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United Legal ServicesCollection agency

They are not a law firm. They are debt collectors. Please turn intp your local attroney general. They submit no debt vidation letter. They provide scary phone calls. They are scammers!!

United Legal ServicesHarassment at Work

Today at around 4:15 pm at my place of business, I recieved a phone call from a representative of United Legal Services. He claimed his name was Robert Connor, which was clearly fake, because he had an Indian accent. He asked me if my business manager was there, I told him no. He repeatedly asked for the business manager and I kept telling him no, she wasn't here, she went home for the day. Only after that, did he finally ask her real name. I told him once more she was not there, but I offered to take down his name, number, the company he was affliiated with and I would have her get back to him as soon as possible. I could barely understand what he was saying because he was talking so fast. When I asked him for his place of business and phone number once more to verify, he got very rude and aggressive towards me.

He finally relented and gave me the phone number; I asked what it was in regards to, and he got even more rude and angrier, and told me that his company had a legal action that they were taking against my supervisor. He then asked for my supervisor's home phone number, which I declined to give out as it is policy not to do so. He then proceeded to threaten me over the phone, and I raised my voice towards him and told him what he was doing was illegal. At the end of the call, he asked me why I wanted his information and I told him it was procedure; after all, I am the receptionist, it's my job.

I soon learned afterword that he had called my supervisor's home phone, and the connected numbers of all the offices at my place of work, harassing the employees looking for my supervisor. These people are real ###.

  • Na
    Nancy Braunig Nov 28, 2012

    I also recieved a call from866-471-0408 threatening to serve me with papers from the sheriffs office saying that I had a credit card with Plains Commerce Bank.Ispoke to someone named Harold Thompson who coulnt tell me the address the card was issued to.They even tried to get my daughter to give them our address in order to serve me.That sent up a bunch of red flags.So I started doing some research.Did a reverse phone lookup.Couldnt be found.Found the number to plains commerce bank and gave them a call. I explained to them what was going on and they offered to look and make sure there was nothing in my name that I hadnt opened.They found no records.I wrote down the csr's name and then notified the police.They will be doing a fraud report. The person my daughter spoke to was Debra Walker.I knew I hadnt opened up any credit cards.They gave me the date of september of 2005 as to when I supposedly had this card. If any of this sounds familiar, beware! Take the time to do some extra checking. This Harold Thompson even told me they had run a credit check on me and that my credit looked good to them. Why are they looking up my credit score? BEWARE!

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United Legal ServicesHarrassment/Threats

I do have some payday loans and since I lost my job and have no way to pay them at this time, most of them have been understanding. I explained my situation to United Legal Services and all they say is that a lawsuit is being downloaded and I will be sued and they want to talk to my attorney of record or they want the money owed. I have no problem paying the money, if I owe it, but they want debit card information and I refused to give them any of that since I am worried they will try and take money off the card they are not entitled to. I will be starting work soon and will be more than happy to pay what I owe, but they cant get blood from a turnip. I was advised a while back that I would be arrested for bank fraud and subject to prison if I did not pay them. When they call they never give you the name of the lender or any other information. Something should be done about them.

United Legal Servicesloan scam

I received calls at work and on my cell phone from this company. They claim that they did a search on the internet under my name and social security number and discovered that some pay day loan company, which I never heard of, deposit funds in my bank account my EFT, and when they supposedly attempted to recover the funds, they were unable to do so. Now this payday loan company has supposedly filed a law suit against me. The person on the phone was offering to help me resolve this lawsuit but when I pointed out that I had not obtained a pay day loan, no funds were deposited in my account and he was obviously running a scam, he got nasty with me. He threatened to have someone show up at my home and my place of work then hung up on me. What is scary is that he had my work and cell phone numbers as well as my social security number. I don't know what other information he might have!

  • Fd
    FDL_HOU Feb 16, 2011

    It's a scam. They have hacked into private information or bought it somehow. Make sure you don't give them anything.

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United Legal Servicesscam/fraud

This company has been making ongoing threats to my job and making harrassing phone calls to my cell stating that they have my wifes email and that they can come after me or her and they will have investagator come to my job or have me arrested for a payday loan that they claim have recieved from paycash1 and i told them send me proof because i have my bank statements and never recieved a deposit from them they told me they dont have proof I believe this is a scam

  • Cn
    cnc427 Mar 12, 2011

    I have received 3 phone call from them first Paul Collan 760-269-3823, second Allen watson 760-269-3824 and that was Bradon Brown 661-240-9193, I figured it was a scam so before I would agree to any thing I for paper work same story. There is non. I did some research and found a few thing on these numbers. So I called them back and return the favor. I sent my computer to call the number very 30 second and all they heard when they answered was chipmunk singing. After about 3 hours of this the phone are no longer active. I have also reported these ### to FTC, BBB, and the local police. I think if we all turn the tables on them they my get the point. Have not got another call as of yet.

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United Legal Services — Threatening phone calls

I got calls from this company, as did my friends in reference to me. They used the name Kim Moore and Kelly Johnson, saying they were collecting on a payday loan and that my case...