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Recently, while purchasing a bed from Sleep Country, I was subjected to the worst service imaginable, completely inconsistent with their advertising. I feel that it is my obligation as a consumer to alert others of the poor service.

I needed a bed and selected Sleep Country based on their ads promising good price, excellent service, express delivery, and the removal of the old mattress. As it turned out, some of these promises have no relationship to reality.

On January 4, I went to the location at 799 York Mills Rd. and bought a Sealy Merlot set with a frame. In spite of the promise of express delivery, the earliest delivery date available was eight days hence - hardly speedy. However, I went along with it. The saleslady assured me that the old bed would be removed, and, that, while the staff could not take the old frame with them, they would move it downstairs. Although the latter was specified on my invoice, it didn’t happen.

As promised, a bed was delivered in the 11 to 2 time slot. The delivery staff refused to remove the old bed frame. “ Not my problem” - said the man. I didn’t like his attitude. After all, it was promised. Then I noticed that the wrong bed was delivered. I wasn’t happy - I had to wait 8 days and now I might have to wait some more. I called the store 3 time in the space of about 45 minutes. No answer. It is Friday mid afternoon and nobody is picking up the phone. Great service indeed.

During my first visit, the saleslady gave me her card and told me to call in case of any problem. Why call, if nobody bothers to answer. Had someone answered, I would have gotten the customer service phone number and would have resolved the problem immediately. I would have avoided a very stressful and humiliating experience.

I decided to go over to the store. The saleslady was busy with a family, with another client waiting. Politely, I explained my problem. She could have taken a moment from her sales pitch and given me the number to call. I would have called them and the problem would have been solved. Instead, in a discourteous fashion, she told me to move away as she was conducting “confidential discussions”. So, although increasingly unimpressed with the service, I did as she asked. This went on for 15 - 20 minutes.

After they left, I again approached her and politely, although this was getting difficult, explained my problem. Now, even more rudely that before, she told me that another person was ahead of me. Again, it would have taken just a moment to give me the phone number. So I continued to wait, quite a distance away from where she was serving the client. Then, amazingly enough, she approached me and told me that I was “being disagreeable” and asked me to leave.

“It is not my problem” she said and finally gave me the customer service number on a card with the other saleslady’s name. Not surprising, given her behavior that she wouldn’t give me her own card. (It seems that “It is not my problem” would be a more truthful slogan for the company than the platitudes in the ads. She could have easily helped me at different points in time - by answering the phone, when I first arrived or after she finished with her first client. By the way, she kept ignoring the phone the whole time I was there.

Throughout the ordeal, I maintained my civility and waited patiently while my stress level increased. I am a respectable member of the community. At no time in my life, was I ever kicked out of any place. It was a profoundly stressful experience.

After going home, I phoned the customer service number and the person there offered to have the right bed delivered the same day. Although loath to deal with the company, I made the expedient choice of going along thus saving myself additional aggravation.

There is a profound contrast between Sleep Country’s marketing slogans and the reality of the service they provide. From the outset, the service I received ranged from inadequate to downright offensive. The facts are that the staff ignore phone calls during business hours, that the only thing that matters is making a sale, and that, once a sale is made, the customer can be treated like garbage.


  • Ja
    Jacob Kasza Jun 23, 2007

    Thanks for taking the time to detail your experience with SCC.

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  • Mr
    m rayner Nov 22, 2007

    I was supposed to get 2 beds delivered today from the Vancouver store, with an appointment window between 2 and 5. I got a call from the driver at 1:55 - he was incredibly rude. Told me he had been waiting outside and if I wasn't there in 5 minutes he was going to leave. When I told him I was still 5 minutes away and asked if he could please wait, he said no. He made a few more rude cracks then 'changed his mind' and told me if I hurried he would wait.

    He didn't, of course. When I arrived at 2:02 he was gone. His cell phone was turned off. I called my store contact said she'd call right back. She didn't. A few hours later, I called the customer service line to reschedule. She also said she'd call right back. I'm still waiting for the calls. In the meantime, they have the beds fully paid for. I'm obviously going to have to keep calling them and I really don't want to have to be face to face with the driver who's got some obvious anger issues.

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  • Fr
    Fran Apr 19, 2008

    I had similar problems with Sleep Country. I bought a mattress there two weeks ago and realized the firmness of my mattress is not the same as the floor model which i tried on. I went to the shop and explained to the saleslady about my situation. She explained that it's because the foam is new and that's why it's softer, where as the floor model has been harden by people sitting on it. She told me that I should sleep on it until it's older and harder. Which I think it's an insensible explanation. I have bought several mattresses in my life, and I never had to spend time to sleep on the mattress until it's worn out to make it comfortable. So then I thought I want to exchange for a firmer mattress that is ready to use (not needing to sleep on it until it's hard enough), the saleslady just disappeared when a customer came in to the store, without asking me to wait. I also feel like they don't care about after-sale service. Whenever they made the sale, they just disregard you.

    At first, I shopped at another mattress shop which is right next to sleep country, but they can only deliver the mattress in a week time. Since my family just moved into a new apartment, so we wanted to move in as early as possible. For that, I went to sleep country and told them about my situation. They offered me a comparable price + 10% off for the mattress I choose. So I got my mattress at the price that is offered by the other store and 10% off of that price. Now if I want to exchange my mattress for another brand, even at the same price level, I will need to pay $300 more. I will certainly not buy a mattress at sleep country if there were no discount, because their mattresses are generally quite expensive. For a similar mattress quality, I'm sure people can buy at a lower price at other mattress shops. So the 60 days comfort guarantee is not really a guarantee, because you have to pay so much more to get another mattress. I will never shop at sleep country again.

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  • Pu
    put off Jan 23, 2009

    Our ordeal is still going on with sleep country. Word of mouth can be very powerful. Belive me my mouth will be negitive on advertising NOT FOR ANYONE EVER TO SHOP AT SLEEP COUNTRY CANADA WINNPEG OFFICES.
    I am confirming the sales staff, just wanted to cover her butt when speaking with the customer service rep.
    They would not try to negotiate or where even in the slight interest on giving us satisfactory service on a defaulting item. Extended warrenty we purchased, what ever for SLEEP COUNTRY NEVER HONORED THAT.
    I am not finished with them. I have gone above their head to contact the product manufacturer. In speaking with the manager of the product sleep country would not honour, he was very upset that sleep country not only would not try to provide service replacing their product. But to find out sleep country was trying to sell us another product name brand on an upgrade. for us to spend more money to replace the item that was defected. Now the manager of the product is going to be in touch with Sleep Country. He is going to honour his product, to save his products name. Not only are we fed up with sleep country. He is also put off with them.
    I am also going to the better business bureau to file a complaint.

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  • Tr
    Trace May 16, 2009

    Sleep Country has the absolute worse customer service - I now have a defective mattress and expensive mattress protector to replace - The "body impressions" on my bed are like the grand canyon and I only weigh 120lbs. I would love to have Christine McGees home phone number to chat - Go buy a mattess ANYWHERE else.

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  • Ma
    MARCELOCOSTA Jul 21, 2009

    we, my fiance and I got a bed set from sleepcountry Danforth ave, toronto, in December 2006. We got the supposedly one the best brands, SERTA, because we were sure that the more expensive matress is equal better quality matresses...we were really wrong! In 2 years the matress looks like a potato bag, it is sagging during the night. As a normal person would do, we contacted the warranty( they say that is 10 years) which required us to take a bunch of pictures, fill up the online request and of course back and forth phone calls, to find out that they will NOT replace the matress because it is not a warranty issue. Remember that they expect you as a custmer to have a professinal digital camera e take the best pictures so they can see better. They would not even botter send a professional over to our place to check this ridiculus potato bag matress that they are selling on their stores as a high standards matress. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEN( SLEEPCOUNTRY) AND I WILL BAD MOUTH THEM FOREVER.

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  • An
    Anti Sleep country Sep 19, 2009

    Yeah, the service generally bad. I believe each sales rep earn for their own commission by their own sales because they desperately sell me the expensive stuff even I pointed the one I'm interested(which is less expensive). Frankly speaking, I just felt those sales reps are very uneducated, probably not even high school level judged by the way how they talk, the professional knowledge about their own job, the relevant information etc. This company don't have proper management or operation skill at all.

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  • Ri
    Ripped Off 2wice Dec 19, 2009

    Add me to those who had problems with Sleep Country. The Markham salesman (who drives the Mercedes with MIKE on the licence plate) upsold me onto the top of the line Simmons Imperial Royale. Even though it was $500 more than the 2nd highest priced one (Indulgence) he said it didn't matter which I bought as I could always use their '60 night hassle free comfort guarantee' and exchange it if I wasn't happy. The more expensive one was way too soft and I found it hard just to turn over at night and didn't sleep well. Went to the store and 'Mike" said I'd have to pay another $500 to get the cheaper mattress as they aren't on sale now and I'd have to be governed by current prices. After much arguing, Mike said he'd 'match' the price and give me the cheaper one for the same price I paid for the more expensive one. Cuatomer service backed him up so I suffer price wise to use their guarantee. Much better to buy the cheaper one as they'd be more inclined to see you trade up and get more commission twice. Stay away from Sleep Country -- or at least the Markham store.

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  • Po
    Polar67x Feb 05, 2010

    Wow. I was looking at their ad and thought, ya maybe I'll buy from Sleep Country... I am very glad I found these postings.

    Thanks to all.

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  • An
    anonymous_lady May 11, 2010

    The reason for sleep country's horrible service is a trickle down from the awful treatment they put upon their employees. I used to work there and in my opinion they are totally inhumane. They do not give their employees breaks and often make them work 11 hour days with no breaks. To top it off it is an unspoken rule that the employee lie at the end of the day and say that they took a break. They are weaseling out of paying an hours worth of wages and also making it appear that they actually give breaks by having employees lie. If an employee does not lie about taking the lawfully required break time they will get in trouble. I hate this company with a passion.

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  • An
    anonymous_lady May 12, 2010

    Just a side note to "Ripped Off 2wice"

    The sales people actually don't make double commission. They are forced to repay that commission to the company and then they get commission on the exchange only if it exceeds the value of the initial purchase and only for the price difference. Or at least that is how it works in the states. They are a horrible, dirty company. They train the employees to be slime balls and discourage genuine sales people.

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  • Ol
    oldmattress Oct 26, 2010

    I too am a former employee of SCUSA and I would have to agree with some and disagree with others here. I was "suspended" for not meeting sales goals. This was shortly after a regional meeting with the owner saying how much they support their employees. Poppycock! If they would have sat with me in store for hours on end and the only customer that walks in the door want's a "cheap" mattress and $100 is too much, they might see that sometimes it's the luck of the draw and not the lack of skills when it comes to the numbers game. However, they sit at their computers and see numbers only--Perhaps I should have "up sold" the customer to the $150 mattress. This doesn't mean that all of the employees of this company are bad or out to get the public and rip them off. These are people supporting families and have no choice due to company policy than to sell at all costs or be disposed of--like an old mattress.

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  • Me
    Meru Dec 09, 2010

    Never Buy from Sleep Country as they sell the bad products and provide worst customer service.

    I recently had an experience of buying a mattress from sleep country. Since it was my first ever mattress purchase I choose sleep country based on the image they portray of themselves. Since their adds on radio and tv says “they have sleep experts” according to them their sales people know what they are selling and know in and out about their product which is a complete lie.
    Me and my wife both have a back problem considering we are young but we got this problem because of the car accident. When I went to Morning Side store at 785 Milner Ave I told this to the sales person name “GOKUL” he sold us a Simmons Beauty Rest Valhalla Mattress priced around $1500. He said he will give us a $100 discount because their store did not have this mattress but he will get this one piece sitting in warehouse and this is the last piece. I repeatedly asked him if it’s a new Mattress not used or delivered to someone and then returned he said yes and confirmed. This was a complete LIE.

    When the mattress was delivered it never came in a SEALED plastic bag, plus to my surprise there were no tags (warranty tag) on the mattress. Anyhow to my mistake I accepted the mattress looking closely at the condition the mattress does not look Brand New plus it has Lint all over. I used the mattress for 2 weeks but since it was not giving us a comfortable sleep as it was too soft. I called sleep country told them that I wanted to exchange this mattress, went into the same store choose another mattress another sales person helped me with that. Gokul the sales rep when saw this that I am exchanging was not very happy I told him about the Lint and no tags attached. His answer was OHH may be its an OLD model I asked him what do you mean by OLD model he then said like you bought a 2009 car in 2010. I asked him why would you sell me an old model he said but it was still new.

    Anyhow when they came to deliver a my exchanged mattress, the delivery guy told me he can’t exchange it as it has lint and has dirt spots which needs to be cleaned I told him this is the original condition mattress came in and how the it never came in seal with no tags, he then left me with CHEM DRY CANADA number told me call them get the mattress cleaned and then call customer service. When I spoke to customer service they were not very helpful keep on repeating it needs to be cleaned even though I repeatedly mentioned this is how their mattress came. I even escalated a call to customer service Team Lead name “Michael McNeil” he understood what happen and told that he will call me back after getting the authorization from his manager. I waited another 2 weeks only to hear how he is sorry but his manager said NO and they will not accept the mattress like this. I then asked to speak to his manager “PENNY ext 2271” she was one of the rudest customer service agent I ever spoke with. She did understood that mattress came like this but blamed on me saying that I have taken so long to call them back. I told her it’s because it took me this long to speak with you. I also mentioned that I am still with 60 days of comfort exchange so does it really matter. She then told me she will not take it back unless I get it cleaned when asked from where she even gave me a CHEM DRY CANADA number.

    Since we had already gone through a month of bad sleep I called CHEM DRY the guy who came saw my mattress said oh it does not look like a new mattress and he said he deals with tons of sleep country customers and what they do is they sell the mattress which are delivered to people and which he clean he even said your mattress will be sold again and that’s why they want it to be cleaned. Keep in mind this is the guy who is referred by Sleep Country Manager itself. Anyhow finally when this was done and the delivery people came again to deliver my exchanged mattress to my surprise it was SEALED and has a WARRANTY TAG hanging with it. But this is not the end they said they have to charge me $56.00 when asked why they told me it’s a comfort exchange fee, I showed the a receipt from sleep country stating that I have already paid this, they then called customer service and I spoke with DIANA in customer service who said YES she can see I have already paid this fee but her Manager Penny has left a note saying I need to pay this again. I paid the fee and when I called penny and spoke with her during the week she told me oh it was a delivery fee. I even told her that I took a picture of the paper which the delivery guy brought with him and it clearly states it’s comfort exchange fee. When I said that I can fax her the picture which I took from delivery guys paper she said no computer can make mistake but I have to pay delivery fee at that time she hung up the call on my saying I am too loud.

    This whole ordeal cost me my time + my sleep for month and half the mattress price + cleaning price ($113) + delivery fee.
    I would never buy from sleep country again, I had a complete different Image of the company but now since dealing with them I know what real sleep country is. And now I see why so many people complain about them. I even wrote a letter to CHRISTINE MAGEE about this whole experience but no response yet and its almost more than a month.

    Their adds a full of [censor], I even have a firm belief that they are selling the mattresses which were used in OLYMPICS.

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  • Ke
    kevin moj Jan 04, 2011

    I bought a mattress from sleep country some months ago and i am very disappointed with the company and product they sell. The mattress started caving in about two months of use to a point that cannot be used any more. it feels just like you are sleeping in a coffin. Tried the warranty online and it was declined right away. They say they cannot find anything wrong with it. Called them so many times but no real solution to this problem. They keep saying that someone will contact you in 2 to 3 weeks .they never did.i am thinking of taking these guys to small claim court and also start a face book page called Sleep country is a scam .

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  • Fo
    FOXTESS Apr 01, 2011

    We purchased the Perform Conquest by Sealy from Sleep Country in December of 2010 & within a month we already had deep impressions in the mattress. It was so bad that I had to sleep in a different bed and could not even sleep in my bedroom because it hurt my back so badly. A Tech came out & confirmed that the mattress needed to be replaced . But before the Tech came we had to go through the labour intensive process of uploading pictures onto thier site, what a pain that was trying to get the right format. I even had one of the customer service people, whom I never found out his name, be extremly rude to me, it was unbelievable. I was happier when I spoke to the other agents and when he came on the line again another time I just told him I didn't want to talk with him. I was given a contact name of Sharon Garrod to deal with the issue of his rudness and I left quite a few messages for her but i never got a call back.

    When the new mattress came, it had thread pulls and stains on it. So the delivery person marked down that it needed to be replaced, this mattress has also developed deep impressions on it so the customer service people decided that we could have a 60 day comfort exchange. I think that this mattress had been at another house because it did not have the cardboard tag on it that my first mattress, I will be watching for this when the next bed comes you can be sure of that and I will make that delivery mad wait until I have checked that bed over thoroughly.

    My issue now is this, we have to pay an extra $507.21 for a new mattress bed as we are getting a different bed all together. We have been having issues with the both of the mattresses since December and now we have to pay more money to get a different brand so that we can hopefully get a bed that doesn't sag. To me it is just crazy that you have to pay more for something when you have been going through so much trouble, I never would have bought the bed in the first place if I thought it was going to cost this much money in the end.

    We have bought from sleep country before and never had any issues and always had good service, but that was a number of years ago, I think that things have changed there AND NOT FOR THE BETTER, AND I WILL NOT BE PURCHASING FROM THEM AGAIN! They have certainly lost my business and I will be sure to tell everyone that I know about my experience with them you can be sure of that. I hope that Sleep country reads this, and I too would love Christine Mgee's phone number, I have a few things to say to her!

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  • St
    stephanie beaushaw Sep 27, 2011

    I had a bad experience with Sleep Country. I purchased a Simmons Beauty Rest. It was an overstock item and I did not get a factory warranty. I was given a warranty from Sleep Country equal to the manufacturer's warranty. It isn't worth the paper it is written on. After about a month the mattress started to sag and now at three months it is in the same condition of the other mattress I had replaced it for. I called Sleep Country customer service only to be told that if the mattress has stains on it the warranty is void. She told me that the mattress has to have visible dents in it to measure the sag. I told her to lie on it and she would feel it, it is a cushiony top so it bounces back eventually when you get out of bed. I think they are reusing the springs in the mattresses they kindly take away for the customer to put in their new mattress. I think that is why there are so many complaints about sagging mattresses. The customer service people can't do anything for me so I guess I will get Jesse on King 5 news so everyone will know what is happening.

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  • Bo
    bocconcini Mar 07, 2012

    I bought a Sealy Merlot silk queen mattress and box spring set from Sleep Country Victoria in 2006. It came with a 10 year warranty. Despite the fact that I am only 125 pounds, the mattress began to get impressions in the euro-top layer shortly after. This wasn't a total shock, but after a couple of years started noticing I had pain in the lower back. As a young, fit person who is not overweight, this surprised me. The only explanation I could offer was this less and less supportive mattress - when I would stay elsewhere for periods of time, the pain slowly subsides! 5 years later, and I am completely dissatisfied with the mattress. There are significant indentations that actually cause me to roll in the night. I have tried rotating the mattress, but the same problem persists. I had the warranty evaluator on site, and he measured the sagging as a fraction of an inch shy of qualifying for a replacement under warranty. I guess I will have to wait until it sags the rest of the inch, and am confident this will happen well before the 10 year warranty is up! This blows!

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  • Ig
    igotrippedoffagain Jun 17, 2012

    I have had a one year old mattress replaced only to have the new one sag after two years. They said it was a comfort thing and theres nothing that can be done. I told the technician to lay in the bed to feel the dip but he refused, and said the dip was normal. Now my lower back aches after four hours of sleeping on the newer mattress. I will never shop at sleep country again.

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  • Sa
    Sanwal javed Sep 30, 2013

    I bought two mattresses from sleep country, my king size mattress(Chanel) got sicked in within 3weeks, I was told from customer service that it is a usual compression as a result of usage...I said yes fine, but than this foam is suppose to come back???some one also said that may be it is only a manufacturing defect, other said to me oh it never happened before, another comment was that this is a usual problem with pillow top mattress..I got a new one in an exchange yesterday...surprisingly this Seally one is as hard as a rock, compare to what I had experience in a store, I was restless all night and worried..I went back to the store and they said in FEW weeks the gel will get soften...they said that they forgot to tell me as they also forget sometimes...I told them its like buying new expensive shoes, they must be comfortable to start with, , you don't wait for weeks to have them settled and have corn and bruises..
    I just have called again to customer service and spoke to Diana, she said she will speak with her supervisor ..I don't know what will be the put come but I know the heavy amount I had paid with their promises.
    I want a refund only because they are not able to provide me comfort.
    I will try to reach the president too, I hope she reads these complains too.

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  • Se
    serta purchase Oct 20, 2013

    There is something going on in the mattress industry and Consumer Reports Canada needs to get involved. The retailers and manufacturers are misrepresenting the products to their customers, especially when it comes to warranties. The manufacturers are producing poor quality products that may even cause or exacerbate injury in users. The same mattresses are sold in different stores with different names so you can't even compare the quality or suitability. What you see in the store, isn't what you get on delivery, when it is finally delivered. Is something happening between the time you make the purchase and when the product is delivered to your home? Are we actually getting the legitimate product from the warehouse? Are the products identified as defective ending up back on the shelf and being resold as new? Are old mattresses being re-cycled into lower-quality new mattresses without being labelled as re-cycled? Is that new mattress chemical/foam/latex smell bad for your health? Are customer service people being trained to leave out pertinent pieces of information when dealing with clients concerning some mattress brands? Should stores be obligated to tell clients that their products are non-refundable without a re-stocking fee? Why do we pay a "re-stocking fee" if, as they say, the product is not being put back on the shelf? Should stores have to identify and label products that are used, as such? What is going on?

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  • Se
    serta purchase Oct 20, 2013

    The Bay is the same.

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  • Li
    LISA CRUMLEY Oct 27, 2013


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  • Fr
    Frustrated WA Customer Apr 18, 2014

    Unfortunately, I also had a bad experience with Sleep Country. We requested a morning delivery by 11:00 am. We were told that we would receive a confirmation call the day before delivery and no one ever contacted us. The day the delivery was supposed to take place, we had to chase them down, trying to get a confirmation for our delivery. What we found out was that they completely ignored our request for a morning delivery and scheduled us for la late evening delivery - and didn't even bother contacting us to let us know when and if they were coming. We made a VERY expensive purchase and Sleep Country showed no respect for our time and inconvenience. They did nothing to fix the problem or even try to accommodate us. I will never do business with them again. I do not recommend Sleep Coyntry. Their service and concern for customer satisfaction is terrible. : (

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  • Pi
    Pissed off in Tacoma Jun 26, 2014

    I walked into a local Sleep Country and was pleased to find the mattress that I had been looking for. So far so good, right? The salesman was very friendly and helpful, and within minutes he had taken my payment and arranged delivery. The next day, the delivery truck arrived at my apartment. The driver and his younger assistant came in with the paperwork and mattress. I had recently purchased a wooden bed frame from another furniture store, and stressed that I wanted its finish and edges to be protected. I did NOT want these guys to scratch my new frame, and they said not to worry. Just a few minutes later, I was shocked to see that they had severely scratched the frame while inserting the foundation and mattress. The edge was chipped and paint was actually flaking off. I was livid but did not want to get into a huge argument with these careless idiots. I tried calling customer service but was placed on hold. Called again and had to wait twenty minutes on hold. My new bed frame is now damaged and looks terrible. I might have to get the whole thing replaced. Thanks for the "professional" service guys.

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  • Ar
    Art Beaver Mar 13, 2015

    This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The attitude of delivery people is reprehensible and the salesman, after the sale and delivery, is uncaring. Grrrrrr! Do not buy from SCC

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  • Do
    Don't buy junk Dec 16, 2017

    [censor] sleep country, they are asking me to shampoo mattress with 4 broken springs in it. or whatever is in it. Iti s ridiculosis. Do not buy from Sleep Country. I hate them. the bed mattress is less than 6 months old. and I am not heavy. Bad customer service, All i want is the mattress to be replaced. My husband said to threw in the trash. maybe he is right. it is piece of junk.
    are they charge restocking fee. tjhat is a good question. I hate them.

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  • Pa
    Patsy12345 Nov 20, 2018

    Was tricked by guelph salesman at sleep country. He gave me a deal on a matress that was a demo when in fact it was a customer return. The matress was so badly worn that i needed a chiropractor and massage therapist to adjust my back.

    They made every excuse not to take back, be very careful when you buy here.

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  • Ki
    Kim Strugnell Sep 30, 2019

    I am trying to get onto the site to do the 15%Back Promotional Gift Card. Frustrating. Not very happy.

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  • Sl
    sleepcountry Dec 28, 2019

    I am unable to find a form to fill out for the Lifestyle Base Promotion for 15 percent Gift Card using information given to us with our recent purchase, used site as given please advise, [email protected], HTTPS://GIFTCARD.SLEEPCOUNTRY.CA

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