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Fed up with trying to get this company to send me my product, so spent several hours doing some digging. Results are below for any of you who wish to take action against this company. Strongly suggest you file a complaint with the Attorney General's offices in Maine and your home state.

Company Business Name: Pinetree Teleservices, LLC
134 Main Street Lewiston, ME [protected]

Owner of Pinetree Teleservices, LLC is MARK SAWYER. He is at the Lewiston location, same phone number.

Their product processing and customer service operations are in Auburn, ME. There seems to be no phone number to contact shipping directly, but the address where UPS picks up the packages is:
67 Minot Avenue Auburn, ME

Phone number for UPS Auburn location is: [protected] They will answer the phone promptly and give you information about your product pick-up and tracking.

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  • Us
    usuck01 Apr 02, 2012

    I used to work for Mark Sawyer and my sons father still works for him. He rips people off. He is not even legally supposed to be running a business. He takes child support out of peoples paychecks and then keeps it! The address is no longer main st lewiston. they work right in the minot ave address and have a handfull of people taking calls. I cant even find a name of the call center or phone number to go after these people for my child support. they are all ###!

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  • Re
    RepEC51 Aug 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To all Smoke 51 and Smoke Anywhere are completely legitimate companies. We are in thousands of smoke shops and mall kiosks around the country. We have thousands of people that love our product. To all that would like to try an E-Cig we have the perfect product for you. Its our new Krave 500. It is a disposable E-Cig that lasts for 500 puffs. We normally sell it for $19.95 but if you call our office at [protected] during our regular business hours of 9am - 5pm eastern time Monday - Friday we will give you one for just $9.95. If you have tried an E-Cig and already love it use this coupon code FRIENDS51% on our website to get 51% off whatever you want.

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  • Jo
    josey1 Aug 03, 2010

    smoke assassin keep sending me packs and charging my account after I cancelled the order and would not refund my money they took from my account. The amount was a$549.oo they owe me. they fradulatly took it from my account.

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  • Ma
    mark vrw Jun 11, 2010

    bought smoke assassin in nov '09, worked so-so for very short time. sent product back and recieved replacement. it didn't work at all. talked to rep who suggested a possible fix. it didn't work. cannot contact customer service either on the phone or on the internet. i want a product that works or my money back. mark w.

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  • Jefferysmoke82 Apr 01, 2010

    i been on hold for 24 min now and nothing...still waiting ..playing my guitar while i stupid ppl i just learned the whole waiting song on my guitar lol ...these ppl are ridicules

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  • Jefferysmoke82 Apr 01, 2010

    im waiting for 10am right now o call these guys... i ordered mine in January 8 and never got it... i paid the shipping for the free smoke and an extra 80.90 for the cartridges and never got gonna call em and tell them i want my money back into my account. asking for the managers name and employee number and im gonna tell them in one week if i dont get my funds back i am going to sue..i already talked to me lawyer and he feels that i should sue if my funds are not back into my account. PPL read these comments ppl are posting its true and dont be fooled. There is a website for electronic smokes it wont help u stop but it makes u smoke alot less. google it and type The Screwdriver electronic cigarette. they have so much info on there nice ppl got my supplies in 1 week im happy and i have saved so much money and i smoke alot less...

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  • Bu
    BULLinMaine Mar 16, 2010

    For the "Duh" comment, the explicitly state in the add that you can try the product FOR FREE and obviously you can't use the product without the cartridges, and they force you to buy them. therefore you cannot try the Smoke Assassin "Absolutely Free" they have been extremely misleading if not legally fraudulent. and if you start researching e-cigs on the internet, you will find that you are being obnoxiously overcharged for these cartridges at 80 dollars a month. ecig cartriges and "juice" shouldnt run more than 10-20 dollars for a months worth. There are better products and better companies out there.

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  • Mi
    Mikewild1 Mar 16, 2010

    I have taken several actions over the last three months when this company took 80 dollars off the card which I never authorized. I have been in touch with them at least twice a week every week since december 7th. It is now March 16th and I still have not received any refund and the customer service will just Jerk you around. I have been lied to by several reps Mike, Greg, Lee, Mary and I also have there agent numbers. I was told that there one and only supervisor Becky is not in the office and will not be for quite sometime, so this office apparently has no management. I cannot understand why so many lies are told when it is very simple thing to do to be honest and show empathy. This company sucks do not waste your time with them.

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  • Hi
    himynameiswill Mar 05, 2010


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  • Wa
    Wasteoflifeandtime Feb 26, 2010

    who would care that much about $70 to do that much work for absolutly nothing I bet the person that posted this never took any action at all. WHAT A SCHMUCK !!!

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  • Sa
    samaine90 Feb 09, 2010

    No comments? Wow i guess no one is as pissed as you are to take time out of their day to do anything about it.. too bad.

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  • Sa
    samaine90 Feb 09, 2010

    First of all.. smoking all those chemicals and tar and nicotine is BAD for your health.. this is all natural no chemicals no tar no nicotine .. its HEALTHIER and ALL NATURAL. So think about it for a second... would you rather smoke some BAD for your health or try something without chemicals and crap in it. Personally id take all natural but hey thats just me..

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  • Sa
    samaine90 Feb 09, 2010

    Actually its not against the law to charge before you ship... its like going to the store and trying to take some groceries home without paying for them.. thats stealing which is illegal. Would the store let you leave without paying for them? I dont think so. C'mon people..

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  • Sa
    samaine90 Feb 09, 2010

    Bait and switch huh? Have you ever bought a cell phone before? If you have the internet you probably have a cell. So lets think about this real quick here folks.. if you buy a cell phone without a plan whats the point of the phone? You need to buy a plan to use it, plain and simple. Same thing people. You get the electronic cigarette for the price of shipping.. but you cant use it without the refills so you have to buy refills to use it. Maybe if you thought for a second like an intelligent person you would realize that.

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  • Co
    cornelsontabi Dec 03, 2009

    Double charges and no product!! Do not buy!!

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  • Jo
    JohnAct Nov 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    we were ripped off too
    LESLIE CHARLES GILROY (corrupt cop)
    in company with
    and others, robbed my wife and I
    See the whole story here

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  • Ha
    hawk1 Nov 22, 2009

    keep taking money out of my bank account, twice after I told them to cancel won't take product back or refund my money

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  • Te
    teachernicole Nov 14, 2009

    If someone files a class action suit, please contact me as I would like to see these people held accountable for what may be the worst overall business I have ever experienced.<br />
    [email protected]

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  • MAC Nov 14, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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  • Sa
    sail22 Nov 14, 2009

    They say, "While we CAN'T say it's a healthy smoke, you do the math(do the math???)... do it for your health..." HUH?
    How can you do something that's not healthy for your health?

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  • Rl
    RLSmith Nov 12, 2009

    My credit card was charges but the product was never received. I called and spoke with customer service several times and was assured the product would be mailed but it never arrived. The last time I called customer service, I was hung up on.

    Not a reliable, professional, or a legitimate company.

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  • Kr
    krysti Nov 10, 2009

    As others have stated I am utterly disgusted with this company. I did receive the cigarette along with the 20 cartridges as promised, but, the cigarette never let out steam. I called the company and was told there was a problem with the batteries being recalled, a new one would be sent out right away. Three weeks later and still no battery. I call again and go through the hoops of leaving a phone number for customer service. She assures me that she personally went out to the warehouse to make sure a second battery was shipped. 12 days later and still no battery. My credit card has now been charged a second time for $79.99. I am out $160 plus no working cigarette. What a waste of money not buy from this company.

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  • Em
    emporertitus Nov 10, 2009

    The product did not work at all, I never saw any vapor. Then I was charged again for more cartrages without ever ordering them when I try to call customer service they hang-up on me. I got scamed for 160.00 !

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  • Ld
    LDbaton rouge Nov 10, 2009

    I'm going on the 20th minute on hold with their customer service right now... Unreal. I just got disconnected. OMG I'm furious right now. Got it in fairly quickly, i tried it before attempting to charge it. It did work properly for a few drags before going dead. I can't get it to work since. I do taste the flavor, but no light and no smoke. I went against my better judgement when I purchased this, but I am taking every shot I can at quitting the real deal. Patch, lozengers, gum, pills, i have tried it all, and hoped this would help with the oral fixation. I have heard some incredible reviews about this type of product, and the mini cig that assassin sends(i understand it can be bought cheaper straight from china). The concept is wonderful and I wish I were puffing on it as I am typing this. OK. Done venting. On hold again, and might chuck my phone out the office window if they disconnect me again. Hope this helps.

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  • Tu
    tugger5000 Nov 06, 2009

    This company stinks.

    Ordered the product in August, still haven't received. Every time I call to find out where the hell my product is, they tell me they have authorized a reship on the date of my previous phonecall.

    Will be reporting them to the BBB as well as contacting the radio stations they advertise on.

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  • In
    Intarsian Nov 03, 2009

    Smoke 51 is another rip. They are probably all the same company putting out different product names, but I'm sure they all come from the very same source.
    We were supposed to get a free trial after paying the $9.95 shipping. We got two of them, one for my wife and one for myself, so had to pay $19.90. After three weeks or so we got the e-cigarette.
    One of the chargers didn't work and neither of them really worked all that great.
    My wife smokes menthol but they never gave her that option on the order, so we are both pretty pissed off.
    It was only i think three days after we got our products that we noticed $179.90 was taken out of our bank account from this company. We were livid to say the least. Tried calling three different numbers and got three different automated messages.
    We called the bank and cancelled that account and opened a different one but since we made other purchases that day, we waited 24 hrs to avoid other charges. Well wouldn't you know it another 59.90 was taken out from the same scammin' company.
    They won't get anything else from us.
    The actual shipping was under $4.00 per box, so they still got an extra $12.00 profit from just the S&H.
    Remember that every charge has been doubled because we ordered two or them.

    So far we have contacted the BBB both here in WI and in FL where the company is supposed to based out of.
    We just got off the phone with our bank (US Bank) and thank god we have fraud protection. We weren't expecting that but hey the bank is actually the one that gave our money to an Un-Authorized transaction. There wasn't even a transaction though because we never even got the chance to order what each one of us wanted to try. There are different flavors and come in different amounts of nicotine.
    There was no order, order number, verification of any sort, no receipt, bill, or any correspondence of any kind what-so-ever and most importantly, we haven't received anything other than the original (FREE) product that we paid the $9.95 each for S&H.
    They just took it upon themselves to steal $240.00 from our bank account.

    What everyone needs to remember is that is says "Free Trial" which I guess is true in that you pay the $9.95 for S&H and not the original product. Of course the trial ends after 30 days and if you don't call them to cancel they will automatically take out what ever it is that constitutes a monthly supply. Without even knowing what product you even want or the amount you want, they just go ahead and make up an order for your next month because you didn't cancel so there for you must have wanted to continue receiving their wonderful product after your trial period was up. Yeah I know, what a crock, huh?

    The thing that gets me the most is the reason we wanted to try this out was because of what they advertise, and that is "Save Money". I am on Social Security Disability and this is my wife's first week in the un-employment line. Instead of saving money, they went ahead and just out right robbed us of pretty much all the money we have available until the middle of the month. Thank God we didn't have all of our monthly bills start bouncing. That would have just been a nightmare with all the over draft charges and NSF and all the humiliation that would come along with that.

    We just called the radio station that we keep hearing the ads on and let them know that this whole E-Cigarette thing is just scamming their customers which of course is us the listeners.

    Maybe if everyone started calling the places that are running these ads and letting them know what is going on and that maybe they should look into who they are doing business with, maybe they'll start pulling the ads and at least save others from the thieving ###.

    So, now my wife is calling the Doctors and the so-called experts that are associated with these ads to find out if they are aware of what these companies are doing and if they really want to be associated with companies that are in the business of ripping off peoples bank accounts and preying on every smokers desire to save money, be healthier, and with the aid of these rip-off devices, quit smoking.

    We would have been better off just buying 5 or 6 cartons of cigarettes.

    And that's the way I (EYE) see it!!!

    Pissed off and Ripped off in Wisconsin!!

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  • Tg
    TGSSMK Nov 02, 2009

    i ordered the smoke assassin last month and nothin they told me tha it would take 7-10 business days. nothing!!! i called back 5 times since and the could not tell me what was going on. one of the managers said "it was cause there was a problem with the first 100 that called." i said on no problem he said that he had my info now and it would be no problem. HAHA... 10 days go by and nothing yet. i called back and asked them what the deal was now they told me that the product was on backorder... hmmmm i like it when they call back it sais unknown. i actualy invested some time in this now. so i took it a step further. i asked them if i could get some kind of confermation #. or recipt of purchace. what do you know... they told me i will get it when i get the package. what a joke... so i asked them then for a tracking # so i can go on i got like a 20 digit # and i tried it out that did not work THIS IS A FAKE I CAN TELL YOU NOW THEY DO NOT KNOW THEIR LEFT FROM RIGHT SSSCCCCAAAAMMMM!!!

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  • Cr
    crazycarl Oct 27, 2009

    you r not kidding i tried four times and they disconnect me. They also charged me twice for one order had to fax them my bank statements to receive a refund then to make matters worst after having the e cig for 2 days it broke the atomizer went bad still have not received a new one they told me it would take 21 days to get to my house.. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY the sale reps sound like a bunch of pot heads and if you did order cancel asap get a full refund if you can. This company is a total joke and should be out of business because they are ripping off hard working Americans. please please save yourself the headache keep smoking the real deals... you will when you done with them nothing but stress.

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  • Ca
    Cautious in Texas Oct 15, 2009

    Although the product claims sound great for those of us who really want to quit smoking, I've read enough on this complaint site to not order the product. I feel sorry for everyone out there who has ordered the product and been duped, but my thanks goes out to you all for having the decency to warn us others about scams like this! I greatly appreciate it!

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  • Mi
    Mike Linton Oct 15, 2009

    What a Scam!! Not only does the product suck, I was charged several times for programs I know nothing about nor did not knowingly agree to. Stay away from this product!!!

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  • Cg
    cgarri Oct 08, 2009

    I've read many of these complaints and have decided to not waste my time. I tried a weight loss pill similar to this scam and was charged $95.00 every month after my "free month". Called them 10 times and 2 weeks to cancel, nothing changed. Had to go through my bank to force them to stop taking money from me. So I know how these scams works and thankfully I did my research and won't be wasting my time.

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  • Sh
    shane442 Oct 05, 2009

    Just as mentioned above. I ordered the "free" trial and was charged 79.90 plus two additional charges of one doller each for some magazine subscription that I Clearly declined at the time of offer. THIS IS A RIP OFF COMPANY! I suggest buying other versions of this product for local vendors or a reputible seller. Cannot comment on the actual product as I have not recieved it yet (over 12 days now).

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  • Do
    donlinthos Oct 04, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was promised a free anti-smoking device. I also authorized $79.90 for extra cartridges. I received the extra cartridges, but no device. Moreover, this company continues to bill me again for the original price. Clearly, this is fraud and theft. I want them to cease and desist and refund my money.

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  • Ya
    yaadyute7 Oct 04, 2009

    the telerep was speaking so quickly and cunningly I did not realize I was going to have a recurring monthly charge. I tried over and over again to contct customer service and line was always busy or I was on hold for up to 20 minutes at a time and the call would just simply disconnect..spoke to a couple reps finally who both disconnected the call after finding out I was calling to cancel..they did not even send the second package they charged me for...the #@!* product does not deliver because you have to pull on it for at least 3 seconds to get any smoke or vapor or what the #[email protected]! ever...they are milking as much as they can until time runs out..this is RAPE!!! anyone with information on the best way to get some justice on an issue like this please contact [email protected]

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  • We
    Wendy Hayden Oct 02, 2009

    I agree that it took forever to receive the product: probably because it is new and advertised everywhere- they are very busy... However, after months- I've received 2 defective units! I was all excited at first- neat invention, but it went dead on the next day after charging it! Another one was sent and this was worked better until this morning after charging, I goto use it and there is no smoke!!! At least this one lights up but looks like the atomizer is a great idea, just defective. Maybe I just have horrible luck because I know someone else who has had theirs working for months now! I'm just tired and want one that works...

    For all you complainers- DUH! it helps people like me who have that "oral fixation" problem. If you are a REAL smoker, not even a freakin' pill will get rid of that urge- it's a choice! And for all of you that actually thought you would get something free- DUH!!! Most companies now do that "charge once a month" thing. All you need to do is get off your lazy butts and call to cancel your card after you receive the product. I was charged exactly what they said...

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  • Da
    Dan12345 Sep 29, 2009

    This company is a scam. Everytime I try to call their customer service# at [protected], it is busy. Then when I finally get through and tell them to cancel my orders, they disconnect me. I have been charged now for more than what they said and also I am unable to cancel the monthy re-billing. I am now going to my credit card company to complain.

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  • Sl
    slopykisser Sep 28, 2009

    this product is a total fraud, First of all the product sucks and does absolutly nothing to kill any urges to smoke. I just wanted a one time trial, was supose to be the $79.00 and thats it, wrong, three weeks later they charged me again for $79.00. I never agreed to that BS, this company is a total scam!

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  • same hope to get some money out of these crooks

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  • Js
    jscrump09 Sep 21, 2009

    My wife ordered the smoke assissin product. We were told the cost was $39.95. They charged us $79.90. The product never arrived. We called them twice and both dates they said the product should arrive have come and gone. Still no product! Now, after a month, they charged our account again for the $79.90. We called our bank to stop any further charges and filed a fraud complaint.

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  • Wi
    wickey Sep 17, 2009

    I've talked with my bank and having charges reversed. This company's in big, big trouble.

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