The Book Depositoryterrible customer service

C Aug 17, 2018

Book Depository sent me the wrong book and had clearly mixed up my order with another customer's; his label was visible beneath mine on the package. I've been trying for months now to get either the correct book or a refund, to no avail.

Every time I ask whether the correct book has been sent, I enter the same customer service script where they tell me it was delivered; I explain that it was the wrong book; I answer a series of questions about the title I received, details of the order and the package, and my address; and they promise to send out a replacement, with no indication that they have done so yet. I've repeated this circus four times so far.

I am giving up. The other book I ordered took nearly a month to arrive anyway, and while they blamed USPS, the problem actually seemed to be with their shipping contractor Liberty Express / On Demand Mail Services. Book Depository (now owned by Amazon) seems too much of a mess to bother with again.

They also post fake five-star reviews on Trustpilot. Nasty company with bad-faith fake customer service; not the place I remember ordering books from in past years.

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