Specialized Loan Servicing [SLS]loan documents and no welcome packet


We have been sold to 2 additional Mortgage Companies after our closing on October 31st of 2019. We made 1 payment to Revolution Mortgage, then sold to Northpointe Morgage, which we never even got to make a payment to them. Then we get a letter 2 days before our New Mortgage Company is supposed to get payment within those 2 days, that we had been sold again!!!
Now, We have CMC Mortgage, but no welcome packet as of 12 days after due date, therefore no account number, which is what is absolutely necessary to make a payment to SLS..., Reading these horror stories from other lendees, we would like to get ahead of this ( what we see as a DISASTER IN THE MAKING), That is why we are ready to join this Class Action Lawsuit before we get foreclosed or have payment issues or any of the above complaints.
WE did do the following
1) Requested copies of all paperwork with signatures from 1st Lender
2) Same for the 2nd Lender
3) Have attempted to pay our mortgage to CMS online on the 1st of January 2020. But No Account Number, Cannot accept payment because Loan # will not suffice. So as you can see, we see trouble ahead and for our own Protection and the protection of our Forever Home WE are ready, able and VERY willing to start this process.
Phone Mark S. [protected] Email [protected]

Thank You and we look forward to hearing something soon !!!
Mark and Leslie S.

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