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Survey Junkie review: Verify account

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I have been a member of Survey Junkie for several months and have already cashed in several gift certificates. recently I tried to cash in a $5 Amazon card but I was required to verify my account by taking a photo of my drivers license and sending in a selfie via email, which even if I knew how to do it I am uncomfortable with it. When I verified in the past it was via a code send to my email. I would even do it with my phone, but NO WAY am I copying my license! Why, all of a sudden , are you being so unreasonable? I am 70 years old and I don't need this kind of aggravation! Your own policy, as stated in your help section, says you can verify with a phone or email code, so why this scam of demanding my license and photo? Are you trying to take advantage of a Senior? AARP has been notified of this!

I then asked to close my account and the help agent said he would give me the $5 in my account but to get it he demanded I open a PayPal account! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I told him to keep the $5 and I then contacted my lawyer to see if I could bring action against your company for these unfair demands!

Desired outcome: Let me verify using a code sent to my email or phone, as outlined on your own policy stated on your Help page

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