Stubhubgame tickets being double sold


I purchased tickets for the Seahawks vs LA Rams game that was on 10/8/2017. I am not from LA so I flew in specifically for the game. I get to the gate and was told that my tickets were already scanned. I was then directed to the box office. The individual there took my tickets and said they've been used already and would not give them back as if I was the scammer. I called stubhub and they offered different seats but 56 rows back from my original seats that were 3rd row and a section off to the side and I believe the price was the same. At that point I was pissed and declined to attend the game. Stubhub did refund me and gave a $160 credit but what they should have done was offered free seats for their error, my time wasted, and my money wasted for flight, room, and rental. That credit doesn't put a dent in the cost for my travels.

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