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P Aug 07, 2018

On August 4th we arrived at the Dublin airport at Approximately 9:30am for our Air Canada flight#aco843we were told by Air Canada that although our confirmed flight reservations were visible our names were not and we needed to go to the Swissport desk to get it resolved. When we got to the Swissport desk their were 4 to 5 swissport employees at the desk talking, joking with each other as well as Air Canada employees. One employee (Alex or Alec) was helping one family in front of us. After waiting for about 30 minutes, I approached the desk and asked if someone could help us as we had a flight to catch. Alex was very abrupt and said " the problem is not my problem it is your problem. Your travel agent canceled your flight. You have to resolve it with your travel agent". He did not ask my name or look at my documents so, if he knew why I was standing there and that was the answer, why did he not tell me this sooner? We called our agent and she said it was impossible for her to cancel our return flight and it appeared to be an airline issue. We got back in line at Swissport and when it was finally our turn Alex walked into the back room without acknowledging that I was there. After a few moments I asked the other Swissport employees ( who still had not helped a single customer) if he was coming back. They giggled and shrugged their shoulders. Finally one said "he went to the toilet". Although I could see Alex leaning against a counter in the back. After several minutes he came back. He just looked at me and I began to tell him that it was an airline issue. He picked up the phone had his head very low and covered his eyes with his hand. I honestly did not know if he was helping me or calling his boyfriend . After several long minutes, without looking up he waved his hand at me in a shewing motion as if he was telling me to leave. I wasn't sure what he meant by that so I stayed there he then looked at me in an aggravated way did the Shewing gesture again and pointed behind me. I said "I don't understand what you want me to do" he said "go to ticketing." I went back to Air Canada desk and when I told them how rude he was the girl said "it must be Alex" and several of the girls began talking about how rude Alex is. I was told that Alex was told that all he needed to do was add our names back on the bookings and that he never should have said it was a "travel agent" issue. They felt he said that "just to be a jerk" they said he does things like that. Anyhow, we were told everything was taken care of and went continued our travels. What we didn't know is that our connection flight from Toronto to Atlanta had been changed from 6:35am to 8:50pm. This caused us great distress. We ended up in the airport for over 17 hours. We are told by Air Canada that Swissport should have told us of this change. We are also told that Alex added a note on our file claiming our "travel agent" canceled the flights. This also caused Air Canada to believe this was our fault resulting in them being very unaccomidating through this entire situation . This problem was because Air Canada transferred us to a Delta flight on our very first flight and as a result their computer marked us as a "no show" and our return flights were canceled by the computer. We have found Swissport as well as Air Canada to be very unprofessional in their customer service procedures.

Swissport International
Swissport International

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