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My kids were at rosebank on saterday to watch the BTS movie at 2.30.

Alk the kids were taking pictures of movie. This worker walked in and threatend to throw them out. His name is Jabulani Ngwenya.

He told them to put away their phones or they would be kicked out. They put it away. He walked down to the other kids in front and did the same thing. He then came back to my daughter and leaned over her friend and proceeded to go off at her. Het phone was already put away. He then proceeded to telk her that she is disrespecting "us" and that she is disrespecting "our" language. Then proceeded to insist on kicking her out.

This is not acceptable. How can ster kinekor promote an aggresive man towards young girls and then proceed to make it a race thing. For what?? It was uncalled for and their whole experience was ruined.

I need this yo be resolved or i will go to the papers regarding this.

Aug 12, 2019
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  •   Aug 12, 2019

    By all means, go to the papers. The person who cries racism is most often the biggest racist. Your daughter had her phone out at one point. I am sure she didn't immediately comply and very likely copped some sort of entitled attitude. Rather than acquiesce like the other children, you and your troublemaking daughter deserved to be kicked out of the theater. No reasonable person cares about race in this day and age. Just racists like you.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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