Ster-Kinekorseats and no payment ticket

F Sep 11, 2018

We went to see the new Abba movie last week at the Northmead Square Ster Kinekor movie house in Benoni. Firstly, we paid cash, no slip, no ticket and the guy said he had no change and that we should get it from where we were going to buy drinks. We bought two drinks and got change but again no slip, no ticket. We were just let into the movie without a ticket...a very loose arrangement for sure.

The seats desperately need to be vacuumed. I started itching on my head after putting my head back on the seat and then started itching on my back and legs...…
I guess they are covered in dust mite or whatever...please vacuum the seats, and look up 'dust mite' on google.

We shall not be going there again.

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