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I’ve completed many offers for diamonds of which many charges my accounts that I have yet to receive any reawards for. You all are full of [censor] I want my diamonds or my money back. This is ridiculous and not right. I’m talking to an attorney about this matter because it’s faults advertisement and scam to get people information. You all keep sending emails and asking for proof of this and proof of that I’ve sent you everything and I still haven’t received any of the things that you all promised. I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s is pissed off with the ways you all handle things. It’s like you all get a kick out of cheating people out of there hard earned money. Well not me I work to Damn hard for my money to allow you or anyone else to take advantage of me. So I will fight this till the end because one thing you not gonna do is cheat me out my money or my time. If it were one of my kids you would see me in person. All I know is you all need to fix this BS and stop playing with people before this matter turn worse than a complaint. Right is right and wrong is wrong. God see and know all so don’t for get Karma is a Beast and best believe she coming to see you. And us consumers gonna be right there with her.

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