TapJoynot receiving coins after multiple attempts to contact support


Hi, I do offers ingame from The Walking Dead, Road To Survival. The past few months, everytime I’ve not received coins for doing an offer I contact tapjoy through the missing coins link in game, submit my request and wait for them to reply. I then get an email back saying it’s been received and to reply answering the questions they’ve forwarded, which I do immediately. 3 days later I receive another email saying my case is closed because I haven’t responded, so I respond again saying that my issue is not resolved and I have replied and I get nothing. I have done this 3 or 4 times and it’s the same every time, so I contact general customer support to be told they can’t help me and I need to lodge a missing coins request.. which is what I’m having issues with in the first place!!! This is driving me insane.

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