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Survey Junkie review: Not redeeming my points

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5:08 pm EDT
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I have reached 500 points on Survey Junkie (the equivalent of £5 GBP) and have been trying to get this redeemed through my Paypal. I keep getting an error message every time I do this. After contacting Survey Junkie's Customer Support Team with screenshots of the error message, I was told my Paypal account wasn't verified and to contact Paypal. I rang them up and was passed round three different agents who couldn't find anything wrong. I was eventually told my account is verified, which I knew anyway, as other survey sites have been sending me money no problem. When I reached back out to Survey Junkie with this, they tried to refer me back to Paypal. I'm sick of being sent round in circles.

Desired outcome: I would like my points redeemed as I worked hard for that £5!

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