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Good afternoon,
My name is Seanna Filsaime. I am emailing you regarding an altercation that took place at the route 20 Sunoco gas station in Worcester, ma yesterday around 4 pm. I witnessed an incident of the employee (do not know name) was arguing with a customer. I recorded the incident and at that point the reported manager walked into the store to speak to the other employee in which there was a lot of yelling and swearing. At this time he noticed i was recording and approached me yelling a me telling me i did not have the right to record them. I explained i was recording his employee yelling and swearing at a customer. I asked to speak to a manager and he said he was the manager and told me i had to leave his store and to delete the video. I approached the counter to explain i had deleted the video and at this point the reported manager (unknown name) reached forward and tried to grab my phone out of my hands. I pulled back and as exiting the store he put his hand on my back and proceeded to push me towards the door. I was shocked that he had placed his hands on me and assaulted me. As an individual with diagnosed PTSD and a history of trauma my instinct was to hit back in which i reacted. He proceeded to push me out the store and at this time my spouse came into the store to try to diffuse the situation in which the reported manager shoved my boyfriend into me and he pushed me into the door. From the results of this situation i am left with an injured back and wrist. The Worcester police was contacted by bothe myself and the store employees. They reported that there would be no arrest and to not return to their sonoco gas station. I did not press charges due to the fear of being arrested as well due to my own trauma and reaction to your employee assaulting me. I would like this situation to be addressed. There are videos in the store in which you can see the incident. I also have documented medical records from after the incident occurred. I am placed out of work for a week without pay due to this. I have three small children to attend to and this has made my life extremely difficult. As said before i am a victim of trauma and this incident has affected my life greatly. I look forward to hearing back from someone regarding this. I can be reached through email at [protected] or faster by phone at [protected]. I have sent out emails to sonoco customer service email and have not heard back. This incident took place at 527 SW cutoff worcester, ma July 1st 2018 around 4:00 pm.
Best regards,
Seanna Filsaime

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