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I have a loyalty card for the Sorbet chain of nail and beauty stores. I accumulated enough points to be given a complimentary voucher for a 'Deluxe Mani and Pedi'. I booked this for Fri Sept 18th at 5pm. On Thursday 17th I was called by Laura to say that they could not accommodate this appointment & could I come Sat 19th at 2pm? I had to re-shuffle my diary to accommodate this appointment. On Saturday I arrived at Sorbet, the Wedge, on time. I was kept waiting for 25 minutes. I asked for a french mani and pedi and was told that I need to pay in extra (R90) even though I had a complimentary voucher, which says nothing about paying in extra. Anyway, I paid the extra R90 and proceeded with the treatment. Firstly, a full mani and pedi took only 45 minutes. I've been for many mani's & pedi's and none were as rushed. Secondly, my nail polish started peeling off the very next morning. It lasted less than 18 hours. Shocking! I will not be visiting Sorbet again.


  • Zo
    Zoops Feb 14, 2016

    I have just had a shocking experience at Sorbet Hillcrest. I live in Hillcrest but prefer to go to the sorbet branch at Gateway. This is due to the unprofessional
    Service in the Hillcrest branch. You always associate sorbet with quality. I visit sorbet branches in Jhb and PE as well, Hillcrest is not a good brand Stewart for this company.
    My daughter booked me at the Hillcrest branch. I have just been subjected to the most humiliating experience and I walk out. I would really appreciate it if someone from Sorbet could contact me. This is so unprofessional.

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  • Ri
    Ritzia Dec 15, 2016

    Sorbet service is going down the tubes! I want my money back!

    The service and quality from Sorbet is getting gradually worse – and I have now had enough.
    I visited the Sorbet closest to me in October for a mani & pedi – my hands and feet were not even soaked, but the ladies proceeded to rush through the gellish mani, pedi – only to find that it started peeling within 2 days.
    Nonetheless – I was irritated, given I had paid full price, but was too busy to lodge a complaint.

    Today – enough is enough and I want my money back immediately. I had an R750 odd voucher, and had seen the marketing for the keratin treatment with 20% off products and decided to go to my nearest Sorbet Drybar in Sandton Athol square. Worst mistake of my life. I told the ladies that I have natural curly hair which I love – but gets bad frizz, and DO NOT want to lose my curls. Simply soften the frizz and make it manageable and easier to straighten. At first they didn’t know what the hell to do and were debating which product would work.. I got a bit worried, but calmed down when they recommended the Plastica, which they guaranteed would not make me lose any curl, but would help define it. Nonetheless, when the treatment was over – it looked as though all of my curl was gone… Even though the hair was soft. I was concerned.
    But the bigger issue came in when I went to pay for my treatment (as well as R1300 worth of hair products recommended by the stylist) – I advise a very rude lady with no people skills, named FIFI that I have a voucher I would like to use and will pay in the difference for the balance. This lady in my opinion has no business working in the beauty industry, and should be fired. She firstly looked annoyed, was extremely rude and has no people skills whatsoever. She then had the audacity to tell me I cant use my voucher at the store because I didn’t bring my card. I lost it and told herit was never a problem at other branches as the details are all linked to my cellphone number. She then said I must go sit in the corner and she will phone the head office. The lady at head office was “on lunch” and I am busy waiting there for 25-30 minutes. Eventually they sorted it out – but I am absolutely angry . Then to make things worse – the products the stylist sold to me for curly hair were full price and there was no 20% discount as advertised. So I was lured into this treatment, which might have damaged my hair – under false pretences. I am absolutely fuming and want a full refund for this awful treatment and service. Needless to say unless there is clear feedback and action from management –and I mean head office, as well as feedback on how this rude FIFI individual will be dealt with. I will never ever return to another Sorbet again, the service has become a joke – and to make it worse while I was having my hair washed, there were two works sleeping in the chairs next to me!

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  • Ho
    Holly Jade Petersen Sep 20, 2018

    Bad attitude. Bad atmosphere. Had to wait for hair to get washed while Sorbet staff member got hers washed. This place is disgusting! what a shame! won't be back! Perhaps a manager is needed in this place to prevent staff members sitting around on their phones!! Shocking!!

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  • Ti
    Tinah2018 Nov 20, 2018

    Sorbet Man offers clients a range of beverages, which include Whiskey and beer. Some Sorbet nail bars insist on only offering tea and coffee. It's as though men can have alcoholic beverages and women can't? It portrays the brand as mysogynistic.

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  • De
    Debash Feb 12, 2019

    i bought the quick dry nail polish spray... used it following the instructions..

    only to find the nail polish still smushed after 30 min I'm unhappy with the product... its not cheap...
    and now i have waisted my money

    I'm a sorbe client and always do my nail with them... but this product does not work at all my email [email protected] .. ...

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  • Ya
    Yaya943 Mar 11, 2019

    i have done my nails there on Saturday the 02March 2019 on Monday already the nails had gaps like they need to be filled up, the very poor, shape is not the same acrylic was applied unEven like it was done by some sort of amateur. I AM NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!! definately not wat i paid up for 😭😭💔💔💔💔

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  • Gu
    Gundo Mariba Aug 19, 2019

    I did my nails on the 8th of August and now the gel is pilling off and cracking, m so disappointed 😔

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  • El
    Elizabeth Diederichs Aug 25, 2019

    Good afternoon to the Customer Complaints of the Sorbet Group

    I have noticed that there are 99 complaints against numerous Sorbet outlets. None of the e-mails and/or complaints that were posted had a reply from Sorbet Group. This in itself is extremely disconcerting, to say the least.

    I am posting my complaint here, none the less, just to have it recorded, should any person at Sorbet Group take enough interest in reading the complaint and maybe do something about it.

    My daughter and I are regulars at the Groenkloof Sorbet (Pretoria). We do gellish and biosculpture on our nails and have a quickie with paint done on our toenails. We have been going to the same Sorbet (Groenkloof in Pretoria) for years now and every one of the therapists know us by name and even recognise our voices when we call to make an appointment (every two weeks)

    The therapists are extremely friendly and they are very accommodating.

    The owner of the Groenkloof Sorbet (Pretoria, Julia Kukard, however does not seem to take the time and/or interest to know the clients and/or whether or not they are regulars.

    Today, 25 August 2019, my daughter and I had appointments made. We usually go together, but due to the fact that we use the same technician/therapist, the time spent on doing our nails become too long and therefore we booked our appointments at different times for today. The booking was telephonically made by my daughter on 21 August 2019. The appointment was made for specific therapists (one for the finger nails and one for the toe nails) at a specific time.

    We are always there on time and we do not let our therapists wait for us, we know which colours we want and we do not waste time with taking our time to decide on which colour to choose.

    Mrs Kukard was at the store when I arrived for my appointment at 12h30 today. She did not greet me at first eventhough I was greeted friendly and by name by the receptionist. She introduced herself to me, when she overheard my comment that it seems as if the therapist that I booked with is still very busy. I enquired from the receptionist whether my treatment will still take an hour, having regard to the fact that both the therapists that I was booked with was busy with other clients. (This was at 12h30 the time of my appointment) I then indicated that maybe I should first go and do my shopping and then come back when the therapists are free.

    At that stage Mrs Kukard introduced herself to me, I hasten to add for the 4th (fourth) time, as she has previously (on four seperate occasions) introduced herself. We have even spoken telephonically when I lodged a complaint shortly after Mrs Kukard took over ownership of the Groenkloof Sorbet (Pretoria).

    Mrs Kukard decided that my nails should be soaked off by a trainee (who got 100%) whilst I wait for my therapist to be free. Mrs Kukard could clearly see that I was not happy with the arrangement, but kept on trying to convince me that I am now in good hands.

    I phoned my daughter and informed her of this and also indicated to her that this will be the last time that I will be going to the Groenkloof Sorbet (Pretoria). This prompted her to call the shop and cancel her appointment which would have been just after mine, for the same treatment.

    I left Groenkloof Sorbet after my nails were soaked off and my therapist has filed and painted my finger nails. I decided not to do the gellish/biosculpture on my nails as I have decided not to go back. During the whole time the therapist who was booked for my toe nails was busy with other clients.

    I find this totally unacceptable and I asked the therapist and the receptionist to convey my unhappiness to Mrs Kukard. I also informed them that I will call her myself as well. The owner of this store has cost her therapists money.

    The receptionist informed me that Sorbet's rule is that if the customer is unhappy with the treatment, they do not have to pay. This however will reflect on the therapist, who did not do anything wrong, as I was very happy with her treatment. I told the receptionist this and insisted that I will pay for my treatment (soak and paint of my finger nails)

    Mrs Kukard phoned me and she told me that she "accommodated" me because the therapist was busy and she heard that I was in a hurry.

    I did not need accommodation, I had an appointment, which was made 4 (four) days prior. Because I was there on time, my therapists should have been ready and waiting for me and not have been busy with other clients who were accommodated by the owner, Mrs Kukard.

    Mrs Kukard informed me that she was head of Customer Services at a Bank, having worked at a Bank for 30 years. I informed her that she could then clearly not read her customers, due to the fact that she should have known that I was a regular and that I am very specific in the therapists that I allow to work on my nails. "Accommodation, by allowing a trainee to file my nails and soak it", instead of letting the trainee paint the other walk in customer's nails, is in my view not a very good business decision.

    Mrs Kukard has lost at least 2 (two) regular clients by doing this. She has furthermore prejudiced her therapists because they have lost out on the cost of the treatment which I booked.

    Mrs Kukard does not want to acknowledge the fact that she, the owner, is to blame, but she places the blame on the therapist for my "bad experience" and want to offer me a free treatment the next time I have an appointment.

    I informed Mrs Kukard that there will not be a next time as I have repeatedly said. I will not be going back to Groenkloof Sorbet (Pretoria) and neither will my daughter. She has lost two regular clients in a time when the economy is not the best. I also informed her that I personally know other clients of Groenkloof Sorbet (Pretoria) and that I have no other option but to convey my experience with the owner to them.

    Sorbet Group should further realize that there are many therapists and other nail bars in the vicinity and I do not need to go to Sorbet at all.


    Elizabeth Diederichs

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  • La
    LauretteF Sep 15, 2019

    Made an appointment at 14:15, after more that 50min, I still wasn't assisted. People who came in a whole while after me was assisted before me.

    I got up and left...will look for a different beauty salon in the future.

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  • De
    Deborah Tshehledi Dec 26, 2019

    was at Sorbet East gate on Friday the 13th of December my appointment was for 5 PM and the Lady who Waxed actually burnt me:(
    am not sure if she is qualified to wax and tint as i have done it before at Mall of Africa and never experienced burns.

    now i have to cover my face with makeup due to the damage on my face

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  • Ka
    katlego mosekwa Feb 02, 2020

    The ladies at sorbet blue hills are never friendly when you a walk in client they always reluctant to assist and you will visibly see the technicians sitting with nothing to do and yet you get no service or have to force service m.

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