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Specialized Loan Servicingsls lies and refuses to respond to complaints

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After a year and a half of on time payments, I called to change my due date and was told my grace period was changed to the end of the month. The 2 months following SLS posted late fees on my account.

After writing to complain, SLS claims they told me I could send post-dated checks, and that they never agreed to change my grace period. This is a *lie*. I've challenged them to listen to the recording of my phone conversation, and they did not respond to that challenge.

Several months later, one of my 2 loans was transferred to another servicing company. This was not made clear at all; it seemed both loans were transferred. In error, I sent the new company both of my payments, before the due date.

After receiving a late notice on one of the loans from SLS, I mailed them proof that I had paid my mortgage on time, to the new company. In response to this letter, they simply returned copies of letters related to my previous complaint.

SLS did not respond at all to my letter, instead claimed they had addressed the complaint and considered the matter closed.

Do not trust anything this company tells you over the phone. Get things in writing if you can. This company is one of the worst I've ever dealt with.


  • Mi
    Mini_Bios May 03, 2019

    If you want help dealing with this inept and incompetent company, contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureua and state your complaint. They are an arm of the federal government that protects consumers for shady and underhanded procedures from financial institutions like banks and mortgage companies.

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  • Sa
    sam spader Dec 21, 2018

    SLS has a flawed administrative system. Their so-called managers are incompetent to say the least. Their phone system does not have extension numbers for their employees and therefore you will never talk to the same person twice. Their employees are very unhappy campers. If you ask the same question to three different employees, you will bet three different answers! The company is a joke! How the State of Colorado Attorney General's office permits this company to remain in business is beyond me?!

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  • De
    de kay Oct 19, 2012

    SLS is a bunch of LIARS. my HELOC was sold to them from GMAC and they SUCk.
    I have been trying to refinnance for over a year and filed a compliant with the BBB, but they closed my cased becasue SLS kept saying they mailed out the paperwork... which I NEVER RECEIVED.
    SLS is a bunch or thieves!! they should be put out of business

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  • Sy
    sylmarcowgirl May 03, 2011

    To all of you who have lost or are about to loose your home from SLS or Specialized Loan Servicing please please please take your complaint to the FBI. I did and they told me they are investigating SLS for foreclosure fraud. All you have to do is call the FBI and they will ask you a few questions and scxhedule a appointment to meet with a agent. Take all paperwork with you even if you dont think its important they will sift out what they want. Correction take copies because they keep them. If we all join in and figh along side with the FBI then maybe somthing can be done to get our homes back or put them in jail. As Americans we must fight for our rights that we have here in america. The FBI takes all complaints seriously and investigates them all. Dont wait the more complaints the faster they can help us all. GOD BLESS ALL OF US [email protected]

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  • Jo
    joke sls Oct 13, 2010

    I hate sls!!! i call asked to speak to there boss, after days of agruing with people that cant even speak english. I get this one guy on the phone that i laughted at he tries to get smart by saying this isnt a funny sitution, sfs is a joke! now there saying they cant even send me a monthy bill, but if i dont sent them a payment. They dont wait to mail out forecloser papers. how do i get my loan out of there hands ???? help !!!

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  • Ce
    ceeceevee Aug 05, 2010

    Here's an interesting complaint, we have a loan through SLS (cause they bought it from someone else), and in Feb of this year, they changed our mailing address to some place we've never lived, then in March they changed it again to my husbands Dad's address (where they get this from is beyond me) So I call and tell them that they need to change it BACK to the house address, and the response is...No one but my husband can make changes to the mailing address (in both our names). Who the heck changed it in the first and second place and why am I not authorized to change it to the correct address...I think its got to do with if we don't get our mail, we probably will pay late...well guess what, I don't need a bill to know when my mortgage payment is due and it gets paid every month, no matter where you send the mail too!

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  • Fo
    foreclosurejustice Dec 15, 2009

    I'm truly sorry to hear all these stories. My parents house of 25 years and with more than $200k of equity built up was just auctioned by good quality loan after a quick 3 months period of sending letters that threaten to foreclose etc. After 3 months they filed a notice of default for $7k. Apparently Good Quality Loan represented the mortgage lender but they didn't send any notification out stating so. Does that mean that anyone can go and file a notice of default and sell your house just like that when you refuse to sign paperwork they send trying to force people to get modification loans and make other types of payment arrangements? How can anyone tell a scam from a non scam? Someone dropped a handwritten note at my parents house saying they had to leave in 3 days. We don't know if they house was truly sold, or for how much or anything. This has got to stop, these companies should not be allowed to get away with all this and ruin people's lives (My parents are in their 70's and this is just happening a few days before Christmas). Where can one go and make formal complaints to the goverment and other cosumer defense organizations to get help to stop all this? Good quality loan, Washington Mutual and CHASE suck big time and I truly hope the other two that haven't gone under yet fall flat on their face soon and are forced to remedy all this violations of consumer law and foreclosure laws. If anyone knows where we can start a move/petition or whatever it takes to raise awareness and stop all this please post it here so we can all help.

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  • Sl
    sls sux Nov 14, 2009

    I also had a HELLO letter as GMAC sold my mortgage to SLS. It has not even been 12 days since this loan company has owned this mortgage and they are trying to charge me late penalty fees, higher interest, and report my delinquency to the credit bureaus! THIS COMPANY IS A FRADULENT COMPANY THAT IS TRYING TO SCAM HONEST PEOPLE. Anyone who has their mortgage sold, or transferred has 60 days to not be considered late but not with SLS!!! By the way, SLS is just a servicing company they do not own my mortgage, therefore they are like the middle man and they think they can get away with anything they want including taking a bigger piece of the pie such as increasing my interest rate, charging me a 5% penalty fee and reporting me to the credit bureaus be cause I was 10 days late on a loan that transferred 11 days ago. Good luck with your future endeavors SLS!!!

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  • Ci
    cindy Jul 23, 2009

    I became disabled last year, my husband lost his job, thus our insurance. We tried for awhile to pay for cobra but that was ridiculous. Our home loan is with SLS.
    They began foreclosure and refused to speak to us at all.
    SLS hired another company called Quality Loan Service to do the foreclosure.
    My husband is back to work although making less money and we still have no health insurance.

    We tried to hire an attorney who took our case to stop the foreclosure or postpone so we could try to straighten this mess out.
    Well we just had our retainer returned from the attorney with a note that stated " The success rate of litagation is not very high & there is a great deal of case law research, requesting of documents, & the necessity to file litigation."
    This attorney as well as others we have spoken to seem to think that the loan companys create so much excess work to stop the foreclosures that its just not worth the trouble because ultimatelty they get the foreclosure done anyway.

    I give up. Our taxes were given to the banks for baleouts to help people and I just am not seeing it.
    In fact, the foreclosure rate in my state of AZ has gone up.
    We tried eveything we could to work with SLS to no avail, so we will lose our home next month in August.

    Thanks SLS and all the other blood sucking servicing loan companys out there.

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  • Gr
    Grmn Jul 08, 2009

    Be sure to file a complaint with the FTC at:

    Also, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau:

    In my case, Specialized Loan servicing has made reporting errors to the credit bureaus 3 times. They should not continue to maliciously wreak havoc on consumer credit scores without reason.

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  • Ph
    philippe Jun 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I lost my full time job 2 months a go, so i did apply for loan
    modification with my mortgage ( SPECIALIZED LOAN SERVICING LLC )
    my int/rate is 9.25 % they just told me today that I was denied
    because I am not working .
    115.00 )
    IT'S ...

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  • Ci
    cindy May 01, 2009

    My husband and I have been going through the same thing as you did with SLS. They don't mail you paperwork, tell you anything over the phone, (they pass your call from one person to another so you have top repeat your situation so many times you could scream) and you still get nowhere.

    We will probably have to retain an attorney. I am completly fed up with SLS and their sneaky and possibly illegal practices.

    SLS is THE worst!

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  • Ra
    Raquel Apr 07, 2009

    My current mortgage is being "handled" by SLS, and I strongly agree that they are scammers and liars. I recently did a loan modification to avoid foreclosure. I called to ask for a copy of the loan mod docs signed by them. They tried to give me a story that the signed documents are for their internal purposes only. I had to push and tell them that the agreement is only valid if both parties sign it, and that I need the signed copy for my records. Ten minutes of pulling teeth with some idiot before she emailed it to me.

    Here's the best part. My first statement after the loan mod has the new payment, along with another $400 in fees that they tacked on. One of the fees being the loan mod fee I paid at the time the modification was done! The escrow payment that was supposed to be included is not. They are also trying to add on interest and late fees. These were supposed to be included in the loan modification, now they're saying it wasn't. When I asked about the escrow payment, they said that because they just did the modification, they didn't have time to include all the details. But you have time to add on erroneous fees??? When I asked to have the person who handled my account call me back, the rep said "what is it exactly that you don't understand? you're not going to get that waived or removed!". I told her that I would let a judge decide that. It took everything in me not to curse her out. I'm seriously thinking about starting a movement to either eliminate or heavily regulate loan servicing companies. SLS is the absolute worst.

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  • Ta
    tatooine Feb 20, 2009

    Completely agree. They are a terrible company, like an extortion racket. We had our HELOC sold to them. We were trying to pay off the balance, but were told that we'd have to wait 10 business days for the payoff statement to arrive (all of course, with interest accruing), then another few days (with more interest accruing, of course) for the wire transfer to "process". All said, they took us for several hundred. Then.. they have a yearly feel of $75 to keep the paid of HELOC open, which, OK, we could still use it if we needed it. Then, in November last year, the 'froze' the line, so we could no longer use it. We were told that we'd have to keep paying the $75 to keep it open, or we could pay $500 to close it all out.

    What a bunch of scammers. Beware.

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  • Lo
    Lori Wood Oct 01, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @tatooine I need your help, PLEASE! This company Specialized Loan Services, has been such a nightmare since they took over my second mortgage in Sept 2016. Please email me at [email protected], Thank you, Lori Wood.

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  • Re
    Realty Mediation Services Jun 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with everyone on this comment board and I am so sorry to hear about all the trouble that you are all having. This is the reason I started my company. I have helped several people that have mortgages with ASC, Countrywide, and other mortgage companies that don't seem to care if they harass people or suck them dry. The comments I have heard are along the lines of trying to get blood from a stone or turnip, or something like that.

    I have a service that actually will take you out of the loop of contact with ASC, or Countrywide or whomever you have servicing your loan. All you have to do is tell me how we can help you. By that I mean, tell us what you are looking for us to do for you and we will pursue the help that you want, no matter what. We have all aspects of the mortgage business covered from being a mortgage mediation company, a title company, a real estate company, all the way to having access to attorneys for litigation or help to avoid foreclosure. No aspect of help is turned away.

    Let me tell you, most of the customers that I deal with have told me about the fear and the frustration of working with mortgage companies that don't seem to care or give them the runaround. To be totally fair, mortgage companies have their ways of dealing with people. Some are good, some are horrible. But one thing all mortgage companies love is being vague. When they are vague, they don't have to give you information until you ASK for it. How does that help you? How can you try to save your home if you don't know how to ask the right questions?

    That’s another reason why I created this company. I take your number out of their "system". When they mail you something, it goes to me. I take the burden away from you so you can live your life without the phone calls and the letters. And the rudeness!!! Oh, man, if I told you some of the stories I have heard...let's just say, it’s not pretty.

    I know that some people are going to look at this comment and go, this guy is trying to drum up business. Well, you're right. But here's the kicker. I used to work in mortgage collections. I used to make the phone calls and send the letters. I used to work around the people that make your lives hell. And I kept asking myself, why? Why are these people not being told about the help that’s readily available? Why are these people not being helped to make payment arrangements that are realistic? Why does this company care more about the money than about customer service when that is supposed to be their primary objective?

    That's why I got out. I can not stand collections. Just because they are hiding behind a company name they think that they can say anything or act anyway they like with the customers, being friendly with one and the next 40-50 they can treat like crap. Where is the customer service?

    I take all that frustration away from you and create solutions that work. I know that it may be hard to swallow, but I do. I have done it for several people. And I can do it for you too. If you want more specifics or just want to talk to me, call my office at [protected] and check out the website, which is being updated with a few new options available. And this isn't just for people facing foreclosure, people that are current and want to pay off their home early, call me. I can and will help as many people as I am able to. What have you got to lose? Website address is if not for you, best of luck. In all your endeavors.

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  • Lo
    Lori Wood Oct 02, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Realty Mediation Services Please, I need your help! SLS took over my account from Citifiancial, last year and I have had nothing but trouble with them. They are always posting my payments as late and when I ask for a summary of payments they keep saying that they mailed it, but I never received anything. Because of them, I just lost out of refinancing my home. And all of the very scary comments on the compaint board have me scared to death that they are going to take my home from me. Please help me, thank you, Lori Wood.

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