Spintop-Gamesbejewelled 3

L Sep 27, 2019

I bought this game when I had a previous compueter. The activation code is 0HC98N-DANCH5-GT8JD6-HP3NVE. I have a disce which you sent me containing several other games and with the activation code above. I can download the game and install it but when I try to run the game a dialogue comes up saying it will not work. The dialogue box contained the following. Can you please help me.


Exception: Access Violation (code 0xc0000005) at address 0073E22E in thread 15AC
Module: Bejeweled3.exe
Logical Address: 0001:0033D22E

0019EDCC 0073E22E 0001:0033D22E Bejeweled3.exe
Params: [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected]

EAX:[protected] EBX:[protected] ECX:[protected] EDX:[protected] ESI:[protected] EDI:0080CCEC
EIP:0073E22E ESP:0019EDC8 EBP:[protected]
CS:0023 SS:002B DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B

Windows Ver: NT 6.2 Build 9200
DDraw Ver: 10.0.17763.1
DSound Ver: 10.0.17763.1

Product: Bejeweled3
Time Loaded: 00:00:06
Fullscreen: No
Primary ThreadId: 15AC
Resolution: 800x600
3D Mode: OFF
Times Played: 0
Build Num: 0
Build Date:

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