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This company is the WORST! I wish I had another choice in company! My grandmother is VERY SICK! She has heart disease, congestive heart failure, is legally blind in one eye, has diabetes, neuropathy, and is 72 years old! She recently moved to Tampa (last week of April) and as a result has been very busy establishing new doctors and getting used to living in a new state. Things have been especially busy this past month; as a result, she forgot to put through her last payment. The next bill isn't due until the end of this month, but they turned her electric off WITHOUT warning!!! The state website clearly states, "The company must attempt to contact you by phone OR in person before they disconnect services." There were NO warnings, and the jerks waited until RIGHT BEFORE CLOSING to turn it off!!! So we couldn't get into contact with anyone for help until the next day!!! This whole thing is absolutely disgusting and immoral! They should be ashamed of themselves!!! But based on the multitude of negative reviews, they don't care. Of course not, because there is NO competition! They also did this to a friend; she went out of town for 2 weeks because her father was having major surgery (high risk of death) and she wanted to be there for him and her mother. Of course, she forgot to pay bill when it was due. Again, she was only gone for 2 weeks! She came home to an awful smell; everything in her fridge was spoiled because power was cut off. Again, NO warning was given. Their excuse (same given to grandmother) was that they put "PAST DUE" on the paper bill. That is NOT a phone call NOR is it IN PERSON! And it doesn't take into consideration when people have major life events and/or family emergencies! This company is disgusting and shameful, and they don't even care if everyone knows it!

Oct 10, 2019

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