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C Jul 03, 2019

At the last minute on the day of a show, June 28, 2019, I listed tickets for re-sale on stubhub where I originally purchased the tix back in March. When listing the tix I did not recall that the tix were delivered via UPS. I also assumed I would be able to transfer them electronically as the format for listing was not intuitive. The tix sold the next hour. The email stated that there was nothing for me to do and the tix would be delivered in the next hour. Three hours later when I did not receive a confirmation email I reached out to stubhub to inquiry about the transaction. At that time, I was informed that since the tix were delivered UPS there was no way to have them delivered to the seller and I was instructed to cancel the order. The rep assured me that I could go ahead and use the tix and a confirmation email would be sent cancelling the order. Cancellation ##[protected]. At no time does the email notify me nor did the rep notify me that I would be charged another $178.5 above the already $470+ spent on the tix. When I noticed the withdrawal from my bank account, I contacted Stubhub and was basically told to read the fine print, there's no way we can reverse it. I am extremely disappointed that I would was not given notice that a fee was being withdrawn from my bank account or given the option to attempt to meet the seller and provide the tix. The fact that the rep was negligent in providing me sufficient information to make an informed decision and the 2nd rep basically blamed me for not reading the fine print has caused me undue financial hardship, stress and I will never do business again with an unscrupulous company. By the way I was unable find in the extremely lengthy fine print any such support of a 40% penalty fee as the rep claimed. I am filing a complaint to demand the return of my $178.50 as no services were rendered or warranted this fee.

attempt to sell ticket

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