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First of all this is to all those who are in search of any Bulk Sms, I personally suggest you that please don't go for SMSFresh as the service provide y them is pathetic the SMS don't get delivered the customer suppoet is worst dont even bother to resolve the issue over all it is an fraud please don't ever go for it as an personal request don't waste your money in this kind of services.

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It is a fraud company and I feel sorry for not searching for the reviews on the net before taking their service. In the beginning itself they added only 50, 000 limit to my sms panel, even thoygh I paid for 1 lakh sms. After using around 13, 000 sms in September, I took a break since my validity was for 1 year. By 29th December when I again started using the panel, it simply did not work. When I tried to contact the company the concerned persons have changed. Despite multiple calls, emails and whatsapp messages the result is zero as they are playing games.

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A fraud company.
They take your money.
Do not deliver services.
Later, start abusing you.
A guy named Zeeshan goes ahead with verbal sexual harrasment on customers. He also makes comments and abuses you based on religion and language.

Stay away. They are fraud and dangerous.
I have reached out to National Consumer Support for this.
Anyone wants to support, please connect with me

fraud co, no sms service

Hi guys, I am ashish bhagat Smsfresh (sms fresh) is no 1 fraud company, this is the worst company once they got amount, They change the way to response, I purchased 5 lacs sm...

employee of smsfresh is abusing

Sms fresh company employee are abusing me when I say I am not interesting in your msg service because I see lot of negative review of your company so I am not going to purchase your sms services employee I dont know name but mobile no is [protected] I complent at [protected] but they told me for email us we will take action they dont want to take him at conference I told them once please get him in conference but they dint

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Hi All, this is pavan from hyderabad. Before buying SMS Package, I have done r & d on the market. I did'nt came across this above messages. If not I would have stopped buying the... — cheater company

Dear sir, Please find below detail of that cheater company, Company name: sms fresh ventures Adress: r546, new rajendra nagar, new delhi 110060 Cotact no: sushant: [protected]...


Hi all,

Please never ever make any deal with this cheap and Fraud Company named SMSFresh, during pre-sale and on-boarding they will lick your boot/foot. But after that they will give you zero value. They dont have any complain hierarchy. They will not respond properly. They will deduct your sms balance in such a way that you cannot even count also. Sms will not deliver in time. And the complaint list will go on and on. Be safe and stay away from this fraudulent company named SMSFRESH

fraud company in ranked #1 (,,

Dear bulk sms users, When you buy bulk sms or voice calls @ bhashsms, smsfresh companys, You loose your money. this company are selling worst product. this will be not...

sms not getting delivered - worst service

Hi, This is the worst SMS service we have ever seen, its 100% fraud company, the account manager Mr.Rehaman was so gentle before taking the package, when we compliant that...

bulk sms service

SMS Fresh - Fraud company, don't buy from this company! I bought 1 lakh of sms package from sms fresh company, before i pay them they are responding me very well but after...

bulk sms service no. 1 fraud

Hi All, I bought sms package from sms fresh company, while I am discussing on phone they were so gentle after I paid money response was different, I asked for api before paying...