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GameforgeGamforge Client support

I can login to the gameforge client and play any game there, but if I try to use that login to access thier SUPPORT site I am told the login information is INCORRECT. Why is this, I need to contact them NOW!!!
I have tried resetting the password via the site with NO response, if there is to be a seperate login for thier support site, why does it not state that

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    GameforgeOgame Moderator

    Ogame is a SCAM. All of the servers are controlled by SCAMMERS. I played OGame for a while, the moderators support cheaters who make regular players spend money. You can not express your feelings in the game, you can't make suggestions. Whenever they don't like your facts, they will BAN you from saying the truth. They will literally lock your account while you are a premium user for something silly. Then whenever you try to get in touch with support, the moderator will ask for money to be sent to his PERSONAL CASH APP account. The moderators literally make fun of you with a nasty attitude and they will not let you take this issue to their upper management. So disrespectfully, they will not forward the ENGLISH written email and send you back a non-sense response. Stay away from these SCAMMERS.

    Ogame Moderator

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      Dear Game Forge, my name is Mihaela I play metin 2 on the newest server Baltick, I have spent money in the game (I've been playing for 10 years) please help us with the hackers there are everywhere, I have made a lot of complaints on discord but no one notice us. I have to wonder for what I'm playing because I can't farm anywhere. Please take action. Thank you.

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        Dear sir/madam,
        I am writing you with the hope that I can find some help for my problem.
        I am a player of Battleknight game, on Romania, Server 2( now 3). My name is crisseddy and I received permanent ban for using third parties in the game.
        I made a ticket which has reached to game administrator Asus and community manager Polog. Both of them are claiming the same, using of a third parties and permanent ban.
        Let me explain you what I have done on the game and what has been the answers from Asus and Polog.
        First of all, i play this game from 2007 and crisseddy is the only account in which I put money and all my hard effort. A also had some small accounts, lvl 3, only for protection. I did not play on other servers or on other countries.
        I made a break on the game like 3 years ago, because I did not have to much time to play. Since November 2020, i started playing the game again. On the game are 3 players that are stronger then me, but with hard work, i can over pass them. That's why I started playing a lot, really a lot. Actually, i think all day I have the phone near me and play.
        I play from my phone, very rarely, when is a war i go on computer to change the items for the war, in rest only the phone.
        In the following lines I will explain you how i play and what I used for playing the game.
        I use 2 browsers chrome and puffin. Chrome is my main browser and puffin I use it only when I buy clues or change clothes for war(if I don't have acces to computer). For both of them i have the page battleknight saved and the browers help me to have the password saved. When i switch between browsers I just click on the username and automatically the memory system of the browsers fill in the name and password and I just press login. Once I am logged in on the game I don't have to enter the password every time if I don't log out from the browser. I just press refresh and the page is loading. And then I play.
        I want to mention that Polog is also informed about how I play. He did not say that any of the things mentioned are illegal to use.
        According to him he cannot see my login and he can see only a use of a third party.
        Also the reason why I received ban according to Asus is:
        „ that disciplinary action has been taken against you on the grounds of recording a play-time game suspected of using a third party:
        26.12.2020 - activitate joc (game play-time) 22/24h;
        27.12.2020 - activitate joc (game play-time) 23/24h;
        28.12.2020 - activitate joc (game play-time) 23/24h;
        29.12.2020 - activitate joc (game play-time) 23/24h;
        30.12.2020 - activitate joc (game play-time) 21/24h;
        31.12.2020 - activitate joc (game play-time) 22/24h;
        01.01.2021 - activitate joc (game play-time) 23/24h;
        02.01.2021 - activitate joc (game play-time) 21/24h"
        I know that I played a lot, but I'm 100% that the time played is not that. If they cannot see my logins probably they count everything and that is way they saw 23h. I told them to check my reports to see that the missions have gaps between them, but nothing happened.
        Asus is claiming on suspicitions and Polog that they are sure of the proves that i used a third party.
        Sir/madam sorry for the long email and am sure that there are still a lot to say but for the beggining I will like to receive some help in finding a solution for my problem.
        I even suggested also Asus and Polog to give them all the information they need to check my activity and to prove them that i did not use anything, but nothing happened. Apparently they don't want to check and also I did not receive any prof of using a third party, even if I requested multiple times my report for the period which I received ban.
        As I told them, i'm willing to have any kind of comunication to help me unban the account.
        Please let me know if you require any other information to be able to check my activity and to see that I did not cheat.
        Please help me!!! I don't know why they don't want to believe me that I am a onest player and I did not cheat.
        Hope to hear soon from you.

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          GameforgeUnethical behavior

          I play Gladiatus in server 21 Portugal under the nickname Hugo.
          Today 27-01-2021 I was banned under the pretext that I was using a Bot. This is false as the company can check. The game operator Antrix is using this pretext to block me. This is unacceptable... I hope you can clear this situation, return my account and punish Antrix.
          Kind regards,
          Hugo Gago

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            Dec 15, 2020

            Gameforge — metin2. pt stolen account from email | gm's are useless

            I started to play Metin2.pt in 2006/2007 and I spent many years and euros in this game. I always played...

            Nov 18, 2020

            Gameforge — Tera

            I signed up for tera in game forge when enmass quit. I have played tera doing it. I doing it for 10years I...

            Apr 10, 2020

            Gameforge — metin2pt - lost my accounts

            Hi there, I am going to start by this, I play metin2pt for at least 8 years, with some pauses because...

            Jan 23, 2020

            Gameforge — metin2. pt

            Hi, I'm hereby complaining regarding the customer service received from Gameforge's Metin2.PT Customer rep...

            Apr 29, 2019

            Gameforge — fraud of the arbian server in metin2

            Dear. Mr.. After greeting. at first I want to tell you, you're my last so please help me with my case. I...

            Gameforge — my account was hacked

            Hello. I'm playing this game for more than 10 years and a few days ago my account was hacked. I tried to sort...

            Gameforgemetin 2 uk


            I am writing to you in order to get more information about a case that I am involved, the main issue is that one of my accounts in Metin2 UK server Universalis, was accessed and emptied of all the items, I created a ticket on http://support.gameforge.com/index.php?page=status using the Home Registration, but the other side did not offer me any support and I was treated inappropriately, denying any support and any information what so ever.
            When asked to receive the IP of the person that accessed the account and possessed the goods in order to go to the competent authorities from my country, the person responsible for providing me with this information has not responded for more than two days.
            I am in a continuous loop where no credibility or information is given to me, as your customer I have the right to be given access to information and respect.

            Thank you,


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              Gameforge — unauthorised changes thru mobile phone

              @ 14:00 (GMT+3) On 29.03.2018. We had malicious messages received thru Didem nicknamed @erol.organ from...

              Gameforge — ogame

              I had an account on Universe 35, a LARGE account that had over 400K of Dark Matter paid for with my money...

              Gameforgemetin2. ae

              I contact the Metin2.ae support to complain about GM But they always close my ticket without answer
              I paid Money in this game ti charge my account with Dragon coins, i have rights an I can complain about anything wrong from my perspective or point of view

              how can i contact the support to complain about a GM in metin2.ae ?
              i want to contact the Higher support not the Arabs

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                Gameforgeogame teams are useless

                You have some coma that completely ignore their communities, is not normal to send ticket, level it up to coma and be a week waiting for any answer.
                After that, you look for him/her on board and they are at least 4-5 days off. Involved comas are grimnir and piink.
                I talk about ogame, and being exact in. Es,. Ar and. Mx, where the admin of every community in game and in board is the same and does what she wants, she is - pili, and ero_sannin who doesn't do anything, always offline.
                Please do something to solve this issue, both communities need changes.
                Thanks for your attention.

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                  • Da
                    Darkness Comes Jun 26, 2017
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    OGAME and it's owner GMBH are thieves. I had an account with DM, money spent and it was deleted. Game ADMIN said too bad so sad.

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                  Gameforge — ban without reason

                  In en.ikariam.gameforge.com their team memeber ban just iranian account and when we want their reason they...

                  Gameforgemetin2 lack of availability/ capacity

                  GAMEFORGE is a company that claims to "have attracted more than 65 million players in 36 countries" (http://images.businessweek.com/ss/08/12/1204_tech_pioneers/4.htm). Among others, it operates METIN2 under (as other companies) the so-called ‘freemium’ model. I'm a player of Metin2 in Portugal. Almost every country in Europe as its localized version of Metin2 (UK included).

                  It happens that recently GAMEFORGE took the decision to relocate its servers in a single place (in Germany for sure). Since then, Portuguese players (like me) and others from other countries (including Germans players) have suffered massive problems in accessing the game.

                  I don't believe GAMEFORGE is doing enough (if anything) to solve the problems we are all experiencing. Portuguese team of game and community managers (not remunerated by GAMEFORGE) are doing their best to explain but the truth is that they are powerless; it all depends on Germany decision and its team of engineering. I was used to think about Germany engineering as the best in the world; not anymore.

                  That they don't care about Portugal I can understand. That they don' care about giving an explanation to the problems experienced by each and every European community is something I can't accept. Since there is no change in this, I am now appealing to your website to present the problem from a different perspective. It is not only METIN2, hat I am seeing is Germany engineering not being able to cope with known problems and existing solutions.

                  BTW, yes, we are talking about a "free to play" game but a game that also generates revenues by allowing us to spend 20€ per months (several players spend hundreds of euros per month; other don't spend a dime).

                  Kind regards

                  João Reis

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                    • Dj
                      djmohr Mar 20, 2016
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      In 2014 I reported a player for using racist terms, the player was permanently banned. Now in 2016 the same player has been unbanned. I have contacted Ogame support regarding the matter and was told it had nothing to do with me and that their decision was final.
                      It is sickening to think that in this day and age would allow such behavior.

                      0 Votes

                    Gameforge Ag / Air Rivalsundeserved ban

                    Hi, I play an online game called Air Rivals (airrivals.net).
                    My account has been blocked for no logical reason from this company accounting dept (under the name of Gamepay) because of apparent chargeback.
                    I have all statements and proof from my bank that states otherwise and that they have received all my money. The only thing I asked was to get my account unbanned and back
                    Of course I have already tried to contact them through their online support website and emails since more than a month ago and they are not cooperative at all, when they do reply (which is rather seldom), their reply is not clear and not helpful.
                    I have tried to reach them, by phone, and the least I can say, is they don't want to help neither, they keep telling me "no support", to send emails, but they never reply. This is madness !
                    Never in my life I have seen a company with such deficient support, it even looks like fraudulent organization to me : take the money and disappear.
                    Check by yourself on this address https://billing.gameforge.com/index.php?page=impressum, it is explicitely written they don't provide support by phone ! Even when you spend money like I did (and a lot of money).
                    Of course i know when I'm wrong, and I'm fair, but I know my rights, and I know I'm right, I have tried to understand, tried to find a solution, that is more than than reasonable for them (a win-win), but to no avail, they do not wish to communicate, they do not want to help.
                    I proposed to them to unblock my account (costs them nothing), they don't reply, I proposed to them to refund my money, still no reply.
                    It looks to me that they are hiding something about this game, that might be illegal like for instance a gambling system (you can buy upgrades for your equipment through a gambling system that is not transparent, and ofc encourages you to spend more and more money).

                    Thank you

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                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Game Forge Ikariam Game — game account was deleted without cause

                      My account was deleted due to a requirement in the rule "multi-accounting". However, I followed the rule...

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