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I had a whole page written but it was gone when I submitted it. That figures — that goes with sls. Sls is a bunch of crooks out to only make profits for themselves. Very unprofessional. Could care less about the person and helping the u.S. Economy. They took over my mortgage in jan 2019 and sls says I am behind more payments than I actually am. I am behind but not as many as they say. I send a payment every month certified - return - receipt so I have proof I mailed the payment. I was in the hospital 7 weeks in 12 months, lucky to be alive, medical bills over $300, 000.00. I built my home new in 1995 and plan to stay in it till I die. Sls is a very cold-hearted company. That's why the economy is in the shape it is because of company's like this and the president of the united states must know about companies like this. I pay almost $7.00 to mail my monthly payment to sls just so they can not say they didn't get my payment. Sls says they can not help. It's the lender's fault but says "they can't tell you who the lender is."
I retired from the general electric company (lamp division) with over 20 years of service and have life-time incomes, so they don't have to worry about getting payed.
If sls would think and do logical, sls would add the due payments on the end of the loan or the monthly payment be more to eventually get caught up and everyone would be happy, and sls do something more productive with wasted time and expense.
Sls probably contributes to causing a person having health problems because, I worry about my home all the time.

If anyone could help in anyway, it would be appreciated.
I hope everybody that is involved with sls has nothing but good things ahead of them. I have more I could say, but it is a waste of my time.
Help the american economy and the american citizens


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      May 01, 2019

    I received a letter from WF (Wells Fargo Home Mortgage) that SLS (Specialized Loan Servicing) would be handling my mortgage. When I received the welcome letter from SLS, I responded by making sure that they (SLS) had all my information required to keep my biweekly payments that I had setup with WF. Somehow something on the SLS end got messed up and I could not keep the biweekly payments without paying a month in advance. Being on a fixed income I had to set up a monthly payment that would work with my income. I was told that I would need to make my April payment because the auto draft would not start until May. On 04/15/2019 I made my payment online. On 04/18/2019 I was overdrawn in my checking account because SLS auto debited my account. I called and requested that they (SLS) return my money because I am on a fixed income. I was told that the money would be refunded within 24 to 48 hours. After several phone calls on 04/23/2019 I was told that it would take 7 to 10 business days and they didn’t know why anyone would have told my 24 to 48 hours and if I wanted my money back sooner I would have to escalate. I sent an email with all my information and a screen should from my banking app showing the double payment. I was informed that I needed a statement from my bank. I paid $10 for prof of double payment from my bank and emailed it. I spoke with someone with SLS who told me yet another lie that it would be 48 to 72 hours to get my money back. I called today 05/01/2019 and was told that my refund was ready to go but would not be released until 05/07/2019. Unexcitable! I requested a supervisor and A J came on the phone and told me that he would find out what was the hold up. How many people have been victim of this kind of BS? Why would WF use a company that has a really bad record for handling mortgages? There is a class action that was filed in California Oct of 2016. I have not found a good report for SLS.

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      May 03, 2019

    The employees at SLS are paid a bonus if they place you either in foreclosure or get you approved for a loan modification. How do I know this? While being recorded on the phone with SLS, the employee stated they receive an average of $50.00 in bonus money for what I mentioned in the above statements. If you want some action against this inept company, file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They are an arm of the federal government and will police financial industry and get results for the consumer.

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      Nov 08, 2019

    My loan was recently sold to SLS effective 11/01/2019. To date I have absolutely no idea where my payments are, where my mortgage information is. They have refused to give me a payoff quote stating that the records are not in there system yet. If the effective date was 11/01/2019 then all my records should be available to me at that time. I have been paying on my home for over 30 years now and only owe a couple of thousand on it and they will not let me pay it off. I have been put on hold multiple times only to have a recording come saying all representatives are in a meeting, please call back in 30 minutes. If you do get a rep they have no idea what is going on. I was on hold once for 30 minutes to only get that stupid message. When I finally did reach a human being they said they do that a lot when they do not have a supervisor available. I have had to get a lawyer to find out what is going on.

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