Stormy Point Villagehigh pressure and deceptive practices - lies... target the elderly!!

D Jul 25, 2019

My 82 and 83 year old parents who are current owners (paid $19k), on their recent stay were asked to come in for an "owner update".  the update lasted four (4) hours, during which time my parents told the sales rep they didnt want an upgrade and they couldn't afford anything more than what they already have.  they were told they were purchasing nothing, but called me concerned as they had to sign a 23 page document.  the rep said they'd never have to make a payment.  after my review of the paperwork I discovered that stormy point had presured and lied to my parent and had them sign another $19k contract.  I immediately called stormy point as I was upset; they told me it wasn't my decision and they didn't need to talk to me, as my parents are happy with their decision.  in mo you have 5-days to rescind/cancel your contract.  i'm helping my parents through the process!  must be certified mail.   do not trust these people!! ;

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