State of Florida Child Support Enforcementharassment and unlawful suspension of dl

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I received a letter from the DMV stating my DL is suspended for none payment of child support. I never received any notification of missed or late child support payments from any organization, I have also never missed a payment. I finally get ahold of someone at the Ocala office and they state the payment ( that I mail every month with ample time to receive payment) was received late so they suspended my license. If the payment was late it was buy a couple days the usps is not always 100% reliable. They stated the DMV should have sent me a letter letting me know. All this Over a supposedly late payment? With no notification of any kind? How is a person that makes payments in full every month supposed to keep making payments if their being harassed and having their DL suspended for no reason? I believe this was an unlawful unnecessary suspension, I also believe this is harassment. I'm hoping someone will addresses this issue before it continues and forces me to take legal action against The Ocala and/or state of Florida child support services. This situation is extremely unnecessary and extremely unprofessional.

I've seen a lot of fraudulent activities from this office including falsifying DCF documents in favor of whatever parent they chose. They literally discarded half of a custody order so they could reword there document and charge one parent more money. They even went as far as trying to talk one parent into liying so they could get more money, It's sad and sick. How can that be good for the child? I guess the more dcf can charge the more money they make. This is exactly the kind of government office the shows citizens they can never trust the government


  • Um is not an answer! Jul 01, 2019

    No one should have to remind you to send child support.

    Freaking deadbeat.

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  • Gf
    G Free Nov 06, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! I've paid over $200K in child support. That make me a deadbeat cause I just got my license suspended. Just like the person in this thread my account is not only current but now settled.

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  • Um is not an answer! Nov 06, 2019

    @G Free Ummm... 200k is a flash in the pan when it comes to how much a child costs for 18 years. Plus 4+ more of college tuition if you can't get a loan or something. And that money you have to pay back.

    But, like the lateness of your response, you need to be reminded to pay for the child you helped bring into this world. Still.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 01, 2019

    I thought they would warn you if payment wasn’t received. I guess in the future you should mail your payment a week in advance to assure that it’s received on time .

    How do you get your license reinstated and is there a charge for that? I’m thinking about your income if your job involved driving. No license, no job, no income yet they suspend your license.

    At least you pay every month so your child(ren) can eat and be clothed. Can you arrange a direct deposit payment for your kids?

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  • Um is not an answer! Jul 02, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Cash on the barrel.

    Last summer I was a victim of blue box fishing. Not one check made it to the other side and then some ahole paid a car loan! I closed that account after phoning in all those payments. Bank was amazing: no matter what was taken it was given back.

    Now I prefer pay in cash/or in person if possible (screw you tjmaxx) or over the phone.

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