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Sunoco review: defamation of character, threatening, insulting, rude

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My husband and I were highly regarded customers of Sunoco Oil for several years with an impecable record until one day last year I stopped in for gas at the corner of Airport -Pulling Rd & Radio Rd in Naples Fla. My husband and I always pay at the pump and in trying to do so, it indicated for me to see the manager. I walked inside and the manager stated my card was declined then screamed at me while in a heated rage, ordered me out of the store calling me a " DEAD BEAT BILL PAYER" and ordered me never to return to his store with a "Bad credit card again!" and continued to say while pointing his finger at me in a rage, " If I paid my bills, my card would not be declined!" I assured him my card was in perfect standing that it was the computer in the pump that was malfunctioning and to please call customer service. That only riled him even more to the point I thought he was having a heart attack. He then atarted coming towards me in a rage waving his arms ordering me to leave the sotre. I left terribly shaken. I then immediately phoned your customer service and spoke with a nice young lady who was shocked to learn what had just taken place, having given her the address and store number. She proceeded to say that our account was in perfect standing. She recommended I phone the police due to his threats and also contact the district supervisor in Fort Myers and file a complaint. That was his job to check into this matter. My husband followed through in contacting both parties and filed the complaint. A Naples police officer met with my husband at the gas station and confronted the manager, who lied to the police officer about having a security tape on the premise. The manager stated I instigated the whole incident. The officer ordered him to show him the tape where it showed quite the contrary to his allegations. The officer recommened to my husband to contact the district manager and stated a copy of the police report will be available in 3 to 4 days. My husband not only called this district manager, he also made numerous calls to customer service which subsequently lead to a supervisor...WITH OUT ANY SATISFACTION! YOUR DISTRICT MANAGER DID NOT DO ONE THING TO RECTIFY THIS INEXCUSABLE BEHAVIOR TOWARD ME. HE NOT ONLY DEFAMED MY CHARACTER, HE INSULTED AND EMBARRASSED THE HELL OUT OF ME IN FRONT OF ANOTHER PATRON THAT WAS THERE BUYING LOTTERY TICKETS. THAT MAN STILL CONTINUES TO WORK AT THAT SAME LOCATION and from several reliable sources said he is still very rude. (They no longer patronize any of your gas affiliates due to my situation!) I understood you are responsible for your employees and how they treat your customers that are on your property as any company would be. Since this shows how you stand behind your customers when they were downright insulted, humiliated and character defamed, I am so glad you showed to be a fantastic company NEVER TO DO BUSINESS WITH AGAIN the day you closed my husbands account due to his credit score? For your information, MY HUSBAND WAS LAID OFF FROM A HIGH PAYING POSITION FOR A WHOLE YEAR BEFORE HE FOUND A NEW POSTION THAT WAS HIRING. DIFFICULT AS IT WAS, I WAS STILL ABLE TO MEET, AT LEAST, THE MINIMUM PAYMENT WITH YOUR COMPANY EVERY MONTH. CHECK OUR ACCOUNT...YOU WILL SEE WE WERE VERY GOOD CUSTOMERS. ALSO, IALWAYS USE ONLINE BILL PAY OF WHICH I HAD BEEN ABLE TO DO FOR 3 MO AFTER YOU CLOSED THE ACCOUNT. I REQUESTED A STATEMENT TO BE SENT AND I WILL PAY ACCORDINGLY BY MAILING IN A CHECK EACH MONTH. A STATEMENT NEVER ARRIVED YET YOUR HARRASSING PHONE CALLS DID...2 TO 3 TIMES A DAY F OR MONTHS MY TELLING THEM: " SEND ME A STATEMENT!" WHAT DON'T YOUR PEOPLE UNDERSTAND? I FINALLY RECEIVED OUR FIRST PAPER STATEMENT A FEW DAYS AGO. WE WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN YOUR STATIONS EVER AGAIN AND YOU CAN COUNT ON US TO CONTINUE TO SPREAD THE WORD OF


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 18, 2010 12:35 pm EDT

Sunoco Oil has left a bad credit report on my file for 15 years after it has been paid.

Jul 09, 2010 7:49 pm EDT
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