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Tango TransportAwful service


I started working for Tango Transport in April of 2007. They really treated me great. I ran a lot of miles and everybody was so nice. I got home on weekends and sometimes I was able to stop thru the house to take my 10 hour break during the week. I felt like Tango was home for me.

In October of 2007, I ran a red light in Hillsboro, Texas. It was my mistake. I faxed Tango a copy of the citation the next business day. They called me to offer to pay the ticket and take that money out of my paycheck. I told them that I have taken care of it. And that was it.

In February of 2008, I had a job offer from a local company. Even though I was being paid well and had great hometime, the local company offered me daily home time and plenty of hours. So I got with Tango and put in my notice. They told me they hated to see me leave and that I was a great driver. They also told me that if this local job does not work out, I am free to come back to Tango.

After a month of the local company, I saw that the hours that they said I was going to get was not there. I was unhappy at this job. So I called Tango back up to see if I could drive for them again. The recruiter asked me if I had anymore tickets since the last ticket I had in Hillsboro, Texas. I said no. He then had to ask a higher authority if I was eligible for rehire. And I was. So off back to Shreveport I went.

When I got to Shreveport and started orientation, they gave us an application we all had to fill out. With that application was a copy of my MVR report. I saw that the MVR had not listed the ticket in Hillsboro. I asked about that and the instructor told me that sometimes it takes 6 months or so for that to show up on the MVR. I told him that I got that ticket when I was employed with Tango the first time. He said to write that ticket down on the application in which I did.

Two months later I had an accident in Fort Worth, Texas. I hit a car in my blind spot as I was changing lanes going about 4 or 5 miles per hour. I called that in like I was supposed to and was told not to worry about a thing.

About 2 weeks later, I was brought in for flatbed training. They had a new dedicated lane that I was approved for that would get me home on weekends and thru the week. I had made arrangements to move closer to Shreveport to do this dedicated account. When I was brought in for training in Sibley, LA, I went to the terminal manager to ask him where I needed to go. He asked me if I am Isaac Stephens. I said yes sir. He said have a seat. He told me that they have been trying to get me in the terminal for a week. They said that I was going to go through some training just to get me to the terminal.

When he told me to sit down, he told me that I was being terminated for falsification of the application. He said that I did not tell them about the ticket I received in Hillsboro in 2007. I told him that that was untrue. I gave them a copy of the citation and the recruiter asked me about it during our phone interview. He shrugged his shoulders, and said that it was not his call.

I was sent home on the spot. In the weeks that followed, I called Tango about getting a copy of my application that I filled out for them in March of 2008, but they have failed to do so.

I know that they knew about that ticket, but they lied to me saying they didn't know about it. I trusted Tango Transport to help me provide for my family. I liked how they treated the drivers with respect, but maybe I was completely wrong about them the whole time.

Since then, I have not been able to find a respectful job. My wife and kids have faith in me, but I don't know how they can because of how I used to provide for them well and now we are struggling to make ends meet. I am sure that Tango Transport alone has ruined my career.


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    28 year vet Jul 09, 2009

    tango will let you work for them and not bother you untill you get a driver manager mad at you for any little reason. then you will be forced to quit or be fired. they will cut way back on your miles, make you sit very long periods of time, harass you over your logs, exct. if you dont get the message and quit, you will be fired! stay away from tango! they use to be a great co. to work for, but not anymore. and a driver manager named diana sexton is the worst! she is such a liar!!!

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    Mr. Rightly Dec 14, 2009

    You are not the only one tango Transport has done this to and you will not be the last. I believe you when you say that they lied and maybe even changed your application themselves, or destroyed it so that now it's your word against theirs. The people at Tango safety are very dirty and evil people that lack ethics when it comes to honesty. I worked for this company, I am ashamed to admit it but I did, and I saw the manager at Sibley terminal laughing at employees as he was firing them (I honestly believe this man is a sociopath or worse), laughing in their faces like it was a joke for minor things like accidents that most trucking companys would put a driver on probation for, but would not fire them and try to destroy their careers over . I don't believe you to be a bad or irresponsible person because knowing what I know of these people they are the bad ones. Good luck on your next job and keep spreading the word about this company.

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    Spanky1 Jul 07, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Don't take it personally.

    Most drivers don't realize that it isn't the trucking companies that hire and fire. Unfortunately, it sounds as though Tango merely has very bad judgement and no sympathy when it comes to letting a driver go.

    Unfortunately, in today's world, it is purely up to the insurance companies as to whether you get the job or keep it. Insurance companies tell the trucking companies "if you don't fire him, we'll drop you as a carrier". The same is true when a trucking company tries to hire you. Through actuarial tables, insurance companies are able to determine just about exactly when you will have an accident, or get a ticket; before you even get into the truck. They are the ones that pull the strings. As a professional driver, I have had a trucking company tell me they love my application and desperately want to hire me, but their insurance company told them no, "if you do, we'll cancel your policy". Therefore, for no apparent reason that I could imagine, I never got that job.

    Then again, you also have to realize that the Federal Justice department is also involved. Through actuarial tables of their own, they figure how much of a security threat, or even a thief, you are before they give you the green light.

    It's sad that in today's world even the owner of a company does not have the right to say who they will hire and fire.

    Always remember this. Big brother is doing nothing but getting bigger!

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    can take anymore Dec 09, 2010

    tango is a company that doesn't care about drivers. they think like most big companies do. drivers come a dime a dozen. they see only the freight in an area, not the need of a driver. that's why they don't care if you get miles or not. i'm trying to get away now. drivers have been getting anywhere from 600 to 1200 miles a week. now of course they have a few favorites who get their mi. every week. that is unless they don't pass a dot inspection. then they too are out of there. i know it's tough, but if you can, stat away from tango.

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  • Bn
    bnr Mar 19, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I'm the same way but an owner operater. I have been with them for a week and a half and have sit almost as much as I have run 1600 miles a week won't cut it. They put me on a run with good miles and made me t call it for a 280 mile load. Most of the time I send a qualcomm message I wait for 2 hrs for a reply. This won't cut it. I agree to stay away

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    ItsaboutTango Apr 11, 2011

    My significant other went to work with Tango in August, 2010. He disparaged my concerns after I informed him of the negative reviews I had read. He lease purchased one of their trucks and found out that the mileage he got from dispatch was only enough to pay for fuel and the truck payment. After seven months of receiving paychecks that amounted to over 3, 000, yet only bringing home $24 to $30 a week, he decided he had had enough. He had one trip in the seven months he spent there to California. More than likely that trip was to cover for another driver. His runs were usually under 1, 000 miles and the only way he was able to make the truck payment and pay the fuel cost, plus other charges that benefited Tango, was to stay in the truck and never have any home time. He stayed out not weeks, but months at a time. There were times he became so tired that he became irritable and near dysfunctional, yet the wheels had to keep rolling in order to pay Tango. When he complained to dispatch about not getting enough money to keep his home, telling them that the power was going to be cut off due to nonpayment, and that he was losing his house because he was not making enough money to pay the payments, it fell on deaf ears. As long as they received what they took out of his checks was all they were concerned about. In the end, he lost a great deal and is now playing catch up in hopes of recovering that which was lost due to Tango's unconcern for their drivers.

    They proclaim themselves to be a Christian run trucking company, yet I chose to differ with that opinion. Anyone can claim Christianity but the way they treat others gives the true meaning. Tango is in business to get their equipment paid for, collect the money the drivers make to pack their own pockets, and without fail, lying to those who go through the orientation sessions.

    If anybody is seeking employment driving a truck, it is always a good idea to check the reviews of those who have worked for the prospective company. If they have nothing but negative reviews, such as Tango, steer clear. Keep in mind a tiger does not change his spots. Tango is such a tiger and will cause you to lose financially, lose family who become upset about the lack of home time for the driver and for many other reasons the company institutes.

    Do not believe all the glitter Tango tells in orientation. They do not follow through as promised. Look further for driving jobs, and overlook will be glad you did in the long haul.

    He is working now for another company, is no longer paying to lease a truck and is satisfied in a company truck which has paid him more the second week of employment than he made the entire seven months at Tango. Beware of those who come in sheep's clothing but are in fact raging wolves...that fits Tango well.

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  • Mi
    michael dalleo Sep 16, 2011

    I worked for tango for 6 monthes, like everyone says great from the start. was making 2500 miles pluss, then the day came JOHN CARNNGAN became my DM, wow. thats all i need to say i dealt with his lazyness and worked hard to please everyone, till the day my father fell sick and told tango i had to stay home and take care of my dad. I was the only one in the family. On a friday morning i told him i had to turn truck in. I no i was not up for a rehire, because of their new hiring area was no longer in the south . i was no longer driving . I took a job at home on computers, so it would not have made any diff to me if i brought the truck back or not. I made arrangements to return truck first thing monday morning. i had a friend bring me home he was in the area heading back, i cleaned truck and returned. i new i was getting another check form them and as friday came, i new it would be mon or tues before they mailed as i waited, no check i called and talked to debra and was happly told i was charged out of rout miles and would not be recieving a check, i am not a rich family so taking $380.00 dollers from a working family it really hurts when you could have been looking for a job, not working to pay out of rout miles as they say, i dont no where to go from here if anyone can help contact me @ michael.[protected] any help would be thankfull.. what a company

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  • Kr
    Kr!sty Sep 19, 2011

    I am Michael Dalleo's wife. Just like all the other past employees of Tango, I agree with them ALONG with my husband. Michael is a hard worker and just like everyone else he was getting awesome miles at first and then when he ended up with John Carnigan it stopped. I rode with him a few times and would be amazed at the bullsh*& John would write him. He would claim he didn't receive this and CLaim he didn't receive that. But BECAUSE his OVERHEAD are too scared to fire a black man...he'll possibly be there forever. This is NOT a racial issue, our family is as mixed as can be, but every time my husband would call him, he'd obviously be WAKING up from a nap...NO WONDER MICHAEL wasn't GETTING ANY MILES...HIS DM WAS SLEEPING!! Michael was even TOLD by a few people over John to REPORT him to Human Services and OHHH you bet we did, but NOTHING became of it. I would love to keep going, but I don't need to. We have already reported Tango to the Better Business Bureau. DO NOT WORK FOR TANGO!!!

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  • Ho
    honestindian Feb 05, 2012
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    Drivers do not go to work for this sorry co...Tango one of the worst co in the Trucking industry...These people are crazy sorry and a bunch of low life's hiding under a christian banner..The owners even claim to have been truckers they must have fell off of a tunip fellow trucker treats a driver the way these folks do...they will even try to brain wash you...

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  • Da
    David Smith AKA; BammBamm Nov 06, 2012

    I was employed by Tango for over 3 years and had 3 different DM's.I had good weeks and bad weeks, that's the way it goes in the trucking industry and if you don't know that you haven't been driving very long.I was a driver for over 20 years and worked for several different companies, same sh_t different place, no company is perfect.If you go into orientation and believe all the crap you're told, again you aint been truckin long.As far as miles go, I never had a problem getting miles with Tango, as long as you don't turn down loads, so what if it's not going were you want it to go, it's miles.I got home every weekend without fail, because I ran what they gave me, as long as I was headed home by Friday.Who cares were they send you Mon.- Thurs. do you're job and quit whining'. If you think I'm being an ###, maybe, but I been doing this long enough to know it's the same no matter where you go, learn to play their game and make it work for you.So put on your big boy undies, and be thankful you have a job. Now get that load down the road, driver!!!

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  • peppersteven60 Feb 02, 2013

    I am a Current Employee of Tango..So far they are really good to me and my family...21 years over the road..Best employer by far...Good Equipment ; Easy Freight; Hometime has been Normal..Pay is good...I am Not a Hard Runner..2500 miles a week is good...My Dispatcher Ray is Very Professional..I have found a HOME...Most runs are southeast and midwest...Who needs Cali. Runs..??? Most driver issues ARE Created By The Driver Themselves...Grow Up and learn how to work the system, , An Employer gives U the Opportunity to Thrive...U Dont Wanna Work Than get out the way ;Because There Are Drivers who will...ACE "O" SPADES...Peace-Out..

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  • Ba
    Backlash May 31, 2013

    Ok. so i have worked for Tango since April 2007 as well. I think i know the driver who said he was fired over not reporting the ticket upon return. He had a accident, which he said himself was his fault. I undersrtand being lied to, but if you tell a driver he is being fired alot of them will abandon there trucks. Im not saying Tango has no faults. Every company does! As for the owner operator with no miles. There is a simple way to see if a company is good for you. Look at the freight they run. Tango has never been a 48 state company! They run mainly regional. Even the OTR fleet does alot of regional. This is not a good owner operator company. They have been fair to me on everything, and even have helped me when issues have came up at home. No company is perfect! It cost money to recover a truck. No company will fire you till you get to a terminal. As far as the reason. I cant say what they said cause i wasnt there, but if you have accident in a company truck and its your fault expect to fire termed. Most insurance companys wont allow a driver to be on the insurance with a DOT at fault accident. I wish the best of luck to all the drivers that feel wronged by Tango, but do remember that Tango doesnt control who they hire or fire as much as you think.

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  • Sn
    Sneakeeyes Dec 20, 2014
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    Verified customer

    I started working for Tango in April 2 2014 and April 22 I had a accident the local police said it was my fault and gave me a ticket. I sent all the info into safety and Ivan Buckner called me into his office and wanted my side of the story and after I told him he said there was no way it was my fault. It is December and I am still herewith Tango. Like that one driver said put your big boy pants on and do your job or move over so we can. Thanks Ivan for the way ya'll took care of things when the Wife died.

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  • La
    lakoni Oct 21, 2015

    All the bad reviews Tango bought out by Celadon out of Indiana and they lay-off 80 employees...

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  • Ko
    kouvakis Jan 01, 2016

    Everytime someone makes a big deal about being a "Christian" in a business deal or transaction two things occurred either I didn't get paid or the work was shoddy or they were frauds. - so watch out . Christians are known by their fruit not their boasts. bill h

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