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I Apr 06, 2018 Review updated:

We never signed up for any services, ever, that are remote to what the business offers. We kept getting spammed from our own site contact forms for days, until I finally went on their site and asked them to stop. No Reply, they just started sending 3-5 a day now. This company is unethical in its contact practices and I would be careful about doing business with them. They show little respect for people.

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      Aug 14, 2018

    Just a quick corporation to the previous reviewer's review. Spammers are not located in New York, NY. They list a NY address on their website as their "US Office" but the address is a virtual mail box/mail forwarding provider and the company does not have a physical office in this location. Both the NY State Secretary of State's office and the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs confirmed that this company is not registered in, or licensed to to business in, New York City or New York State.

    The spammer Tal With Lead / is owned and operated by Trade World Corporation of Mississauga Ontario Canada (which also owns similar sites AgentWebOnline, AppBuilderOnline, RegisterRover, LiveGreeterOnline, ListOnSocial, AgentTekTalk) and their company is registered in Ontario not New York

    ...and yes, I've received dozens of spam emails through my contact forms from these unethical spammers who are violating the US CANSPAM Act.
    ...and no, I would never do business with any company that is so unethical that they spam me in violation of US anti-spam laws. It doesn't say much about the quality of a company when they have to resort to spamming to get new customers. Of course, the F rating this company Trade World Corporation / talkwithlead has with the BBB probably says all anyone needs to know about the type of business they are running.

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      Jan 02, 2019

    Just a bunch of SPAMmers and scammers.
    They will find a way to log on to your wordpress forms and continually SPAM you. They then illegally "sign you up" to their SPAM and offer a fake "opt-out" link. Don't click it.

    Stay away from these scammers as far as you can.

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      Mar 27, 2019

    I've been experiencing a similar overwhelming flood of spam emails. I went to leave a negative review online at Trustpilot and it turns out that the company is posting fake 5-star reviews there. Like the exact same review, word for word, posted by a different "user" every couple of days. Really disgusting business practice if you ask me.

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  • H
      Sep 02, 2019

    These guys are the SCUM OF THE EARTH!!!

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      Oct 01, 2019

    This is a world-class LEGAL scam. I cancelled my account within the proper amount of time, they never cancelled it and said I never did it, which is an absolute lie. Then they proceeded to charge me month after month, while still harrassing me saying that "this month's payment was declined" every month, harrassing phone calls and emails. I had to block their number on my phone, they literally call me every single day... I know this because even though their number is blocked, they can still leave me a voicemail which still shows up in my voicemail... and they do it EVERY SINGLE DAY... even though my card gets charged EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I also had to mark them as spam so I would not get their BARRAGE of emails saying "payment declined, payment declined, payment declined". Yet THERE IS THE CHARGE ON MY STATEMENT... EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I have disputed the transactions with my bank and LOST the disputes, because this [censored] "talkwithlead" had convinced them that I never cancelled my account, WHICH I DID. And NOW to cancel my account, I have to log in and add ANOTHER credit card number in order to cancel it!!! They really have me by the BALLS here, and there is NOTHING i can do about it!!! Today I looked at my statement and I have FOUR charges from them!!! All that happened simultaneously today. One of them was for DOUBLE the amount! So really its technically five charges... so I've now been charged NINE times for a monthly service that I signed up with for FIVE months ago. This is a REAL royal crock of garbage... DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SERVICE AND GIVE THEM YOUR CARD NUMBER, WHATEVER YOU DO!!!

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      Oct 23, 2019

    same deal for me can not get it cancelled, did I thought about 6 months ago, and right after I got off the phone got a text saying welcome to my 15 day trial, I called them back and they said don't worry your cancelled... then my card expired that they had and this month we are back to you can't cancel until payment made, made the payment now have to wait 24 hours for account to unlock, then you have to get a special code sent to you to cancel after you apply, then .. you maybe get to cancel but doubt it. They are the scum of the earth! any one who works there is also!

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      Nov 11, 2019
    Talk With Lead - Spam and payment demands
    United States

    This company is just bad news, they send you lots of emails and they demand payment even when their system does not work. I don't recommend this company to anyone because you will be a victim, a guy called Ron will harass you with emails and it's so annoying. Now i struggle to concentrate on enlarging my business please shut this company off

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      Dec 11, 2019

    Bunch of spammers hacking my website's contact form. No way I would ever do business with people like that. Stupidity at its worst.

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  • D
      Jan 13, 2020

    I concur to all of the above. PROFESSIONAL SPAMMERS! Email spammers, contact form spammers, text message spammers. Who the heck wants to do business with spammers!?!

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