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I am a season ticket holder for multiple professional sport teams. I recently sold 2 tickets for a game through Stubhub. I had correctly entered the section and row information of the 2 tickets that I sold. Due to discrepant information that Stubhub uses compared to the official seating chart provided by the sport team, I erroneously selected the wrong section value on the Stubhub sellers page.

After my tickets sold, I received a call from Stubhub that the buyer is claiming my tickets were not sold as advertised. I told them that the section & row information was listed correctly, but I realize after speaking to the representative that the section value was incorrect. I advised that this was an honest mistake and I had accurately listed the section & row information correctly when the buyer decided to buy the tickets. The representative said that they would investigate and get back to me. No one got back to me. Instead, I was charged 2x what I sold the tickets for as part of the "Fan Guarantee" policy. I was not told nor authorized this charge on my credit card.

I tried to work with Stubhub to rectify the issue, explaining how the seating chart on Stubhub was different than the one provided by the official venue home page. They did not agree with and said that Stubhub's seating chart is always the correct one. I also stated that I listed my section and row information correctly when they buyer decided to buy the tickets, but they did not agree with this either.

Since I was not able to resolve this with Stubhub, I contacted my CC company to see if they can rectify the issue. A few days later, Stubhub suspended my account, and cancelled all my active listings including one that was pending sale. I called Stubhub to inquire why my account was suspended, and they stated that it was because I disputed the "Fan Guarantee" charges with my credit card company. If I want to have my account reactivated, I would need to close my dispute with my credit card company.

My credit card representative pleaded and begged Stubhub to reverse the charges, but they stood firm on the charge. To date, I have paid the "Fan Guarantee" charges, but I want future buyers to be aware of Stubhub's risk when selling tickets.

  • StubHub's response · Nov 30, 2011

    Hello AngrySeller,

    My name is Emilee and I am writing from the Executive Customer Care Team at I would like to apologize for all of the hassle and confusion with selling tickets through our services. As StubHub does not list, or sell any tickets, we rely on our sellers to provide accurate information on the listings. Throughout the listing process, we ask our sellers to confirm they have listed the correct section and row, and if the tickets are not listed correctly, then we must uphold our FanProtect Guarantee for our buyers that they will receive comparable or better tickets than their original order.

    As our User Agreement outlines, sellers allow StubHub to charge their credit card or account if they sell misrepresented tickets, so unfortunately the charge to your account was valid. We would, however, like the opportunity to discuss this order with you again and reach a fair resolution, as we certainly understand your confusion with the listing process and our mapping selection. We appreciate your business, and definitely want to work with you regarding this issue. Please send us an email to [protected] with your StubHub Order Number and best contact information, and we will be happy to follow up with you directly regarding your experience.

    Thank you, We look forward to hearing from you.


    Emilee D.
    Executive Customer Care


  • Ga
    Gayle18 Jan 17, 2017

    A similar thing happened to me. Stubhub refused to help me in anyway. I was and am shocked at how this company does business. My situation was an error on their website and they charged me $611.11 and refused to refund, or even listen to my claim. I am reporting them to the BBB.

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