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8:59 pm EDT

Eckstein Hollows Maltipoo

Stay away from these guys. I got a maltipoo from them and he got very sick I reached out to them about the 2 year contract and they wouldn't answer the phone. My poor fur baby has a brain lesion. I spent 500 on him at the specialist and he is blind in both eyes. They are very unprofessional and run a puppy mill! Please do not purchase from them! BEWARE!

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12:29 pm EST

Eckstein Hollows service

I bought a puppy from the above in November. I sent my initial $300 deposit on 11-22-19. I was to get the puppy on the 23rd of December. On the 7th of December I spoke to them and they told me that Holly (puppy) was too tiny if they can ship her after Christmas. I agreed because I wanted the best for her. Of course I know my kids would be disappointed but I also considered the health of the puppy. On Christmas Eve she sent me video of the puppy for the kids and also told me the puppy would come on the 29th . That didn't happen, then she said 30th that didn't happen either. Then she sent an flight confirmation for the 7th and once again it didn't happen. This time she had car issues. The flight was leaving STL airport at 1:45pm but she text me at 8am stating that she missed the flight. It became so difficult to communicate with these people. I asked for my money back and for some reason they are holding on to it. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone. They hardly speak to you on the phone everything is mostly through texting. I hope no one ever goes through this.

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Update by Edna Ochenge
Feb 10, 2020 12:05 pm EST

I did not get the puppy and they also did not refund my money i had to call the credit card company to dispute the charges . Stay away from this place.

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, US
Sep 22, 2020 7:28 pm EDT

I had nothing but great communication with Eckstein Hollows. I purchased Reuben almost 1.5 yrs now and he is terrific. The service was great and communication was fantastic. I actually drove to their place because I like to know where a pup is raised at before I purchase. Clean location and the family certainly has a great love for all the animals.

Sofia Gonzalez
, US
Jan 18, 2020 9:05 am EST

Hi, I was interested in purchasing a puppy from them but this is the second negative experience I hear about. Have you received the puppy?

3:16 pm EDT
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Eckstein Hollows - paid for a puppy and the flight isn't getting done

I selected a puppy from Eckstein Hollows in Vandalia, Mo. Hannah can only text-I can't. The transaction went through paypal by email correspondence on July 16. Their email address is ecksteinhollows@gmail .com. Hannah, one of the kids on the farm is who is responsible for the care and arrangements to fly the dog I ordered-his name is Simon. I live in Butte...

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