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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Video Rentals fail to download/No Refunds!

Recently tried to rent a movie from the Playstation network on my PS3.
It would only download to just shy of 2GB and then stopped.
I tried a laundry list of things on my PS3 and my home internet connection, everything else downloaded just fine with the exception of the movie. This was not an issue of speed as the first 2GB downloaded very quickly but then just stopped.

Called Sony to ask for a refund since we were never able to watch the entire movie since it won't download and they refused and then hung up on me!
Apparently the no refund policy is in the user agreement when you join the Playstation Network.

That sort of policy seems very anti-consumer, we are not talking about a $60 game here but a $6 HD rental. This is not a slow download issue or a lack of connection speed, this appears to be a broken/not working download and instead of being interested in looking into it further and making the customer happy they wanted to berate me on the phone while treating me like a complete idiot and then hanging up on me. I was not yelling or being mean to the customer service rep in anyway when he hung up on me, we were just discussing the situation.

Sony support did suggest that I should download the rental on my computer and then copy it to my PS3 however I failed to see how that would fix anything since the download just stops at around 30%. My partial reference number and date created is below. Additionally they did not even respond to my request for service until Tuesday and the problem occurred and was submitted to them on Saturday evening.

Question Reference #091024-xxxxxx
Product Level 1: PlayStation Network
Category Level 1: Video Download Service
Date Created: 10/24/2009 08:25 PM
Updated: 10/27/2009 04:16 PM
Status: Closed

Resolved Faulty Product

Bought a Sony MP3 walkman NWZ-W202 from Reliance Digital Gurgaon.
After 3-4 days it stopped working, I gave it back to the reliance store, they said that they will forward it to Sony Service center. After 2 weeks they come up saying that although the product is in warranty period but as their is rust on the usb port they will charge for repair. The problem reported with this product all over world, that it malfunctioned due to moisture/sweat. The product is designed for workout so how one will avoid sweat during workout. Sony is replacing this globally but in India they are charging for repair, it seems Sony has dumped this product to India. I am still doing follow up with Sony and reliance.

  • Ve
    venkata ratnam Nov 04, 2009

    I also bought the same 0n 24/10/09 from sony showroom, ultadanga, kolkata.after 5 days of usage it had stopped working completely.I have sent it to the showroom.they asked me to send it to service centre.I went to service centre again they asked me to send the same to the company.I think this is a big fraud on the public by a famous(infamous) company.I will never again use any sony product.

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  • El
    ellisd1955 Jun 15, 2010

    I bought the same less than a year ago. It just stopped working. Won't charge and won't turn on. Sony will exchange it for a refurbished one for $52.00. Then I saw on their web site they were selling refurbished ones for $39.00. This company is out to rip you off. I'm done with Sony products.

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  • El
    ellisd1955 Jun 15, 2010

    Right on!

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Worst product

Dear Sir,
well after meeting the shop keeper, service center am now forced to write it to you!!
There are many problems in my new W395 sony ericson cell!!
Problems are as--
1) The cell shows that its working but when any person calls it tells that its SWITCHED OFF. This often happens if I dont call or msg or receive any thing for 3-4 hrs!! Shopkeeper told about a setting but I reinstalled the software and the problem has arrised again.

2)Phone memory for messages is only 90 messages!! When any more message arrive it saves msg to sim memory and finally no more msgs can be received!!

These are very big problems and I need a solution as soon as possible...

Service centre & customer care

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I purchased Sony Ericsson 550i model & it works very good for 2years.

One day it's screen get white & there are no functions other than alarm.

So i submitted my cell in Sony ericsson service centre in KUKATPALLY Hyderabad S. V. Communication . The Concerned person is told that Estimate Amt is Rs. 1350/- .

But i done one mistake that i told him if the charges are more pl call me or stop repairing. But he done same thing, after 4-5 days when i am gone for delivery he is telling that some other problems are also there & the estimate amt is Rs. 3800/-

So we are blindly give the money whatever the service center is telling, even if he change the original parts & put old parts.

Then i am told that person that u give me new estimate amt & phone status but he is not agree to give.

Sir, i am really telling u that i am staying one hr i saw more than 5 to 6 same type of complaints. That center decreases the reputation sony ericsson very very fast.

I am try to talk with customer care but they are doing the same thing, they trying time pass, they are telling they transfer the phone but it didn't even after 5mins and if we are disconnect & connect again new person is lifting the phone & he stated form start...

So please look in to the matter, give me justice .
If i am not getting justice i will go to media & i get justice at any cost .

sanjay bhosale
Arch Pharma

Resolved Improper Customer Service

I had purchased a Sony-Ericsson T700i on 25/02/2009 from 'PARAGON Dept. Stores, Naupada, Gokhale Rd., Thane (w).
Bill no.:BC0041904
Price: Rs.11350/-
IMEI no. of the phone: [protected]
After 8-10 days i realised that its BLUETOOTH wasnt working. It was a manufacturing defect and i came to know about it only when i used the application. I visited the sony-ericsson service station in Thane on 14/03/2009. They asked me to deposit the phone and told me that they would call me later when it was fixed.

F11, 1st Floor ETERNITY MALL,
THANE (W)- 400602
Ph: [protected]

I asked for a replacement and he replied that they would have given one only if i had came on the very next day of purchase. I argued as i had discovered the problem only after 8-10 days, till then i had not used the BLUETOOTH application. They called me after some days and told me that the cell needs to be sent to the head office in Mumbai. After that they did not bother to call. When i used to call them up all they used to say was "phone is with the head office".
I waited for almost 2 months and I finally got the delivery of the same piece on 12/05/2009. Chip inside it had been replaced and the new IMEI no was: [protected].
When i asked the reason for the problem he said it was because of "VIRUSES" although it was a manufacturing defect and i did not get a replacement.

After a month i discovered a new problem. Its LOUDSPEAKER used to give 'CRACKING' sound. I again reported it to the same service centre. They updated the software and gave it back to me after a day. I discovered that the problem was still there and again went to the service station and
I deposited the phone again on 30/06/2009. When asked about the problem he answered "VIRUSES". It was again sent to the head office in Mumbai and i got the phone back after a month on 27/07/2009. Its chip was again replaced and the new IMEI no was: [protected]. When i took the delivery i experienced that there was some problem with my keypad. I asked him about it, and he replied that keypad was replaced and because it was new it was hard to push and i would turn normal after some use.

After a month or so i discovered yet another problem. The phone used to format on its own, flushing out all the contacts & messages. The problem was not so severe and so i did not report it to the service station. on 10/10/2009 I found that the phone kept on restarting on its own at short intervals of time. I reported it to the same service centre and i deposited the phone and i also asked to fix the keypad. On the very next day i got the delivery of the phone. They had updated the software and had 'not' fixed the keypad. Reason for not fixing: It does not come under warranty!

On 17/10/2009 i discovered yet another new problem. Now the cell starts but its always in the search mode and is unable to detect the network. The problem still persists and i am fed up the service station. This is enough so I am writing this to you.

Apart from this the person at the service station is 'arrogant' and 'ill mannered'. When i asked him to give all the details of job done on phone in writing to approach the CONSUMER COURT, he refused to give me any details. I wonder how would viruses damage hardware!

Phone is still under warranty. Not only they have messed with keypad but also scratched my phone during dissecting it. It has been a horrible experience as i havent used the phone for even 3 months after purchase.
Please look into the matter at the earliest and do the needful.

I wish to get back my money i spent on the phone, if not money I wish the piece to be replaced at the earliest.
The warranty is valid only till 24/02/2010. If needed i can send you job sheets(2) of work done on my phone and the phone bill.

Address: A/1 Ganesh Bhavan, Noori Baba Rd., Nr. Makhmali Talao, Thane (W)
Pincode: 400601
Email ID: [protected]
Ph: [protected]

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Resolved Non supply of HPM-62

Der Sir,
I have applied for Sony Ericson's Product HPM-62 in their Sony care centre on 7/10/09 and they updated on their website on their that my product has been sent to the concerned complaint centre but till today i did'nt receive my product when i enquire on telephone from Manjit Singh, their store keeper he speaks wery rudely and says company is mad it can update everything on to your on.their address is RT-Chandigarh, SCO.No.23, Sector-18, Chd-160034.and website no. is

Resolved DVDs are erased by recorder

I have recorded many TV programs with my Sony DVD recorder, model RDR-GXD455 (RDRGXD455). I hoped to have them for a long time. However, with this recorder a long time is about three weeks. That's about how long I can go with a DVD that is full of favorite TV shows before the Sony recorder erases the entire disk. When I check the menu to see what is on the DVD, the message says “There is no title” and there is nothing on the DVD. The player finalizes the disk too. There is no way to unfinalize the DVD either. At that point I have to reformat the DVD and start all over. I have lost about seventy programs on four DVDs so far, and the number keeps climbing. I am constantly loosing recorded DVD content to an unwanted DVD erasure. If I hadn't bought it so long ago, I would return it. I need to look for my receipt in case it has a one-year warranty on parts and labor. I can’t remember exactly when I bought it at Best Buy in Tempe, Arizona. I would look for another brand if you are buying a DVD recorder.

Resolved comsumer department/ repairs

8-25-09 Sixth Ave Electronics came to my house picked up my 32" HD LCD Sony Bravia model: KDL-32L4000 serial: 6064542 Claim # Work Number W03NMD . Today 11/09/09 Still no Tv Called at least 10 or more times keep telling me waiting for another part 3 times now I hear a part is out of stock for another part. I took out a warrenty if they can 't repair I should get a replacement TV. I believe I am getting the run around. Please help me. I called the store said would leave a message for the manager to call me about my TV Nobody called Please help me the phone number for the repair shop in N J [protected] EXt 8709 Speak to Carol. My name is Linda Faith [protected] don't know how to attach photo ..

Resolved Hardware issues

Hundreds of people have complained about the cracks on these phones appearind due to poor design. I have had 3 Xperia X1 and 1 X1a and they all had the same crack on the side of the battery cover on the right side of the phone. Hundreds of people have complained in this website and others. Is there anything we can do about it? Have them recall the product, or fix it?

Resolved Lack of transparency International Warranty

I purchased a Sony ICD-UX80 digital recorder in Jan 2009 from Visiting family in Melbourne and...


I have received a e mail stating that my mobile no has been selected in promotional oofer for a prize money of 500 000 pounds and asked to send courier charges of 750pounds.

Let me know is it true or fraud

  • Co
    coolpare Nov 06, 2009

    sounds odd to me. I also received the same text message stating that i've won 650k euros...but come to think of did i win that coz I haven't joined anything to win that money...not that i know of atleast. my advice is if just wait a bit longer and i'm pretty sure it reveal itself if its fraud or not... more likely its fraud.

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Resolved Very poor after sales service

I wish I had gone through this site before buying a Sony Vaio. I have a FZ15 G which lost its graphic card for some reason. Sony service centre (Kanpur) kept it for a month and every day gave a different response -- They had no clue whatsoever of what the company intended to do. Only after I called up a regional manager did they call me back and say that they were unable to process the service as it was outside warranty. agreed and i would have maybe paid for the service but these guys informed me within two days after i had deposited the laptop that it was a manufacturing defect and it was the company's responsibility to do the repairs!!! Double speak and plain and simple disinterest -- India hai bhai sab chalega! Sony has definitely lost a loyal customer. I would never ever buy or recommend any of their products when others are available for nearly half the price and have found them to be much better in responding to complaints.

  • Ni
    Niel123 Sep 29, 2009







    1 Votes
  • Sa
    S A Dec 05, 2009

    Update on my complaint.
    The service centre called back and replaced the mother board free of charge. I was made to feel as if a big favour was done-- heck just a visit to the notebook site and it tells you the notebook has had problems with nvidia gpu- warranty extended to 3 years and it is just short of a recall. So SONY India what took you so long to decide specially after refusing to entertain me and returning my notebook in the first place when the company policy and statements differ! It stinks and I still feel the same about the after sales service!

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Resolved Network Problem, Camara, stupid Sofware

i posted my complaint and i forgot to say that i am working in an affiliate market services and i know what to do if i did not get my mobile replaced with new one i will raise a tocken in ripoff and spamer sites then you sony erricson guys will realise your online business will be lost if i did not get my responce this will be happned i am really fedup off your services center people and this is my last trial if i am not getting any replacement then i am sure i will be doing what i said

hope you will not make me to do thats


  • Pr
    Praneeth03 Sep 24, 2009

    Hello Sir,

    well i am praneeth purchased a new w580i mobile in the month of june2009, i am very disappointed with the mobile its not working properly more over the services center people are very stupids they even dint solve the problem what ever the problem is they just tell that software is corrupted and need to install software my question is how many times i should keep updating this bleady software till now i gave my mobile thrice to service center people and they took 3 to 4 days and gave me return no use problems are camera picture is blurred and the video is very worst that ever i saw in mobiles " totally blocks " and network problem when i dial the number and make call it will go but i cant not here the sound from the other end and sure the money will be deducted what the bleady software is this and when receive any call it shows a error code clip hired sum thing els i did not expect this from such a big organization

    i need response from your end i request you to change my mobile and do favor for me


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Resolved Bad post sale service

I had purchased a mobile (W395) on 4 Sept 2009 from Reliance Digital, Sipra Mall, Ghaziabad. Purpose to purchase the mobile to get the call from interviewer as my company was going to bind up its business and i was desperately in need of getting job calls. On 3th day after purchasing this mobile, display problem was started to come and on 7th day, its display had been totally gone. I gave it to a service center namely Neeru Enterprises, B1/38, Sector 18, Noida on 12th of sept 2009. They promised me to give it back to me within a week time and advised me to call on wednesday i.e. 16.09.2009 to know the status. I called them up and got the news that they were waiting for the parts from the company and asked for one week time again. I again called them yesterday i.e. on 23.09.09 and found that required part are yet to be received. They again demanded more time of 4-5 days.

I had purchased this mobile for my purpose as my company can give me the notice period of 2 days at any time and I am still wandering for a mobile. but this mobile is being kept with the company for long time than me.

So anyone is there to listen the plea of the consumer, is requested to please look into the matter on urgent basis and do the needful as I am desperately in need of this instument and cant buy another instrument to solve my problem.

Service station work order no. SE30902112117
Submission date : 12.09.09


Resolved Display Problem - Sony Ericsson

Hi -

I purchased Sony Ericsson phone (w580i) in 22nd February 2009.

I am facing display problem. On Sunday 20th Sep 2009, I saw that my cell phones display screen has gone and I was not able to see anything in the phone. I thought that my phone is still in the warranty as one year hasn't completed yet. So today (22nd Sep 09), I went to the nearest sony ericsson authorized service (Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi), they told me that I have to pay 1200+ to repair or change my display screen.

What is the use of warranty (1 year) if we have to pay to service the Cellphone. I am totally disappoint now.

If my problem will not solve then I will directly to the CONSUMER COURT and file a case against Sony Ericcson.

I am one of the Sony Ericcson user and haven't used any other mobile company's Cellphone in my life. This company has a brand name in the market and people believe that Sony E is one of the best company who deals in mobile equipments. I can easily understand that technical fault can happen anytime but company has to repair or replace the set if it comes in the warranty period.

I am totally disappoint to the service of the sony ericcson and will not buy their products in my life and also don't let my relatives and friends to buy sony's products.

This is main reason that people prefer NOKIA cellphones because of their amazing customer service and their way of handling the people.

The authorized service centers of sony ericcson are not able to give even 50% customer satisfaction.

Thank YOu
Alok Mishra
H-290 Raj Nagar-II, Palam Colony, New Delhi - 110045

  • La
    Lavanya Kodali Nov 23, 2009

    Hi, This is Lavanya from Hyderaba, Andhra Pradesh. I have given my mobile Sony Ericcson w910i for servicing on October 31 2009 since the charging connector is broken. He had written that it was only physical damage and not liquid damage and the litmus was white. On 3rd November 2009, he gave me the mobile after servicing and reinstalling the software as he said that there are some software problems also. While I was using the mobile, I understood that the incoming voice is very low. In the mean while, I got an urgent work and so I had to be out of station. Meanwhile 1 week was over and on 11th of November 2009, I was about to take a snap for the first time after service. Then, the picture quality is very bad. So, immediately I have taken it to the service center again which was at Sri Ranga towers, Opp. Jumbini Mall, Road No.2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034. He said that it was due to liquid damage which was not there when I gave it for the first time and they were not responsible for the physical damage or liquid damage held at either places. They were saying that it was not their responsibility even if it was damaged (either physical or liquid) at their place. They did not inform me prior to giving my mobile for service. They were telling that the liquid damage caused some other time may spread into other parts when the mobile is serviced. How far is it true? My mobile is completely damaged after giving it for servicing. The front lens for the video call is not at all working. The picture quality has damaged completely. Please justify...


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  • Ja
    jasonrodrigues19 Feb 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a satio on 1st July 201o with a 1 year warranty.
    3 motnths later the charger stopped working, and the retalier from whom I bought the phone told that battery and charger have no warranty.
    Later on 27 Jan my phone just died. On pressing the on button it boots and then shuts down
    I gave it for service update, and after a week a person form the service centre tells me that due to software update the warranty is void.
    There is no support whatsoever from sony nor the service centre in Oman..
    I wasted a lot of cash on sony. Its pathetic

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  • Je
    jesan20 Apr 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sir i lost my phone yesterday.i herreby give the details of the phone
    IMEI NO:012383001146600
    EMAIL FOR COMMUNICATIION:[email protected]
    ADDRESS:no:10, bharathiyar street, tharamani chennai-113
    LOST DATE:3.4.2011
    LAST CALL:9791704389
    Please find my phone and reply to my email as soon as possible sir.

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  • Ro
    RONAK309 Jun 27, 2011

    i lost my mobile phone sony ericsson hazel j20i . i stay in chennai in kilpauk area . i had kept my mobile in my bike dicky . wen i went for playing my cricket match i kept my mobile in my bike dicky . wen i came back i saw there my mobile was not there ..
    IMEI NO. :012273001503472
    CONTACT NO .: 9884887974
    EMAIL. : [email protected]
    . I request u to pls find my mobile phone as soon as possible .

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  • Su
    suresh kumar.p Jun 29, 2011

    Hi Sir,

    I have lost my mobile on June 25th 2011 (Saturday). Could you please trace & revert back with detailed information.
    Mobile No: 9940580769 (AIRTEL)
    Please find the related information below:

    Name: P.Suresh Kumar
    Address: 1/32, Rajiv gandhi nagar, Pazha thotta salai, Chemmancherry, chennai-600119
    Phone model: XPERIA X1
    Make: Sony Ericsson (Black)
    Last used No.: 9677046641
    E-mail for communication: [email protected]
    Missed date: 25th June, 2011 (Saturday)
    IMEI No.:32726302-273521-4

    Thank you,

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Resolved Bought the system and it wont play..

I purchased the new Guitar Hero 5 game for my PlayStation 2. I got the game home only to find out it will not play on the system. I did all the trouble shooting requirements to no success. I then returned the game for another one thinking it was the game. Well it was not and about 20 minutes ago I got off the phone with Sony only to hear the system will not play it unless I spend either 45.00 to swap systems or 65.00 to have MINE REPAIRED. Are you kidding me!!! I spent almost a 100.00 to hear by the way spend 45-65 more. I am dumb founded by this and my PS2 is the newer version and my brother in-laws system is the older version and it works on his!!! Am I alone in this or what...

2 year laptop with faulty motherboard

Hi, I bought a sony vaio vgn fe31m for 1500 Euro. I looked after this machine as if it were my own child. two years down the line it would not work (green screen) I took it back to the store where it was purchased and was told that I had to pay 75 euro just for sony to look at it. It was sent away to sony who told me that the graphics adapter was broken and because it is built onto the motherboard, I would need a new motherboard costing 900 euro. I am disgusted at this as 1500 is a lot of money and i purchased it because I thought sony was a quality brand and I would get at least 5 years use from it. I have then found many other owners of the same laptop on forums with exactly the same this not a manufacturing fault. I feel my laptop should have been repaired as it had not run its intended lifespan. I have always bought sony products because i thought they were quality, but recently my sony a 300 dslr is now broken just 1 month out of warranty. Can I take legal action against sony for this...I am not sure what do do but feel very cheated.

  • Bo
    bobtheman Sep 14, 2009

    Stuff breaks. It's out of warranty. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

    0 Votes
  • Ji
    Jimbo789 Sep 29, 2009

    Hi, I also have the same complaint with my Sony Vaio. I have also sent it back to be repaired and they want £700 to do it!!
    I could buy another one for that price.
    It sounds like it is a very common fault and I think Sony should take responsibility and do something about it.

    I have always brought sony, but this is the last time!!

    Jim Ward

    0 Votes

Resolved Money Order Scam

This company offered employment as Builders Square and Sony Insider. I was initially contacted by Mr. Thomas Parkman "Junior HR Manager for Sony Insider" (thomas.[protected]@yahoo.conm). I was asked to contact Gina Sims for a Yahoo Messenger interview.

Gina Sims ([protected] claims she is deaf and that all correspondence will be done via YIM. An interview was help online and a long series of questions were answered and I was "hired" and told "Welcome to Builders Square" --- strange, I never heard that name before? I was asked to contact Gina on a daily basis until the money for equipment arrived.

I did some due diligence on Builders Square, Sony Insider, Thomas Parkman, Thomas P. Ford (another name that came up in conversation) and Gina Sims. There was nothing that I could find.

SCAM: They send you 2 phony US Postal Service Money Orders, then ask you to cash them and use the funds to by equipment you'll need for employment (obviously sending money to a known associate).

PROBLEM: The money orders will come back as uncollected and you will be held responsible for the amount. In my case, 2 money orders valued at $975 each. Fortunately, I had the bank CLEAR the money orders before an other purchase was made - in that process they found the money orders to be phony. The money orders came from a David Shore, 105 Russelvill, Malvern, AR 72104 by regular mail.



  • So
    sonyinsider Sep 17, 2009

    Hello, I am the owner of Sony Insider. The life of a webmaster sure is a weird one. I’ve been hacked before, and scammers have used my sites in the past to advertise their products or steal e-mail addresses from various databases. I’ve even had one website completely defaced with foreign text and weird pictures associated with an online clan. However, this scam that has been circulating around to people looking for jobs reeks of identity theft and is in no way associated with Sony Insider. If you see any kind of job opening with Sony Insider, or a variation of it, ignore it please; it is not real, we are not hiring, and I’m sorry for the trouble. They are imitating our name. We have no control over this stuff. We’ve reported as much as we can to Yahoo! and the FBI.

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Resolved Sony cancelled the order, but still charged me and shipped accessories!

Sony cancelled the order, but still charged me and shipped the accessories!

I ordered $3000 laptop and accessories, and when they said it would take 3 weeks to deliver, I thought that was a bit long. But ... I love the sony ultra-portable laptops, so I thought it would be worth the wait.

On the day the computer was supposed to be delivered, I got an email that said it was discontinued and would not be delivered. I was TOTALLY bummed, because by that time I had already WAITED the 3 weeks. Couldn't they have known it was discontinued when they accepted my order and charged my credit card??

To make bad matters worse, Sony didn't cancel the accessories for the computer when they cancelled the computer!! Hard to believe, but they charged my card and shipped the extended life battery, but I don't have a computer to put it in!! I also have an external hard drive, and a carrying case for a video camera. I never got the camera or the computer. Absolutely stupid, and totally frustrating!

I have spent hours on the phone with Sony. Their sales department is in Phoenix, and all the guys there sound slick, cool, fun (kind of a "frat-guy" coolness). But when you call customer service, they are all over the planet, and they speak English as a second language, and they are rude and totally innefectual.

I'm now 5 weeks out from the order I placed. I have $1000 in charges on my credit card, but no computer. I have to send back the accessories that they shipped *AFTER* discontinuing the computer. This entire nightmare has straddled a billing cycle, so I have interest charges on my credit card.

The only thing that Sonystyle has offered me to compensate for the trouble is FREE RETURN SHIPPING ON THE ACCESSORIES that they should have cancelled when they cancelled the computer.

Sonystyle has good equipment, but unfortunately it is like a bad dysfunctional family to deal with them. Everyone gives you a different answer. No one is responsible for the order. No one ever looks at anything with any common sense. They sent me an email address for their corporate area where I could send a complaint, but one week later there is no reply from them at all.

Total losers. After 6 years of using their laptops exclusively for my medical software company, I will never consider buying from Sonystyle again!

Mobile is stolen

Your name: Vishal Chandan
Address: C/o-Atul dahrwadkar.Adharshnagar.Vadagaon sheri, Pune-411014
Phone model: C510 (Sony ericson cybershot)
MAke : Sony ericson cybershot
Colour: Dark Blue
Last used No.: [protected]
E-mail for communication: [protected]
Missed date: 3/09/2009
IMEI No : [protected]