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W Oct 08, 2019

Rides or attractions that are unsafe, should be closed until repaired.

My family and I were staying at a resort in the Pilanesberg which was abit boring.
We decided to come to Sun City for the day so we could enjoy the Valley of the Waves.

Noted that one of the slides were closed for what seemed to be some time.
We went on the tube slide that loops up then comes down.
The life guard on duty mentioned that we needed to lift our butts on the way down as there was an issue on the slide.
Myself I scrapped along the same slide and caught myself on a raised section of metal. Was a light scape nothing serious.
My wife who was going down with our youngest was told the same by the life guard on duty.
However she was more concerned with ensuring our daughter was safe and secure and forgot to lift her bottom on the way down.
She was seriously hurt on this slide and we ended up leaving as she was in pain and no longer wanted to stay.
She has scraped and seriously bruised the inside of her butt cheeks.
She was unable to stay at work yesterday or today as she is struggling to sit down.

I actually find this unacceptable.
If a ride is actually hurting people surely this should be repaired immediately and not allow people to put themselves in harm's way.

I'm sure that your area of responsibility here is to ensure your clients safety.

I would like a response on this matter we are regularly visiting your various resorts as a family.
We dont gamble but you offer fun and safe environments for kids. So this is a real shock to us.
If one of my daughters had been injured I would be pursuing legal action but my wife thinks it's not worth doing anything or saying anything because no one really cares.

I'm curious if we would even get a response to this.
Wesley Whitehead

Sun International

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