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E Sep 13, 2018

I'm a faithful customer. I usually stop and shop at the Aliquippa store where I'm treated with with kindness and I am known by name. I recently moved closer to my job and I've been stopping each morning at the Hopewell store. My concern is that there is a female clerk who treats me like garbage. My first experience, she stood and talked with a guy off to the side while I waited at least 4-5 minutes. The conversation was small talk and didn't sound important. There was joking and laughing while I just stood there. Once she came over to the counter, I asked to purchase cigarettes and she carded me. Her carding me wasn't an issue because I understood that she was just doing her job. But I She made me feel uncomfortable as if I was interrupting her or an inconvenience. I ran out to my car and grabbed my license and came back to finish my purchase. Now, fast forward to tonight. I stopped on my way home from work because I didn't feel like driving to Aliquippa store and of course she carded me. That wasn't a problem because when I pulled up and saw that she was working, I made sure to grab my license and by the way I'm 45 yrs old. I asked to trade 2 lottery scratch tickets for 2 more and she told me " It's 7:03pm and we don't do lottery after 7pm. I explained to make sure that she knew that I had scratch tickets and wasn't interested in playing any drawings and she repeated that she isn't allowed. Not only have I never heard of this, there was a young white guy behind me who purchased chewing tobacco. She didn't card him. I'm African American and I've never been quick to think someone was treating me differently but this lady made me feel like My kind shouldn't come in this store. I will never stop there again. I will drive to getgo before I continue to allow anyone to treat me this way or make me feel like I'm not wanted. I didn't catch her name because I wanted to get out of there. This happened today Wednesday September 12th at approximately 7:03pm. I was going to post my anger on my Facebook page. I haven't decided not to and I will probably post when I calm down but I wanted to let the company know who/what is representing them

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