Supercutspoor customer service

T Nov 16, 2019

This poor service happen at the Monterey park Supercuts on 11-16-19 ( a Saturday) I arrived at 9:30am, the receptionist quoted 45 minute to 1 hour wait because they only scheduled two stylists in a eight station salon. and there was a backlog of customers (both walk-in and phone in) waiting when I arrived.
This is not acceptable, if your going to have that many walk in customers and phone in customers on a Saturday morning, wouldn't you hire more stylists to reduce the customer wait times? A customer is not going to wait 45 minutes to and hour for a service. Several walk-in customers left and I didn't see them comeback. The receptionist was professional. My stylist was an middle aged Asian (late 50s early 60s) lady first name Thanh. She couldn't understand what I wanted ( no.2 razor on sides no side burns, square off in back, cut hair off top, and clean up back of neck.) I explained what I wanted, but she kept talking over me as I was try explaining to her what I wanted. I after repeating myself the 3rd time she got it. She did a professional job on my haircut. Only thing I didn't like she didn't blow dry my hair after the tea tree experience service. She left my hair wet.
The Tea Tree experience total was a total rip off, it wasn't worth $13. You get a tea tree hair wash, and towel on face, and massage. I remember at the former Montebello location,
it was a hair wash in tea tree with warm towel on face,
then an another Towel was placed on the face, while the warm towel was on the face the stylist would rub the face oil into my face, and use her fingertips to rub the oil in and finish with a massage. All for $12 at former Montebello location.
I didn't leave a tip, enlight of this poor customer service. After waiting 1 1/2 hours for my service The stylist and receptionist were both professional. I hope this manner gets resolved.

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