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A Review updated:

Dear Sir,

I would like to log a compliant for subsequent terrible service from Speedpost Singapore.

Since from Month of December last year, I have began my figure collection and always imported them from Japan into Singapore by either Registered SAL or EMS which is "Speedpost" in Singapore due to the fact that the amount is not small. Unfortunately, I nearly lost all of the shipments due to Poor services from Speedpost Singapore. How so? Below is my elaboration.

I will received a tracking number once the sender has began shipping the items to me. Yes I can track the parcel within Japan. Now the problems lies on our side. It has been alot of times my parcel has reached Singapore the records are not updated on international tracking website (for my case is Japan Post)for as long as a week long. Every time, I have to keep track and check with our Speedpost for my item status on our Speedpost tracking website.

This has been the fifth or sixth time I encountered such problem with them. When I check online with tracking CC201016285JP and was so shocked to discovered that Singpost had a numbers of failed attempt to delivered the item to me

1st Failed attempt made on 10 AUG 2012 with no delivery advice left.
Remark left by Speedpost on tracking website: "Unable to locate Address"
My View: I have no idea this deliver was made at this time since no delivery advice was left. Irrelevant remarks left by speedpost.

2nd Failed attempt made on 13 AUG 2012 again with no delivery advice left.
Remark left by Speedpost on tracking website: "No Reply Through Intercom"
My View: I have no idea this deliver was made since no delivery advice was left. I began to track my parcel online this time and also check my phone caller ID. There wasn't any number reflected from intercom. Obviously they did not all at al. So i call them up and arrange for another redelivery on 15 AUG 2012.

3rd Failed attempt made on 15 AUG 2012 again with delivery advice left in my mailbox but was in an evelope with postage paid dated 14 AUG 2012.
Remark left by Speedpost on tracking website: "No Reply Through Intercom"
My View: Again i check my phone caller ID. There wasn't any number reflected from intercom. Obviously again they did not all at al. Also my dad was at home this time. I just shoot them another email and demand another redlivery on Sat 18 AUG 2012.

On top of this they i demand them to arrange a delivery date which I am comfortable with. Which is this coming Saturday 18 Aug. But they wanted to charged me additional SGD 2.00 and told me that they can only schedule the redelivery tomorrow which is 15 Aug and if not, i have to collect it myself prtsonally at the post office. To my knowledge for past shipments, I have not been charged with additional postage and no problem arranging for redelivery on Saturday which is the only day I will be at home to receive it. I am not sure if they are any changes in any of their policies. But this is totally unaccepted at all. Speed post, registered parcel or EMS are supposed to be direct delivery to our doorstep at customers convenience.

Last but not least, of you have been searching the web regarding Speedpostt services. You will notice there has been alot of people not receiving their parcel or even lost them for all. From here, I can say even our own Singaporeans does not trust our own postal service at all. Not to say foreign that even insist on not shipping items to Singapore as on EBay as well as on Amazon website. Prices of shipping now as compared to couriers like DHL are almost similar. Except that DHL has better services. I would also go for DHL if I have the option because I have absolutley lost trust in our own postal services already.

Therefore, I urge you to look into this matter seriously before more of us completely lost trust in our own postal service.

Josh Hau

On 15 Aug, 2012, at 9:10 AM, SingPost Customer Service <[protected]> wrote:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your e-mail on reply 14 August 2012 regarding the status of your postal article: CC201016285JP.

Please be advised that we have a new delivery process wherein we will only 'Redeliver' your parcel if there is a service failure on our part (e.g courier vehicle breakdown, insufficient time to deliver parcels to customer, late processing/scanning of parcels etc.).

Otherwise, after your parcel/s failed delivery to your address after our courier attempt delivery but failed due to other reasons than service lapse on our end (e.g nobody to receive at delivery address, doorbell not working etc.), we will automatically route the parcel to the designated post office where you may collect it within 5 working days from the date it was delivered there (the designated post office wherein you may collect your parcel is indicated in the 'Delivery Advice' to be left behind by our courier). Request for 'Redirection' to another address/post office or 'Redelivery' to your address will correspond to an additional postage fee which you may pay on the designated post office.

If you fail to collect the parcel/s at the designated post office within the 5 working days time frame, the parcel will be transferred to our main office at Paya Lebar and will stay there for an additional 5 working days for you to self collect the parcel. A second 'Reminder Delivery Advice' will be mailed to you (which is specifically for the collection of parcels at our main office at Paya Lebar only) which you will be needing to claim your parcel at our main office. If you still fail to collect your parcel at our main office after 5 working days, your parcel will then be returned to the sender.

Thank you for using SpeedPost. Should you require more information regarding Speedpost products and services, please visit us at
Alternatively, you may contact us at our SpeedPost Enquiry Hotline [protected]. Our customer service officers will be pleased to assist you.

Heherson Balao
Customer Service Officer
Contact Centre, Customer Service
Singapore Post Limited


  • Sa
    Santhamma Varghese Jan 03, 2008

    What a Service rendered by the so called Speed Post Service? How can any one rely one these kind of lackadasical work culture? will you postal department answer me for the item I have sent to Registrar IGNOU new Delhi on 28th Novemeber 2007 by speed post consignment Number EE506537493IN. I want to know whether you people are able to do your job after taking money from the customers?

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  • Re
    Rebecca Zhao Oct 22, 2018

    @Santhamma Varghese it shall be changed to slows post

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  • Na
    naorem gajendra singh Nov 25, 2010

    Speed Post or Snail Post??
    Hello All!
    What's going on with Speed Post in India?
    My Speed Post no.EM624719288IN dated 13 November 2010 containing my PAN Card, sent by the Income Tax PAN Services office from Mumbai to my address at Vashisht-175103, Manali, HP has not been received yet after 12 days of dispatch!

    I tried to track the said Speed Post on the concerned website for tracking Speed Post but no information is available regarding it!

    I tried to call the concerned customer support tel.nos.for tracking that missing Speed Post but all the nos. are busy all the time

    I sent email to the concerned officer of the Speed Post in Mumbai, but no reply

    What's wrong & what the hell is going on with the Speed Post department of Indian Postal Service

    What's the use of the website for tracking the Speed Post if it cannot track the Speed Post?
    What's the use of the customer support tel.nos. if we cannot make our calls through?
    What's the use of the contact email of the concerned officer in-charge if he/she doesn't care to reply back?

    Yours sincerely,

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  • Kk
    kkramay Feb 25, 2013


    I had went down to Singpost on Feb 13th and made a order for Speed post, I was informed that it will be delivered in 1-2 working days.
    After 1 week, on 19th- I call them as I am able to track my item status online, I was told that they will call me back in 2 days and update the status.So as expected no calls from them
    On 22nd- I call them again and they said they are still tracking and will call me back by evening. No answer as expected.
    So next time I called them and I demanded that I talk to their manager and get this escalated. Again a fake promise that the manager will call me back. Which never happened until today.
    On 25th- I call again for the fourth time and talked to their Supervisor as apparently “all Singpost managers were on leave”. I was given the scariest answer. They are waiting for the confirmation that the item is lost
    Now I have a 300 dollar worth Stamp paper inside the documents and who will refund it?
    So I said, if I need to get a new stamp paper I need to provide the proof that it was lost so I need to lodge a police complaint. So asked them to sent me an email. Which again never happened.
    I called them back again and still no update and I am not sure why these people never let you talk to their managers!

    Worst service ever ! I paid so much money and they don’t even bother to even call me back or transfer my call to their manager.

    Thanks & Regards

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  • Cn
    CNG Mar 04, 2013

    I was browing through websits on comments about services provided by Singpost/Speedpost, and encountered this complaint. I am not surprised at all. The same thing happened to me serveral times, and all I get are useless official replies from the customer care. In fact, I have one case still pending, and Speedpost had not been able to locate my item, and no status updates from them. They promised to call back but I am still waiting since last week. To echo the writer, I am a true blue Singaporean and I defintitely do not trust our own "National" postal service. Nowadays given a choice, I will choose to use other service providers such as DHL, even though I may need to pay more. At least their customer service is great, and they deliver in the evening or weekends. Mostly importantly, they provide re-delivery service! I guess they know people need to work for a living, and cannot stay at home to say for deliveries.

    Singpost or Speedpost must improve their service
    - Need to employ customer service staff that understands us (Singaporeans or Singapore based people), not just to set up a customer care department that sits outside of the country (and cannot differentiate between Pasir Panjang and Pasir Ris)
    - Be Service oriented - provide re-delivery, and delivers during after office hours
    - Need to improve their own internal correspondences. Whenever we call up custome care, we have to repeat the story all over again.
    Also, one customer care person told me "Our mode of contact is via email, we cannot call the courier. that's why it takes awhile for them to response"...what kind of excuse is that?
    - Customer care staff should never use fake names - I would not know this but one customer care staff had a slip of the tongue and reveal the real name of his colleague!

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  • Bh
    BHPan1 Mar 14, 2013


    I am just having a very bad experience with SpeedPost now. I shipped a parcel to China on 01 mar 13, expected to deliver by 2 to 4 working days. But till today, my item is no where to locate.
    There is no update on tracking wedsite, no return call from hotline as they promised, no reply to my write-in enquiry. Hotline just told me to WAIT and WAIT and WAIT, yes, i am still waiting...
    Where is my parcel ?

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  • Pi
    Pingapong Apr 15, 2013

    Omg im so worried with my parcel :( its still in singapore. Its been there processing at sorting center for days. Im afraid that itll be lost there. Actually its a replacement of what i bought from an online shop in china. To count all the days that ive waited plus the days im waiting for the replacemnt, its been almost 2 months my gosh :( but if you look at what i ordered it says there ill receive the item in 4 working days. I wont blame the supplier, we two gave so much effort to arrange bout the damaged parcel ge gave me, replace it, and me had to ship back the dmged one, and him had to ship a new one. So frustrating :(

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  • Pr
    Prof Dr Jack Wilson Apr 17, 2013

    I absolutely agree with all the complaints. Every service sector in Singapore is fast and efficient and I am amazed how well everything is organized. A major exception is SingPost. Everything is slow, dreadful, and complicated. It is not only that they try to deliver packages during hours when most normal people are working, but then when you want to collect it from the post office the queue is always slow and the service is generally bad and unfriendly. And this is really surprising because other logistics companies are doing so well, such as DHL. They call you to check if you are at home when they deliver or when you call their customer service they directly check for you and arrange redelivery. Try to do that with SpeedPost…

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  • Ja
    Jason 2013 Apr 17, 2013

    I can only say that SpeedPost has the WORST service ever! It is time that they implement some reforms to improve their services. I now order everything via UPS or DHL even if it cost more. They have a great service and deliver every time on time.

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  • Sc
    ScrewYouSpeedpost Apr 19, 2013

    They Lost My Parcel Worth USD440 ..
    Its A Limited Edition From Japan ..
    What can i say ..SCREW YOU ! Speedpost !
    Or You Guys Stole It
    Fedex, DHL is better Than you !

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  • Ca
    carinatang Apr 20, 2013

    I'm encountering problems with speedpost.
    A team leader, name July from speedpost is a total failure!
    Planned delivery date should be on 18th April.
    But due to heavy deliveries, it's not being delivered at all, making us wait at home for the whole day.
    So I called speedpost up and plan for a redelivery on 20th April and they promised me that they will be delivering it to me by 1pm on 20th April for sure.
    But it's already 3pm, and there's no use of delivery man at all.
    I even gave them all my 3 contact no for speedpost to call me to confirm the timing.
    When I called speedpost up an speak to the team leader, Mr July, all he ask me to do is to wait and nothing but to wait, and when I asked him can they give me a better reply, eg. Wait Til what time ? As its Saturday and speed post only deliver till 1pm on Saturday and its already 3+ pm yet Mr July got the cheek to ask me to wait for the whole Saturday for the courier guy?
    And worst of all, he don't even want to answer my question and he even sighed when talking to me!
    And Hung up my call!!!
    It's terrible !
    And for your info, if I'm not wrong, Mr July should be another Foreign Talent !
    A foreign talent who can't answer our questions and hang up on us!!!
    What a terrific job speedpost have done.
    Ps: Mr July even told me that there's no one else of higher authority I can speak to from speedpost.
    So, a team leader is the highest position in speedpost??!!!

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  • Yv
    Yvette1234 Apr 24, 2013

    After reading the frustrating comments above, I decided to share my own experience here.

    I shipped 6 items from Singapore to Taipei on March 14th via speedpost's surface service which is the sea shipping. I paid 60kg of the charges to the courrier since that's what I ordered online but I specifically told them the items are ligher than 60kg. The service rep said all the items will be reweight in their center on the next day to check if there's any overpay or underpay situation.

    1) Noone calls me to double confirm the weight even though I called three times to the service rep next day. They kept telling me they can't put me through the weighting department but they'll leave note. Still noone calls or email me. I've been contacting the service rep for the next 1 month since I want to get the specific figure of the weight of items. NOBODY IS ABLE TO GIVE ME THE FIGURE. All the reps just keep repeating "WE CAN'T TELL YOU THE WEIGHT BUT WE CAN ASSURE YOU THERE'S NO OVERPAY SITUATION". At some point, I demand them that I need to speak to people in charge of customer service. And the manager said "Oh yeah, you did over-pay. " and said he'll proceed the refund. This is such a joke. It's not about the money they over-charge it's about the attitude that they don't bother to check or make an efforts. Just like everyone said above - there's no ownership, only the useless replies.

    I finally got the official apologize from the manager and I appreciated his efforts. Below is the my second concerns

    2) According to the tracking # they provided, all 6 items remain "PENDING IN PROCESSING CENTER" ever since I shipped them on March 14th. I double checked the status at least 20 times with the service rep while they simply just said "the items have been dispatched on March 19th. The information on website is wrong but we won't update it before the items reach Taiwan". I haven't received any updates or items of that 6 boxes. The full term for the items to be delivered to taiwan is 21-49 working days and today is roughly the 30 working days; therefore, I'm still trying to be patient about it.

    Because of the previous experience, I'm extremely worried my items are still sitting in Singapore or get lost. I don't know how post service works in Singapore but this is truely a very disappointing experience while the cost is not cheap vs. the $$ I paid in Taiwan. I know it's not fair to compare the cost since there's different cost structure but the service/responses of speedpost is indeed very lousy.

    I don't care about the refund now. I just want to get an update about my items and receive them ASAP.

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  • Ca
    carinatang May 21, 2013

    I've encountered the same problem twice in a month by speedpost!
    I'm really saddened by the terrible services provided.
    Last month they made us wait for 3 days at home for delivering of my parcel.
    And now, there's no delivery advice from speedpost at all yet stated that delivery attempt failed and no response from us since 6th may til date(21st may)!
    I'm really very frustrated by the terrible services provided.
    There's no delivery advice at all.
    No attempt delivery at all.
    Yet when we call speedpost hotline, the operator asked me to call speedpost paya lebar branch myself without giving me the no to call at all!!!

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  • Ki
    Kingkong89 Jun 14, 2013

    Speedpost/singpost in worst in the world.

    See this

    Notice from Japan EMS website, posted since March 25, 2011. It is still there cause Singpost never improved

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  • Fe
    feezz Jun 24, 2013

    Speedpost most definitely, unquestionably, 100% completely sucks.
    MY friends have already received their items and mine is still at processing center since last week. Called their customer service centre and all i got were excuses. They were of no help. AT ALL.

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  • Ed
    edmundlim Aug 04, 2013

    Speedpost service is deteriorating and I am definitely agree with all the negative feedbacks as the poor service extended to the collection of parcels from corporate customer as well. No informing of customer of non-collections of parcels on almost every bookings that I have made. Excuses such as delivery van has broken down, delivery van is fully loaded etc were given only at the time of compliant made to the supervisor of Speedpost.

    And I am wondering as part of a public listed company, what is Singpost going to do about all these complaints? There does not seem to be any improvement in service.

    From a extremely disappointed and frustrated customer of Speedpost corporate client.

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  • Le
    Leslie22 Aug 14, 2013

    I suspect they didn't even attempt my delivery last month but just simply say,
    "delivery attempt no one home "
    "go collect the parcel yourself at post office"
    Loads of ### speed post ems

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  • De
    devastater Nov 22, 2013

    Ordered couple of items from Amazon. EVERYTIME encounter problem with speedpost. Online tracking shows delivery attempt fails, and item was delivered to some far away post office. They didn't even leave a physical note. Where the hell do I know where to collect my item if I don't go online and check? Forget about the customer service. There is no way to talk to a human through the phone hotline. F...cking lousy.

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  • Sp
    SpeedPost Customer Dec 11, 2013

    What with my parcel, suddenly at Singapore and Today Failed to Delivery.
    December is holiday for student and 3 of my landlord kids at home.

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  • Sp
    SpeedPost Customer Dec 11, 2013

    What happened with my parcel, suddenly at Singapore and Today Failed to Delivery.
    December is holiday for student and 3 of my landlord kids at home.

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  • An
    AnneGil Dec 27, 2013

    I trust speed post singapore to receive my parcel in the philippines on time, i hope singapore speedpost can also communicate to other branch around the world, to make sure our packages will safe, we trust your company, we spent big money to make sure our packages is safe, until now my family waiting for my package that supposedly delivered yesterday,

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  • An
    AnneGil Dec 28, 2013

    Plus ur giving us contact # but nobody tried to anwer my calls, i have 4 contact #s but nobody answer, whats for we pay big money for your services if you will not delivered our parcel on time? Whats for your giving us contact numbers if nobody answer to our freakin' calls? This is my first and last i trust your company, i will not trust your services anymore.

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  • Pe
    Peeve Mar 06, 2014

    Yes I agree. There's no QC on the people they employ. They should change their name to Snailpost. 1st delivery, 28 Feb I was at home with my gate opened, left at 1935 and found an advice on the floor with time 1915. Redelivery on Tue. Came at 3pm so I was not at home, left an advice, went to pop station but the parcel was not there, wasted my effort. Called and tracked that the parcel went back to the warehouse. Asked for redelivery again today, waited from 345 pm till 6plus. Deliberately lowered my TV volume so that I can hear the door bell and my gate was opened. At 1838 went to check, another advice left at my door stating time 1836! Ran down but couldn't see any trucks or vehicle of any kind. Called them immediately then they said server down for another hour and will call me back. Waited for 2 hours and called. Had to wait for 30minutes on hold and singpost customer service officer answered, said speedpost staff have left! Yes they are liars! We'll see how tomorrow turns out as I am asking them to redeliver just because they are so INCOMPETENT!

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  • Ze
    zer09er Apr 21, 2014

    These people need to stop being complacent..At all costs. My electric guitar that I have ordered from Japan was scheduled to reach me today so I created the time..all but in vain.

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  • Ca
    Caroline2985 May 29, 2014

    Same thing happened to me, ridiculously status no such block number. It's a company/restaurant that is one of the best in singapore. Just say that you have not deliver it today. I key in the address in tenso international with complete restaurant name and telephone number. It's the worse thing to put status no block number. I called customer service and they can't do anything today, asking me to call again tomorrow, you think I have nothing to do calling you everyday. They also said only can deliver again on Monday, 4 more days from now. I am paying air freight not sea freight! Horrible service of singapore post. I have expedite this to tenso international and I think they have better service than singapore post.

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  • Ca
    Caroline2985 May 29, 2014

    See attached horrible status doesn't make sense

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  • Gr
    grsie0223 Jun 16, 2014

    I wish speedpost read all these comments and screw themselves
    Worst of all, ok? you guys are the worst!

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  • Ja
    Jass C Oct 01, 2014

    I am not satisfied with your quality of services provided at EMS Speedpost. I visited
    the Speedpost to send my parcel to China on 08 September 2014. Receipt No
    ER397794729SG. I must say that it was a very unpleasant experience.

    When I double check my receipt, I just realized that I’ve forgot to filled up something
    important which is the delivery address is incomplete. I called Speedpost on 09 September 2014
    at about 10am and asked them to amend the full address for me, one of the staffs
    said will email me and require me to reply the actual address before 12pm. At
    the end of the day, I still never receive any email from Speedpost. I am most
    annoyed that I wasted whole day waiting for your email. Unfortunately, I didn’t
    get the staff name. I couldn't sleep well that night thinking where my parcel
    will be sent to. So, I’ve decided to call again on 11 September 2014 morning and I was
    told that must ask my China’s friend to call their local EMS Speedpost to amend
    it. Well, I get the hotline number and get my friend to call them. My friend
    received the parcel at about 3.15pm on 11 September 2014. Glad to hear that she received
    it shortly. But terrible things happened, she said the parcel was in a very bad
    condition and was partly open, some contents of parcel has been stolen!!! The
    postal employees stole half of parcels during transit and sealed the boxes like
    before. Obviously, someone open it without permission. How irresponsible of
    them! Speedpost service is all about greed. The
    $135.95 I paid for a service that wasn't fulfilled. I'm just bringing this
    matter up because I hope Speedpost can be more responsible and provide great
    service for every customer. I was very upset with your staff’s performance. This
    is my first time and last time using Speedpost. I'm very DISAPPOINTED with your

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  • Ta
    tarag2000 Oct 13, 2014

    My parcel was with courier for delivery and then all of a sudden it says failed delivery. Our building gate is open because it has been broken for the whole week, so there is open access to our condo. We even have on cctv the speedpost van coming in and making a u turn and leaving. The driver did not stop nor did he attempt to deliver the package. Lazy or malicious? Called the fools at speedpost and they keep lying to me saying that the courier will turn around and redeliver the package before 6pm. At 8pm still no package. When I call back they say its on its way to the post office. Have been waiting 2 days for a manager to call me to make a complaint. No call. They make excuses when I call back and won't connect me to a manager. This is the 8th time this has happened.

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  • Kt
    Ktanq Nov 29, 2014

    I currently study in Germany and a friend sent me a package from SG as a present. Apparently Speedpost tried to deliver it at least three times and did not manage to do it. They claimed to have called me - I did not receive any phone calls. After my friend informed them that the package had not arrived, they said they'd contact me again - and it never happened. Eventually Speedpost told my friend that the package had been destroyed due to repeated failed attempts of delivery. I do not believe that Speedpost tried at all. Speedpost should take note that there's a reason for people to send the packages from a country to another - often, it is not for fun. Does Speedpost care that people pay quite a bit to get their packaged sent? Another person mentioned the word "reform" in his/her post. I think it is something that Speedpost should really look into. I would like to be proud of the local post services, and I hope to have a strong basis for my national pride.

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  • An
    Annie Ng Feb 16, 2015

    SpeedPost postal handlers tried to steal my parcel sent to my sister.
    Tracking recorded as "addressee non-existent" delivery unsuccessful. Total BS!
    During the time recorded, they did deliver another parcel from Zhenjiang China but had decided to keep the bigger parcel for themselves.
    They then claimed there was no apartment number nor block number stated on the postal label, another BS
    I have concrete proof of double layer packaging with full legit address on each layer!
    They are stealing parcels...petty thieves!!!

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  • Ro
    Ronellet Feb 26, 2015

    I just faced similar situation earlier today.
    I heard door knocks so I went to get the door. But there was no one so I assumed I might have heard wrongly.
    Knowing I might received my parcel via speedpost from japan today so I went to check the status. And guess what, the status I saw earlier before the knock, has changed from courier delivery to unsuccessful delivery in just a few minutes' time.

    Hell ya immediately I realised that knock was from the deliveryman. Oh my goodness! just a plain minute walk to the door and the deliveryman was gone. I got pissed as there is no delivery note left behind to state anything as well.

    How on earth can the deliveryman not willing to even wait for a minute before he just go off like that? With obvious signs (all of my windows are wide open) to indicate there is someone at home. But hell, they don't even want to wait for a minute and just went off?! How the hell is it possible that I just stay by the side of the door whole day and wait? How will I know when the delivery time is when there is no timing indication???

    And hell is I have to call so many numbers to find someone in singpost to finally have at least a human picking up the call and answer me. Guess what the customer service said? Because it's of festive period so the deliveryman can't afford to wait for a minute which will affect the next deliveries so they just went off. WTH is with this answer?!!! And what they written in their facebook saying there is more deliverymen employed to speed up the delivery during festive period?! Which ghost have they hire for the job?

    Are they trying to imply this one minute of waiting equals to more deliveries can be done? Are you sure?! Do singpost dare to swear this one minute of waiting cannot beat the number of deliveries they can do in a minute?!! Hell as if! Now they not willing to redeliver and expect me to travel all the way down to post office to collect.

    Come on, in first place, it's not my fault that I am not by the side of the door when deliveryman came. Secondly, they don't even wish to wait for a minute or two for me to get to the door and they just went off. And unsuccessful delivery is due to customer's fault. What logic is that?!!! I can understand if the delivery failed due to no one home. But there is someone home the whole day yet they dare say no one available to accept the parcel??? Now they wasting my time with all these as well as the time I need to travel down to collect the parcel. And are they going to pay for these time I wasted for the reason that because deliveryman cannot afford to wait a minute for me to get to the door?

    I paid for the delivery charges ok! It's not free of charge. Why can't they just do a simple job at all??? What kind of delivery service is this? Where the hell is the improvement??? They don't bother to call me back to say what is the status and if redelivery is in midst to me but request me to keep checking the status online to see how it goes. What the hell is this? Are you saying this is the improvement singpost has done? Your reputation is already bad till max and now you just want to ensure it sinks down to the core of earth??!!

    Seriously, I have no faith in singpost since long time ago. Why on earth do we as the customers have to pay so much for just having you to do such a simple job yet you are not doing at all? Might as well just close down singpost. If you are so incompetent, just close down then. Don't waste others' time as well as the reputation of the delivery service in singapore!

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  • Ca
    cagalli83 Jun 14, 2015

    I encountered the same issue. They lied about delivering it to my address saying that no one answered the intercom. I told them my condo doesn't have an intercom! Then they rescheduled to deliver on Saturday morning - i waited the entire morning and even opened my door so that I can see the courier - no one came! I called their customer care hotline and the guy said the package is still in the warehouse! WTF?!?!?!? I wasted my entire Saturday morning for this!

    I then called on Monday and they said it's going to be delivered today! The reason they gave is that they don't have enough couriers last Saturday. WTF!?!?! In that case, don't promise to deliver if you cannot fulfill it!

    I just asked them to route to the PO so that I can personally collect it.

    Such liars and filthy disservice!

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  • Tr
    Trinitrophenol Jun 29, 2015

    Yet another very bad experience with speedpost.
    Was given a sms notice from taobao 4px that my item will arrive before 6pm (29th June 2015), waited at home till 4.50pm, called speedpost at 1800 222 5777. Was reassured that item will reach by 6pm.

    6++, item did not show up. Called again and was promised by CSO that item will be placed "priority" and delivered by 29th June.

    Waited till 10+, still no show. Double checked the item status online, "Delivery attempted, unsuccessful ; Delivery could not be completed as new address could not be located", did NOT receive missed delivery notice. Called hotline again, CSO can't give me any answers and was told speedpost will call me personally by 9am, 30th June 2015.

    Guess what? 9.30+, no one called me. Called hotline again, CSO "escalated" my matter to the "manager", told me due to lack of time, item was not delivered (different reason again), asked to self collect, said not able to. Asked when the item will be delivered, can't give me an answer, told me they would "call" me back in 1 hour . We shall see again.

    This is not the first time, I had at least 5-6 times bad experience with singpost / vpost/ speedpost. Phantom receivers, different excuses each time.(vehicle breakdown, weather, not enough time, etc) . No one bothered to call to inform either. From what I heard, they outsourced their call center to India (All my calls are handled by foreign sounding Indians) and the couriers are outsourced too, they don't bother whether the item is delivered or not as they get commission for every successful delivery and "attempted" delivery.

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  • An
    ANGEL06 Oct 13, 2015

    I just experienced a similar issue from singpost. Send them the below feedback: i called up your hotline today, 13 oct 2015, which was obviously routed to india's call-centre. Spoke to ayushi at 1pm requesting for 2hours express delivery as the item must reach my recipient by 5pm. While holding on for ayushi to do the booking which she said would cost me s$27, the line got cut off. I called back again and another indian consultant answered my call to tell me that ayushi will be calling me back in 10 mins which she did not and i had to call back again and this time a piyush answered and told me that ayushi has booked the courier for me at 1:53pm and that the dispatch should be reaching my place maximum by 6pm which i told him that i can't allow the collection to be done at 6pm because the recipient needs to receive the item by 5pm. At 3:50pm i called up again and this time a manish answered saying that the dispatch should have reached my place by 2 or 3pm which they did not. I had to call again at 4:40pm, and demanded to speak to an officer from singapore office and after a long hold and put through to ms. Jurainah. According to jurainah, it had stated in your system that the dispatch had indicated the item was already collected from me! i am truly disgusted by not only your company's poor service but also the lies you guys spin to save your ###!

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  • Ac
    AC Tan Oct 25, 2015

    When I realized 2 items from the same dealer whom I've purchase 4 goods from did not reach me, first thing i do were to check with the dealer incase they didn't sent it - but they did and proven by the receiving China's warehouse who arrange delivery to Singpost Singapore using DHL.

    I recalled the day when Speedpost send me a message in the morning informing about the same day delivery, I've waited whole day but no one turn up at my doorstep and it was a Sat. The next morning while I was out at around 10am, a delivery person call my handphone saying he's at my door.. I asked if he could come back in 10-15 mins, while I try to call someone at home sleeping to receive on my behalf, he quickly replied he will drop a note for me to pick up direct at the nearby Singpost..

    Monday I made a trip to Singpost around 5pm, failed to retrieve my package after the staff taking long time searching for it. And there's another guy waiting like me. We were told the package not there yet and both delivered by the same delivery person base on the wordings and signature on it. The other customer was very upset as this wasn't his first experience with Singpost with the same delivery person..

    Tuesday I received a call from the staff, and finally able to pick up my package. I did not open my package immediately as there are other things to settle at time. Thought this was happy ending until I've open the last box in the package and found 2 items were not there..

    Singpost should be more careful of who they are hiring to deliver goods.. Lost of goods is loosing trust to consumer. And I'm sure there're other options out there..

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  • Ai
    ainsley Nov 11, 2015

    I have a very very bad experience today with Speedpost. Please avoid using Speedpost if you can.
    I track my parcel and the status say delivered at 1215. I asked everyone in the house, nobody ever received my parcel. The parcel is delivered from Korea and it cost USD 500. That is a lot of money. I wondered where is my parcel gone? I really don't know what can I do since it say delivered in the status but it doesn't reach me. I tried to call the customer service, but they don't have the service which I can talk to a real person. I try to write them in email hopefully they reply. I am feeling really upset by their service. But seriously what can I do?! What kind of delivery service is this!

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  • Ma
    Mathan Kannan Dec 24, 2015

    I ordered a fake wooden sword online for usd$30 and it was supposed to reach 2 days ago but is still in processing facility. Please do not use singpost as you'll most probably will regret it

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  • Sh
    sharon tess Jan 04, 2016

    Ordered item from iherb. Item arrived 29 Dec 2015. Today is 4 Dec 2016. Called their Speedpost CS number-1800-222-5777. Went thru exactly the whole automated BS, and after several attempts, managed to get hold of a human being when punched # 0 . Spoke to, clearly, an indian CS guy (heavy accent). Gave the tracking number and then he kept asking for my name and contact number. I gave them and was made to hold then after for 2 mins or s. He then told me that I got the wrong department (he claimed he was from postal, not Speedpost) and that I needed to call 1605. But the automated system did identify as Speedpost!
    Called 1605, blah blah, got hold of another CS guy-indian again!. Same BS...told me I needed to call 1605...he is NOT Speedpost! WTF! I hung up..called again, 1605. Same BS different CS indian guy. This time when he asked for my name and number I demanded he connect me to Speedpost when again this CS said he was not Speedpost! He insisted that I needed to provide my name and number to proceed. When I questioned why he needed my name and contact since he wais NOT Speedpost, he claimed it was for reference purposes. I demanded he connect me to Speedpost immediately and to speak to his manager. He then calmly relented and made me hold for 2 mins. Then, the audacity. A voice came on, speaking slowly and with a "new" name, identified himself as Speedpost. I recognised his fake voice and questioned him if he was the SAME CS that I'd spoken before. He kept quiet and proceeded to ask for my name and contact again before he can proceed. I questioned his identity again and he kept quiet and asked for my name/contact again. I said never mind and hung up.

    Seems now they are hiring Fake Talent actors and impersonators to deceive customers. I'm not sure if I'll get my parcel (close to S$300) now given this circus. It's truly no wonder why we read the sudden departure of their FT Ang Mo CEO from SCAMpost. Must be a really s.h.i.t.t.y. organisation.

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  • Pa
    Paula Sivanandan Mar 06, 2016

    I too have experienced repeated failures from Speedpost. It is disappointing to see this stream run for three plus years and the mistakes be repeated over and over.

    Reference parcel CK034997470DE - the tracking shows that a delivery attempt was made 22/2/16 - however this was untrue and no notification was left at the delivery address. The parcel was instead simply sent to Ghim Moh post office without my knowledge. On 27/2/16 Ghim Moh reportedly sent the package to Paya Lebar without notifying me. On 29/2/16 a 'reminder' (although this was in fact the first contact I received) was placed in my mailbox advising that my parcel could be collected from Paya Lebar. As this is now the fourth instance of the failure to deliver a parcel or notify me that a parcel was being held for me at Ghim Moh, I visited the post office in an attempt to understand why Speedpost were not making deliveries correctly. Unfortunately, despite the help of the Manager at Ghim Moh, no one at Paya Lebar could locate my parcel, and I was promised a call back by a manager. Somewhat unsurprisingly, I did not receive a call from anyone at Speedpost, so called again on 4/3/16. Still my parcel could not be located, and again a manager promised a call back to confirm that the parcel had been found and would be returned to Ghim Moh for my collection. Again, no Speedpost employee attempted to call me.

    7/3/16 - After checking the tracking service online and finding that my parcel's location had still not been updated I again called Speedpost. I asked repeatedly to speak to a manager, and was denied this. Finally, I was assured that the parcel is still in Paya Lebar and despite a note on the file to indicate that a call was to have been made to me on 4/6/16 - no call was made. I will be going to Paya Lebar today 7/3/16 to attempt to locate my missing parcel.

    How typical of Speedpost that no manager is prepared to take responsibility for anything. No one will provide their names so each time you call the individual can pretend that this is an initial complaint. We the customers are paying a lot of money for dismal service. Seriously Singpost - deal with this organization-wide problem and take responsibility for your service. You may be a monopoly here, but look at the UK and US postal service experience - it didn't save them either. Fix your service of your customers will vote with this feet.

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  • Si
    SIng Caver Jun 19, 2017

    Singpost has very bad management totally lacking in creativity and not capable of improving and creating new services . There needs to be an investigation into the management structure of Singpost and the efficiency and creativity of the people in post . This lack of good management is why private delivery firms have made inroads into Singapore, which is a very small compact market .

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