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cryptocurrencies exchange

First he is using pirated version of

before payment he will be very friendly and after payment he will keep banning you

He take from me 2000 usd and give me nothing and keep complaining he is fixing the the wallet

i pay him first 500 usd

then another 1000 usd to help to install the script

all payment was in BTC

and now he refuse to give me the site or refund money

cryptocurrencies exchange
cryptocurrencies exchange

product not received and refund not initiate

I was brought a product from
On the link
@43$ and they doesn't give the product, so we just placed a ticket for refund with in 5-7 days as per there policy but they doesn't give any refund, even i placed a ticket they suspended the account and even the tickets were closed .even i placed a dispute in paypal they doesn't answered .so please us