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Read it with attention. We are talking about child, and I will take this further complaint. And I will use all social media to share my review.
I am a genuine client that fallen for lies like many others genuine parents. The positive reviews this company receive I do NOT believe its a genuine review at all!
On their website advise about looking for models is just a wrong idea of they are modelling experts in fact
THEY ARE SCAMMERS looking for money and putting you in a difficult position in front of your child and I would say it is a Children cruelty, gives you child a BAD experience with false promises on their first time trying to be a model.
When you arrive at the place, there are many others families and NONE of them as staffs and others groups wear mask. I have a video as evidence to prove it.

First on their website / email which I have prints says its free but if you want to buy its about £50 each picture but has a minimum order, so we should be prepared for about £450 approximately.
When you are done with pictures, you need to go inside one small room with your child, when all bad news starts.
They are Not modelling experts and the packages minimum is £1599 (not mentioned on email evidence can be provided) the second for you have others details or the access that you believe will put your child on the right way is a completely illusion, to have access to all list of modelling you can find on google, eFolio and etc... You need to bu second option which is £2, 599!
So you are also expecting a great photoshoot and great quality services, but it's NOT the reality. One/two of the pictures was showing half of my 12 years old daughter boobs which the dress was going down, but even so the photographer still taken her picture which also has been sent to London studio. No attention to detail with any professional would take even taking in consideration she is a child. No mentioning while I was on waiting room, some crazy men outside though I have report their car wasn't taxed, because they were clamped Which I had NO clue. I need to call the police to make sure when I need to leave the place in the I was safe with my daughter.
About the child cruelty I mentioned above, its because we go there with a false promise and their tactic to sell their business putting pressure having parents and the child in this small room, in that way put us parents as bad, because after long distance travelling, preparing clothes and all emotional, your child will listen that they wouldn't have anything unless their parents have to pay £2599 with "discount" for the situation I suffered in the reception room, they came down to £2, 000! We know our kids will grow to learn to receive No, but not in this situation which is delicate, which we were prepared to buy the pictures as mentioned on their email to us. So we end up in a small room with our child feeling awful, disappointed, crying and believe WE parents doesn't want to invest in them, but when we do NOT have experience in this area, we will believe its the real price, We will fall for this kind of people that will do everything to make you believe they are great, we will end not having to eat to save and invest in your child future. But in this case, its all about your money!
After make a complaints I received a call a week later offering us a second option to retaken all pictures. I thought ok, let's given them a chance. But IT WAS A BIG MISTAKE! Wait, not a BIG mistake, but a HUGE one.
I felt bullied buy people when my daughter and I arrived, the team with NOT happy face came to ask us why we returned, insisting for explanation with NO discretion and it was a completely embarrassing situation I NEVER EVER want to put my daughter through. She wasn't treated nice by the person did her hair, didn't accepted what we asked Not to do in her hair with much sprays, even so we PAID £2, 000! I tried to make them compliments from the time we arrived even so it was ONLY to break the BAD atmosphere they made us to feel, trying to create a positive feelings between us. My daughter wanted to cry in the change room, but she did her best, and something that should be nice and relaxing turn out a stressful situation I would advice ANY parents to let their kids to have. eFolio we received its terrible and cheap quality.
As a mother who been suffering bad injures from a car crash over few months, not able to work and tried to do the best for my daughter, I will tell you it was the worse experience we had and I hope any parents that have the time to ready this email have.
They will break your finance, and you believing you are doing a good investment, but you will find many others companies there that will charge you £300 with eFolio and also they will contact agencies that will be interested in your kid modelling or casting. Where is ZERO STAR
I will remove my review if they contact me to talk or change this situation.

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Mar 24, 2022 11:46 am

Same thing happened to us. Please avoid . Stay away

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