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The radio advertisement stated a feel trial for the cost of shipping and handling- 9.95. The web site and print advertisement also stated that the free trial included everything needed to try the product including 4 cartridges, the equivalent to 6 packs of smokes.

After they have your credit card information than they try to sell you additional products- when I declined it was explained to me that I could not get the free trial without purchasing the 69.95 cartridges or the 99.95 set of cartridges. Which would automatically be renewed every month on my credit card until I called to cancel.

When I realized that I was not going to be able to order my free trial for 9.95, I asked to have my credit card cancelled. I was put on hold for 20 minutes. I held on. The customer service rep who I spoke to assured me my credit card would be cancelled and even agreed that the advertisement is misleading and he has more problems because of the advertisement.

I believe there are laws protecting citizens from such false advertisements?


  • Je
    JefferyS Jul 20, 2009

    That is terrible and outrageous!

    I was going to try them out until I hear about what they were doing.

    Went with instead and love it!

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  • Wh
    whyinthehell Jul 28, 2009

    Thank you for the warning! People like you are extremely helpful, and much appreciated.

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  • Ja
    Jackie517 Jul 30, 2009

    This company is a scam. Their radio ad's are misleading and they are flat out lying. My husband has been trying to quit smoking and heard the ad and thought it was a great deal for just paying about $10 for a trial start up kit. They also offered to throw in a free $25 gas card and $25 walmart card. My husband inquired several times about the cost. They told him over and over that they would NOT charge our card until after the 30 day FREE trial. Less then a week later, after NO PRODUCT arrived, we noticed we were overdrawn in our bank account with overdraft charges. So I checked the bank statement and not only did they charge our card but they charged $79.90 which they were NOT AUTHORIZED TO DO!


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  • Co
    cowgirl Aug 04, 2009

    places like this should be forced to close down and all people who get ripped off should get together and sue their ###!

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  • Di
    disgruntleddude Aug 06, 2009

    yeah these guys ripped my friend off, saying that they would only charge $9 for shipping and handling IF he decided that (within 30 days) he wanted to return the product.

    they proceeded to charge his bank account several times, each for the sum of $1.95.

    pretty sleazy marketing.

    or, more likely, the point of this scam is to get as much money from as many people as possible, in hopes that not all of them will cancel the charges put on their cards.

    it's pretty reasonable to assume that, out of thousands of people, not every single one will take the time/effort to dispute charges on their credit cards, especially if the charge is a couple of dollars.

    i think every dime counts.

    the BBB will receive notification of this silliness.

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  • Ro
    Romma Aug 06, 2009

    They are also rude. After explaining I was calling on behalf of a family member (nephew) for the free trial, the first customer "service" rep said "Well, you need to have HIM call".

    I asked him again just for information about the product, and he repeated "Have HIM call, that's all! I have too many calls in my queue!" . When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he hung up.

    So I called back and got another idiot (Jason) who tried to justify the first rep's attitude ("Well, he probably hung up accidentally, and we DO have a lot of calls").

    I told him it sure did not sound accidental and his little snippy response was: "Well, I didn't do it!". Then he wants to know my name. After repeating that I was simply calling for product information and that MY name is not the issue, he hung up too. Two geniuses.

    A bunch of ###s answering their phones. Like the comment above says---a truly sleazy operation.

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  • Da
    dannyel Aug 09, 2009

    what is there customer service number i am stuck in the middle of the scam and they keep withdrawing 1.95 every week and i can get it to stop. i called and told them i didnt want the 69 dollar cartrides and they said they would refund me but it has yet to happen.
    What should i do

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  • Sm
    Smoke Assassin SUCKS Aug 10, 2009

    Their customer service number is 1800-604-9575 .. i had the same problem as the rest of you guys did. The first person i spoke to with customer service was not very helpful at all and was just a rude ### (excuse my french). I called again after reading all these complaints and got lucky enough to speak to a customer service manager who assured me i would be returned my full refund including the shipping charge. Make sure you ask for a RMA number to post on your package when you return it. It is ### that you have to pay even a penny to ship it back to these sleazebags. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Just have to get the right person on the phone. They did the same to me. Got my credit card info and then tried selling me on two other ### products with the charges of 1.95 a month for some thing i couldn't even tell you what. Guy was speaking like he was the last guy to speak on an advertisement for a car on the radio. Told him DO NOT charge the card, what do you think happened? Exactly.

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  • La
    LADYDS442 Aug 11, 2009

    I had the exact horrible experience with this company. On the very first call the sales/call taker assured me at least a dozen times that nothing but the 9.95 would be charged to my account until after the 30 day trial period and then only if I didn't cancel with in that time. All that was a lie. I discovered a 79.95 charge on my account plus two smaller charges of 1.97 and 1.99, both of which I did not approve. All this and I hadn't ever recieved any product yet! The orginal call taker spoke so fast that I couldn't understand a word she said and at the end of her "speed talk" she asked if I understood everything and I replied "Not really" to which she said "you have to say yes or we can't send the "free trial" to you. I replied with "All I need to know is that nothing further will be charged to my card after the 9.95 or 30 days" She said that was correct. So DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Si
    simpelmojo Aug 11, 2009

    Everyone is correct. I too went through the same scam. After hearing the ad on the radio 6 days ago, I called for the free trial. After the sales lady went through her spiel she asked me if that was something I was interested in. I told her I think so. She then said that they do ask us to pay the $9.95 shipping fee. I gave her all of my information including my credit card. After she had my info, she went through another spiel about all of this other stuff and I kindly declined and at the end of our call, she told me my total was going to be $79.90. I told her that was not the original amount that I agreed to and I was not going to pay it. Cancel my order, I do not want to purchase anything. After another 10 minutes or so of me trying to decline all orders, she finally said that I would not be billed.

    Well...6 days later, there is a $79.90 charge on my credit card! I then called the their number immediately. I explained my story to the person who answered, she took my name and pulled up my account and then put me on hold to see what she could do. After a few minutes the phone became disconnected. So I called back and told my same story to another person. Same result...on hold and disconnected. And so I called again. This time the lady gave me the number to Customer Service. So I called them and once again told my story. He said that it already shipped so if I sent it back, they would refund me. I said that was BS because I didn't order it in the first place. He then proceed to put me on mute so he could listen to my original phone call with the sales rep. And once again, disconnected after a few minutes on hold. Now I am furious! I called customer service again and but this time, the guy told me that my product has not shipped yet and that he would clear the charge off my credit card, but then had the nerve to try and offer me a discount and some extra carts not to cancel. I then...once again...said very clearly that I did not want the product, just my money back.

    I have a bad feeling that I still may not be getting my money back yet. I will report the final outcome. THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE!!! DO NOT TRUST AT ALL!!!

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  • Co
    combatgame Aug 12, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they almost got me, as soon as I told them I didnt have a CC (I don't like being rushed into a purchase w/o some research) they hung up on me without any hesitation. I'm sure they will sell my phone number but thats easy to deal with. Researching company's on the net has saved me numerous times totaling over 50k, thank-you everyone for sharing your experience. ITT Tech was another one that you stay away from, almost got me for 45k themselves. So far they are still attempting to charge me $4, 850 just for talking to them...

    There needs to be a law where people can shut down these places after so many complaints, companys would think twice about attempting to scam people if they faced losing everything.

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  • La
    LADYDS442 Aug 12, 2009

    There is a law against these sort of practices, the same applies to their false advertising. If you've been hit by this company the same as I stated I had above, then do what I have done this morning and file a complaint with your State Attorney Generals Office. They are easy to find just google (your states name) Attorney General e.g. mine is Florida attorney General. In your results will be the web site for them. Click on file a complaint and enter your information and tell them word for word what happened. If enough of us do this then this lying company will be put out of business. PS I still have not recieved my refund from them. Good luck and speak up for your selves.

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  • Jy
    JYD Aug 12, 2009

    I heard this SA advertised on a local radio station and thought it sounded too good to be true. Sure enough! I googled SA and found this forum, ..good thing.
    I currently use an Njoy NPRO and another one from Blu.
    The service at NJOY is outstanding! Had a battery go bad, emailed them, and they sent me a new one right away- no questions asked. Later, I had an atomizer go bad, and they sent me THREE of them! No charge at all. From what I understand, there is a one year warranty on any parts and they have stood behind that 100%.
    The Blu e-cig is a little smaller, about the size of an anolog, and comes with a pack that holds the e-cig, an extra battery, 5 carts, and it will even charge the batteries up to six times if you are on the go. You then recharge the pack with the included charger and it also comes with a USB charger for charging the batteries at will.
    I dont think the carts last as long as any e-cig company claims but, I refill my own with Johnson Creek juice (its made right here in my state WI) and that saves me lots of cash!

    These idiots at SA are going to ruin it for everyone by advertising their e-cig as a 'quit smoking' device! Both NJOY and Blu have carts with high, medium, low, and zero nicotine but they make it clear up front that they are not to be advertised as a quit smoking device as the FDA still has to give their approval on these e-cigs.
    I hope you all get your money back from the crooks at SA.

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  • Ki
    KimKim Aug 14, 2009

    I'm in the midst of the whole shananagan right now. I called on 7/23/09 and canceled their auto-shipment cartridges and was assured by the cust rep that no furture shipments would be sent and no more money charged to my card. Yesterday a charge for the 79.90
    showed up on my check card. I've called there and been hung up on 5 times today, under the facade that something was going haywire with there systems. Twice by the asst. manager Diane. I took sometime then and went through my cell phone records to get the exact day and time I called to cancel. I just called back and was told all the managers were out to lunch and one would call me back. Haha...not holding my breath on that. But I'm calling back in an hour no matter what. Looks like even if I get them to agree to refund me it's not going to happen from what I read up above. I called my bank too, the only thing they said I could really do is cancel my card and file some form(can't remember what she called it) so they couldn't charge me any further shipments. I'm thinking I better do it even though I don't want too. But I'm sure these people will charge me again and again no mater how many times I call to cancel. Whan I call back later today I'm going to record the conversation on my cell, wish I would have did that all day today. And on the day I origanlly canceled.

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  • Ki
    KimKim Aug 14, 2009

    Well diane never called me back after lunch. When I called back I asked to speak to the manager, the guy said there were no managers in at all today. I said well that can't be true because I spoke to one before her lunch break. Then he says hold on, I'll get one. Then diane's voice came on to say, "Hello, how can I hel...", then of course the disconnect. I called my bank canceled my card and am filling out a formal complaint. It relly ticks me off. And to think this commercial is on major radio stations all around the country scamming every person who calls. I don't know how those people who work there can live with themselves. I could never do that to people, flat out lie and hang up on them what a bunch of weasels.

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  • Le
    Lee Usa Aug 17, 2009

    Call your CREDIT CARD companies and have THEM cancel these charges. You don't have a contract with SA and need to let the CC companies handle these fraudulent, unauthorized charges. It's useless to talk to the scamming reps at SA -- go straight to your bank or CC company and let them handle it.

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  • Ra
    rabbitfood Aug 18, 2009

    smoke assassin rocks. they did send me a unit for just the shipping but I did have to pay for the cartridges which no problem they are costing me less than half what I was spending on smokes.

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  • Gm
    Gmenasse Aug 19, 2009

    smoke assassin are pure ### and fratulant they should be out of bussiness they have the worest costumer service when you call them to cancel they hung up on you

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  • Je
    Jenel Aug 20, 2009

    I just placed my order today with this company. Haven't got anything yet, but I don't think I want anything from this company. I've found better e-cigs that are cheaper to re-fill than this company and are legit. I'll call my credit card company tonight and report my card stolen or lost.

    Check these e-cigs out:

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  • J0
    j0n Aug 22, 2009

    i have been charged 360$ out of my account since july 17th and to day is july 21st!!! when all i ordered was one order at 79.90. i will be looking into legal advice so if there is anyone who is on board with me let me know..

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  • Ja
    Jay9928 Aug 22, 2009

    Received my Joye 510 from Could not be happier !

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  • Ti
    tickedatscammers Aug 26, 2009

    I too, have heard the constant ads on the radio - and was almost taken in. I can't thank you enough for posting your experiences and saving us another huge headache!

    As one poster above said: get in touch with your State Attorney General. Another suggested disputing the charges on your credit card. Here are two more options: post on /link removed/ AND - install Peerguardian2 on your computer (free program, just google it). After installing that, try going to - here's what pops up:

    Range: scams (now that speaks volumes)
    Source IP:
    Destination: Ah, my computer but PG2 blocked it ;)

    In addition to your regular firewall - PG2 is constantly updated and blocks even more garbage. Try it - you'll never view online ordering the same way again.

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  • Sm
    Smartened-up Aug 26, 2009

    WOW !!! I am so glad I have read all of these before making a purchase with this "quote-unquote" company. Very happy customer of the Internet that I googled in the first place. LOL!

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  • Te
    Terry65605 Aug 27, 2009

    I was talked into getting this product by my boyfriend. I drive long-haul and smoke-have been wanting to quit for a very long time. He told me about it so I called and ordered after arguing with the rep that I didn't want the gift cards or join any other "club". I just wanted the sample which still cost me $79.90. I told the rep repeatedly I did not want the automated shipments and should have ended the call right there without completing the transaction, but I didn't. Now I've been charged twice on the automated and have not received any shipments. I've called at least 3 times a week since I first saw the $79.90 charge on my bank statement 3 weeks ago. I've waited on hold with their customer service for over 30 minutes nearly every time I've called. I am NOT happy with this and think we should all get together and file a class action suit or something.

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  • Mi
    mike91685 Aug 27, 2009

    I ordered the product and agreed to 9.95 but was charged 79.90. I am a poor college student so it caused my bank account to over draft leaving me with 128 in fees. I called over a month ago and they said to send the package back marked return to sender. I did so but the charge was never removed. Today in the mail was a refill sent to me. I called them waited on hold forever then finally got a customer service rep. She said that they just got a new computer system last week and somehow it got messed up. BS Then I asked why the charge was never removed the first time and she said because somebody left out a vital piece of information. BS i told them that if the charge is not removed within 72 hours my lawyer will be contacting them.

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  • St
    strulove Aug 27, 2009

    Well, it's obvious that nearly everyone here has had the same experience i had with this outfit.

    If any of you want to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, this company is called "Assassin Naturals" and their home office is 134 Min Street, Lewiston, ME 04240. (BBB will want to know)

    i had a little trouble getting the BBB online system to work, but becaue of the location of this business, the BBB office that will handle the complaint is in Boston, MS. You can either go to, or you can write an email complaint and send it to [email protected]

    The following is the letter i sent this morning:


    I responded to a radio commercial advertising a cigarette replacement product to help me quit smoking. The product is called Smoke Assassin.
    The radio station i was listening to is KIDO 670 AM, broadcasting from Boise, ID.

    The advertising promises a "free" product ($120.00 value, they say), with replaceable cartridges equivalent to 6-packs of cigarettes to allow me to try the product's efficacy. I called the advertised number and was assured that this free offer was mine for the S&H charge of only $9.95, and all my shipping and credit card information was taken.
    The person i spoke to then said that i could receive a 30-day supply of the replaceable cartridges for $79.95, and that additional 30-day supplies would be automatically sent each month and charged to my credit card.
    i explained that i would be able to tell if this product would work for me after trying the free offer, and that if it did, i would surely order a 30-day supply. The conversation was concluded and i was under the impression that i would receive my Smoke Assassin free trial kit in 7 to 10 days.
    After not receiving the kit after nearly a month, i called the sales number again and they referred me to their Customer Service department.
    i called their Customer Service representative and my account was looked up. The representative told me that they had all my shipping and credit card information, but that their records showed that a sales transaction didn't take place "because i had not agreed to the $79.95 additional cartridge supply.
    i said the advertisement clearly stated that i would receive this free trial kit for just the $9.95 shipping and handling charge, and that this sounded like a scam to me. The representative assured me that it wasn't a scam, ...but in order to qualify for the "free" trail, i had to agree to purchase the additional cartridges for $79.95.
    ...Somehow, i was able to conclude the conversation and decline the offer without going into a vulgar tirade, but i "definitely" believe this is the most dishonest and misleading advertisement I've ever responded to, and truly believe it is false advertising as it is currently being broadcast.

    This organization's name is Assassin Naturals L.L.C., and their mailing address is 134 Min Street, Lewiston, ME 04240, and that is why i am sending this complaint to you rather than my local Better Business Bureau.

    Ironically, if these folks would have advertised this product for $79.95 + $9.95 S&H, and some sort of money-back incentive at the end of an unsuccessful trial period, i would likely have purchased it without a second thought. As it is, their advertising shows signs of the ethically corrupt and morally bankrupt business practices that i refuse to deal with.

    Their telephone sales number is 1-800-599-3912, and their Customer Service number is 1-800-604-9575.

    This may be a great product, and i don't advocate this company's failure, ...but i seriously hope that they are mandated to advertise more honestly.

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  • Ca
    CAConsumer Sep 02, 2009

    ALERT ALERT ALERT!!! Smoke Assassin is following a common internet protocol. Here is how I tested them. I called the 800 number and asked the person to give me an address I could send a check or money to; ($9.95 S/H). He told me that they only accept credit cards. I told him that I do not use credit/debit cards and that I only wanted the FREE trial and if I liked it, I would call again and order the product. Smoke Assassin told me that they could take my credit card number without signing me up for the $69.99 monthly subscription, but, I would have to pay $99.99 for the FREE trial. DON'T GET ROPED INTO UNWANTED CHARGES ON "FREE" TRIALS. Read the fine print, "Terms Of Service". In most cases you will find that you are agreeing to a monthly subscription of the product. Recent examples is teeth whitening products. Free trial ended up costing $79.99/month and $69.99/month. PS. In both cases they refused (absolutely refused) to refund my money. The only free trials that won't let you down and drain your bank accounts is the ones you get in the mailbox. I'm talking about actual product samples you may find in your mailbox.

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  • Gr
    Greg Washburn Sep 04, 2009

    This company is ridiculous, I fell for this program and went with it but when I got my cigarette kit it did not work. So I tried contacting them and havn't got a phone call back or an email and it has been 2 weeks. I would NEVER recommend this company at all. This is the worst service I have ever dealt with. And to top it off after I got my order I found another company at who is cheaper and there product actually works!!! SO I RECOMMEND PEOPLE TO STAY AWAY FROM SMOKE ASSASIN!!!

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  • Jr
    Jrod0521 Sep 08, 2009

    Exact same thing happened to me with this product.

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  • St
    Stevep271 Sep 08, 2009

    Radio adv says you will get a starter pack for free. This is true except for the $9.95 shipping charge which I fully expected. What the advertising doesn't state is that you are automatically signed up for autoshipments of additional products needed on an ongoing basis, i.e. cartridges for the unit. The advertising does not provide the disclaimer that this is required to get the trial package. My first call to the phone number found me on hold for 8 minutes and then the rep hung up on me. My second call was answered faster and the rep was good to talk to until the required auto shipment cost was disclosed at $69.99. He did state I had the option to cancel at any time. Previous experience as a bank branch manager prompted me to disclose that I had more customers complain about not being able to cancel that I wasn't willing to do that. He got a bit beligerent and said that the $9.95 fee wasn't disclosed either (meaning he has heard this complaint before) so I said I will include that in my complaint. I cancelled my order immediately and requested to speak with a supervisor. He agreed to transfer me which resulted in me being hung up on. While I believe the product is probably good, the advertising and sales practices are quite suspect.

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  • Ot
    Otto77 Sep 08, 2009

    I also ordered this smokeless cig after hearing the add on sirius radios Howard Stern show. As all the other posts state it is not a free trial. It is $79.99. The way they get you is the CS rep says you must listen to the buyers club schpeals in order to get (5) $25 gift cards to Target or Walmart. So I confired with the rep. "You will send me (5) gift cards totaling $125.00 if I listen to both your extra schpeals about Libery Fun Pass and Patriot card buying clubs then I can cancel at anytime and get a full refund but still keep the gift cards." He said yes so I confirmed again I get $125.00 in gift cards for trying your $99.0 e-cig product. OK. Since it was a no lose with the gift cards he got me to upgrade to the $99.00 bonus pack. It has been one month and I recieved (1) $25 gift card postcard they wanted me to fill out and send in in a seperate evelope, then they will send the gift card . I called to see why and they told me oh you were told (5) cards its actually (3) cards but we can't send more than one to the state of Maryland. E-cig is ok Very handy to have at work and when around non-smokers, and in the car. The CS reps there are very slimy fast talkers the rep I talked to sounded like he fell off the set of the Sopranos.

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  • Ly
    Lyn Dee Sep 09, 2009

    Charge just came on to my Credit Card statement dated 6 days ago. No product yet. I got suckered in. Just hope I can cancel it before they ship. Once I saw the address (Main Street in Maine?) and DBA I instantly thought they must be hiding something...not good. I kinda got a sick feeling in the gut when I hung up from ordering, ya know? I usually do a search on things before I buy but I thought just maybe this would work.

    Doing Business As : FAT ASSASSIN
    Merchant Address : 134 MAIN ST

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  • Ly
    Lyn Dee Sep 09, 2009

    In my case, they ran the charge through 6 days ago and no product. I called Cust Service and told them I want to cancel the order and all subsequent shipments. I talked to "Mark". He was nice and said he would credit my card back within 72 hours. I started telling him about all the complaints on the internet and the second I mentioned "false advertising" the line went dead. Like everyone else I had to hold forever for anyone to come on the line in the first place..

    Then I called my credit card co and told them I wanted to dispute the charge, that I had cancelled the order, the product had not shipped yet and I did not want to see any other charges from this company on my card. They suspended the charge, sent a dispute letter to the merchant saying that they are verifying my cancellation of this and all future charges.

    We'll see...

    Here's the info that was on my credit card detail about them: (Notice they are "Doing Business As FAT ASSASSIN" ...and the address is Main Street in Maine (uh huh)...

    Doing Business As : FAT ASSASSIN
    Merchant Address : 134 MAIN ST

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  • Pl
    Please HELP me Sep 09, 2009

    I got pulled in this and I'm not very happy. I just received my little package after I ordered this almost 2 months ago...There was absolutely NO instructions, no way to contact them and now I feel stuck. You mentioned that you talked to customer service. Do you have a number for them that I can call?

    Please HELP

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  • Li
    lilcaptain Sep 10, 2009

    I am SO glad I looked this up! I've heard the ads on the radio and thought that this product sounds like a great way to quit smoking.

    Holy schmoly I'm glad I checked. I usually won't give my credit card over the phone (I hate to do it even for a pizza from a place I know), but these operators sound like real quick change artists.

    I definitely think that all of you who have been scammed should file a complaint with your state's attorney general's office.

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  • Pe
    perfectdownside Sep 10, 2009

    i experienced the same thing with smoke assassin. When i learned there would be extra charges the rep kept saying we will post date it, we will post date it we will post date it over and over again like a machine then when i said there was no way i was paying anything to them he screamed WE WILL POST DATE IT and hung up. These people need to pay for the way they are treating people.

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  • Lj
    lj510 Sep 11, 2009

    False Advertising!
    I too called, gave them my cc info to pay shipping. Because I declined to buy $69. refills they DO NOT SEND FREE TRIAL. Pushy and unethical. They shouldn't be able to get away with it.
    The radio station was talk-radio in Boise Idaho. I think radio stations should remove these advertisements, AND make a statement to listeners to beware and apologize for their oversight in allowing this to be aired.

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  • Me
    mellosmom Sep 11, 2009

    So glad I found this. I heard the ad on the radio today while smoking a cigarette and really want to quit. Called the number and got a girl who sounded pleasant enough, went through the bs marketing she has to and talked about the $69 whatever for the "FREE Trial" and 20 cartridges. I told her I was only interested in the FREE trial as advertised and willing to pay the shipping costs, but did not want to commit to the larger purchase at this time, but if I liked I would call back. She asked why, so I told her honestly, I did not have the money at this moment to purchase it. She has the balls to say, "but you have the money to buy a pack of cigarettes, that the equivalent of 8 packs of cigarettes, which you would buy over the next 10 days, so what is the problem?" I told her how I obtained my cigarettes was not her business and she said she could post date the transaction. I told her I was not comfortable with that and she again said, but you would be buying $80 worth of cigarettes in the next 10 days, how can you have the money for that and not for this, how can you not know when you will be able to have the full amount?" I told her she was out of line and I was all set with her attitude. She then says, so are you telling me that you do not want to quit smoking sop you can be healthy for your child?" First of all, the cajones on her to say something so rude!!! Second of all, the ad specifies they can't say it will help you quit smoking, but she did. I told her I would C her Next Tuesday (if you know what I mean and hung up on her as she was putting me on hold.

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  • He
    Helper99 Sep 14, 2009

    "Range: scams (now that speaks volumes)
    Source IP:
    Destination: Ah, my computer but PG2 blocked it ;)"

    Yes I have seen this pop up on my PeerGuardian Log also.
    Definitely a good idea to use that program, it blocks allot of bad stuff. is not to be trusted, ever.

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  • Jm
    jmyers Sep 14, 2009

    I, like most of you, too, thought it was too good to be true. I decided to do an internet search and came across this forum. I called the radio station which ran the commercial, and informed them of what I had discovered. Perhaps if everyone would call the station running the ads maybe some legal minds can get in on the fun of putting them out of business.

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