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H Oct 10, 2019

I completed my nvq3 in adult social care last November 2018, there were complications with my online student account. Technical problems which could not be resolved, my first tutor was Katrina Queree she was very unhelpful and hardly made contact and second tutor Yvette cox was sending my course work via email and sent an assessor to my place of work, Watford road, St Albans Hertfordshire.since my completion I have had very light communication from either Yvette Cox, she passed my information over to her manager Debbie Searle who has been very unhelpful, she had told me my certificate had been ordered, that was on the 10/06/2019 and I'm still waiting.
I can't start working for social services until I have my certificate, this has a big financial strain on my family a loss of earnings for the past 4 months as a independent self employed end of life / palliative carer which would have totalled £ 10, 400, and every week I wait that another £650 loss of earning.
Debbie Searle is not responding to my emails, I am at the point of involving the ombudsman, as I feel I have no choice.
Please respond to my complaint by Monday the 14 October, because Tuesday I will be contacting the ombudsman and even applying to reclaim my loss of earnings
Hilary diffley

  • Updated by Hilary Diffley · Oct 10, 2019

    I have been waiting for my NVQ3 certificate in adult social care since June I was promised by my tutor Yvette Cox and her manager Debbie searle, my student online account looks like I have not completed this course but I completed it in November there were technical problems with my online account, so I was receiving all my coursework from Yvette Cox via email I also had my assessment in my place of work in November. I was told my certificate had been ordered and I would receive it within 8 to 12 weeks for months later I am still waiting. I am an independent self-employed end of life and palliative carer, and I am waiting to start work for social services but until I receive my certificate I can’t I have four months of lost earnings and every week I wait that’s another week off lost earnings. I need my complaint to be taken seriously and to receive some kind of reply by Monday the 14th otherwise I will come ombudsman for their help to retrieve my certificate.

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