinue to call me 5 times a day, those were her exact words. So I decided to take it a step further and contact the head office in Alberta, and file a complaint. The man on the other line was VERY rude, and Asked me to stop talking about 3 times. He basically told me it was my fault and said I was stupid for "vouching" for my friend. When I agreed to be a reference I was informed that i was not involved in the "loan" part, and I was just a reference as a reference on a job application. Now I have no where to turn to stop this "cash store" from calling my home 5 times a day. The head office obviously doesn't want to believe that their franchises could be capable of such a thing. I was very insulted with the way this man went on. I wouldn't reccomend borrowing or being a "reference" from the cash store, it is definately not worth it.


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    payday vultures Dec 10, 2014

    I owe the cash store $300.00 from 2012. At the time I was not able to pay back and my checking account was closed still owing them. Now the cash store is calling threatening me that they are serving me papers for court... really. .so do I need to magically get a lawyer to help me for a loan I couldn't even pay back 300.00. No I'm not that broke, have enough to live paycheck to paycheck. I tried to tell them I'd send 50-100.00 a month till paid off BUT THAT WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM. THEY WANTED IT IN 2 BIG PAYMENTS NOW.

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  • Co
    complyourebecca Sep 17, 2014

    I talked to rebecca in the weatherford store and she was NO help once so ever. I had a defaulted loan. and needed information on it, she told mevto be quiet numerous times. And told me lies. ScRew this company, they wont get a dime from me. If thats the way they want to play.

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  • St
    Straightshyte May 15, 2014

    Ahh, the way I see it, karma is in the process of giving these bloodsuckers the thrashing that they deserve! A scam is a scam no matter what you call it! Let natural selection do its job and I betcha these scheming [censored] lords will be out of business soon enough ;=)

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  • Ih
    iheartyou Nov 18, 2013

    They have a policy that they are not allowed to contact you or your references/employers more than 3 times a day. That's three attempts... Period. Not 3 to each person. I know I worked there. Its in there collection policy. BTW does anyone know the exact name that showed up in there bank sstatement . trying to do a stop payment due to my son being sick but iI need the exact name

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  • Sh
    shocka khan Nov 05, 2013

    I too have had dealings with The cash Store. This company is the most ridiculous, deceiving, and fake company I have ever worked for in all my years of working in the public. First of all everyone you meet from this company act so happy and upbeat. That's ok for the most part, but they all act the same exact way. They all use the same exact words such as perfect and awesome. These people are results of being programmed and brainwashed. I know most of you reading this have seen the movie The Stepford Wives where the man cloned all these women to get the perfect woman. Well, that is exactly what it is like with all the people from The Cash Store. They have a computer system that thinks for you. Instead of you, the manager, making loan decisions about your customers, they have a system that does all the thinking for you. This is what you call micro-managing. I for one don't do the micro manage thing. I have been in finance for some years and if I can't make a loan decision by now, then I need to hang it up and go to the house and sit my ### down. I can't close this without mentioning the Make-A-Friend program, that is for pre-schoolers or kids in grade school. I know how to treat customers and don't need a program to teach me. A very rude, deceiving company, would not recommend to my worst enemy much less anyone else I know.

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  • Pi
    pissedoffhonestguy Jan 23, 2013

    Hello, This letter is to inform you that KEN KING is an extreme [censored] bag! He lies to his staff, managers and anyone who crosses his path. He is a sexual predator that makes advances towards young women and holds them back from promotions and raises. Giving bad reviews to women who want to better there careers and move on! This [censored] bag should be removed from all his duties! If anyone cares or notices his areas of management, they are all losing staff! I wonder why! A woman works her ### off for over a year with out a raise and then Ken hires new woman with little or no experience at a higher wage!! HUH?! you read it correct!! I am sure nobody gives a damn in that head office but how much money you suck from people in need! I wont stop here!! I will post on all resources...facebook, twitter, google reviews, yelp and all other forms of social media! This guy is a scumm bag! He should hide his face in shame!

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  • An
    anom345 Apr 17, 2012

    Send them a notarized letter by certified mail to cease contacting you about someone Else's business dealings with them. If you have already informed your friend they are looking for you that is all you can do for them. If you have no ownership of the collateral in question then it's not your problem, it's your friend's and theirs. Also if you have a Fax available to you send a copy of the letter by fax to the store, the certified one to their main office and keep one copy for yourself. They will stop calling you within 24 hours of receiving that letter because they know it would mean legal issues otherwise.

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  • AuntieSpamming Jan 29, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a tactic being used by the company. By calling *you* 5 times a day, they hope you will get angry with your friend and put pressure on him or her to pay up. If you didn't sign anything guaranteeing the loan, they have no recourse against you legally.

    Keep a written log of the calls with date, time, duration, and content. Add details like whether the caller has an accent, background noise, gender of the caller, approx. age. Auntie agrees, dear, it's a pain in the derriere. Do it anyway. Give a formal warning to the caller like, "I will be contacting the police if you keep calling me."

    When you have enough in your log (you want to show a pattern of behaviour on their part), go to your local police and file a report. If they're acting criminally (and making annoying and harassing phone calls can be criminal), let the strong and well-equipped police officers deal with it. Keep logging.

    Another option, you could sue them and obtain a restraining order. They contact you again and it's contempt. Judges get very pissy over that.

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  • Ha
    Happychic Jan 29, 2012

    For anyone that lives in Canada this is against the law. You have rights, you never signed anything and were just a reference for this person get there names and keep all recordings and then report then. It is ridiculous that you have to suffer because of someone else's mistakes. Keep your phone records and everything you can the Better Business Bureau can help you with this problem and I am sure they will let you know where to go to get help.

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  • Ti
    tiffygirl Jun 29, 2011

    As any new customer would with a company, you would have had to sign a ton of documents before even getting your loan. The employees go through the basic stuff that is required, and let me tell you..They are not required to tell you everything, becasue it is in the documents you sign, its your choice to read it or not. So you think when it comes to YOUR money you would take the time to READ the entire policy. & if you miss a payment, well you miss a payment, come on time. From my experience they are trying to help you, BECAUSE IF your loan goes to collections with a company such as that it doubles right away, and almost right away goes to small claims court. So why would you want that? Read your policy, pay your bills & never be a co signer for someone at a place like that. Obviously they are not good with money if they are going to the cash store to get money, the rates, interest and fees are outragious!! It is ment to hook people in and make it impossible to get out of. & when people are desperate they go for it.

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  • Bu
    Bustamatic May 18, 2011

    YES! FINALLY! I have had dealings with their head office as well. The head office called the branch liars and the branch said the head office didnt know how things worked... Very rude staff, harrassing phone calls constantly. I even added ' if this is the cash store, please stop calling", on my answering machine and I got a message that stated "until we get our money, we will call everyday like this.". I highly recommend boycotting this scam/business!

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  • Ee
    eeeshes Mar 28, 2011

    I have been being harrassed myself. I am on disability and just had a baby. In Charge Debt Solutions screwed us over when we were paying them $700 a month to pay our bills. I told Amy at the Cash Store in Copperas Cove, TX about all of our struggles and that various debt collectors that were not paid due to In Charge Debt Solutions never paying them were taking money from our accounts without authorization. Our banks won't stop them without a $30 fee per stop payment and something to do with them having our account and routing numbers... Anyways, I can't barely afford baby formula with all of this going on. And now I have been forced to stop paying them so that my son will be fed because WIC and Food Stamps denied us 3 times now each. I've had to switch bank accounts to stop the withdrawl from my funds. Then Amy calls me over 5 times a day at one point. My bank wouldn't allow me an advance on my pay, saying SSD could stop at any time... But mine is permenanent but they have no way of knowing that. I told Amy just because she keeps calling me doesn't mean I am going to grow money out of my butt and I have no one I can borrow money from. Its like she expects me to borrow from peter to pay paul so I can pay uncle sam. It ridiculous. Telephone Harrassment falls under Telemarketing laws. They are not supposed to contact anyone over 3 times a day whether they answer the phone or not. They can be sued for this. I am speaking with my command financial specialist on Fort Hood to have them black listed from allowing military members to get a loan with them. Same as In Charge Debt Solutions. And a little tid bit of information which most people don't like saying or letting be known... Although this may screw your credit. It is an unsecured loan. Sure they can take you to court but if you don't have the means to pay them, they you can't. And after 7 years of not paying them, everything from negative reporting on your credit to the money you owe will drop off. And with this economy going down hill... I'd doubt anyone would care what I do and do not pay. I have to feed my son first and make sure he has a roof over his head. And if they think for one minute they can get my $825 a month SSD from me for payment, they have another thing coming. My SSD is protected. It cannot be garnished nor ceased. So my son will continue to have food in his stomache regardless of their poor attitude and uncaring unfair debt collection practices. And the BBB would do good to shut them down!!! Oh and another tidbit, You can sue an individual person for harrassment and I plan on it with Amy. Good Luck and don't let anyone scare you with big words and useless knowledge. Unsecured debts are easy to cure. But hard to handle.

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    Shannon36535 Feb 11, 2011


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    paycayloancrazy Feb 11, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have taken out a loan with he cash store some odd months ago i was paying well .when during this time i had several episodes of rare and difficult mother passed away and 2 weeks later my son 32 years old had a stroke.i have not been able to work due to the fact i had to take a personal leave to take care of him in kansas. since i have not been able to pay and have not been at work my employer has notified me that they are recieving 15 calls a day they have been told by my employer not to call my job but they cont to and due to his fact i have been given a verbal warning.they are calling me night and day.this is totally out of control and bitter harassment that needs to be a human being like any one else i have faults but i am entitled to protection and freedom of personal space and this horrid harassment which is leading me to loss of job and a way of supporting my self. if this cont to persist i will need to take a formal action on my own thank you martha buck

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