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Went to local Sunoco station in Chelsea, MI on 1/10/2011. Gas price was $3.09 for regular, but when I swiped my debit card, price showed $3.19. Double checked posted prices and it is 10 cents more for "credit". Without even putting nozzle into my car, I hit Cancel and left, got gas down the road. When I checked my account online, Sunoco had a $25 charge as a pre-auth, but dated for 1/13, still showed as a debit out of my funds. My bank advised keeping an eye on it to make sure it dropped off the next day, or at least by 1/13, which is today and is still there. Like "Missing Money" above, I, of course, have no receipt as I didn't pump any gas. I will avoid this company at all costs in the future. Imagine the interest they're making off funds that aren't theirs if this is standard practice and they hold consumers' money for 3-4 days each!

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Mar 25, 2011 9:17 pm EDT
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The Gas Station should have generated a cancellation of the pre-authorization. The bank received the request and authorized the transaction. If the cancellation message is not received the bank can drop the pre-authorization if the merchant calls and identifies the transaction otherwise the pre-authorization will stay on the account for the days the bank had defined. Merchant has no access to those funds unless they issue the clearing item. This type of situation should be referred to debit or credit card marks like VISA or MasterCard, they have rules that should control those types of misuse of service by merchants.

Feb 18, 2011 11:36 am EST

btw -its not the station that does the pre-authorization charge on your debit, its your bank. never use your debit card to pay at the pump. always pay inside pre-pay or have them charge you after pumping. banks don't like to tell you that, they try to mask it as the customer holding your funds.

Feb 18, 2011 11:34 am EST

absolutely do that. The difference in price is supposed to be for paying cash. some stations get this right, others take advantage ofit. Your credit price should be comparable to other stations, and the cash price is supposed to be a discount for paying cash. if the credit price is a lot more than the competitor prices, then go somewhere else.


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