Sitedudes.comSite Dudes was a very bad experience for me


Site Dudes was a very bad experience for me. The site they created could have been done better by my 10 year old nephew. When I attempted to work with them to improve I recieved no collaboration, input, suggestion or partnership. They simply told me to email them what I wanted and they would make changes. When I asked to speak to someone to discuss opotions, ideas, potentail concepts I was told I could not speak to anyone and again to send an email. When I did send emails the instructions were only partially followed and included spelling mistakes and misunderstood directions so I was never able to get what I was looking for as no one cared enough to engage with the customer to deliver what they had paid for. All it seemed they were in interested in was taking my money. When I decided to leave SIte Dudes I contacted them to advise of my decision and was told my payment for the current month had been taken so my site was paid until July 15. I felt I had done the professional thing by advising them however they decided to take down my site 10 days earlier and have refused to refund the prorated value. I was also told that the designers can take a site down whenever they see fit once someone has canceled their account despite having taken money for that period. I was also told that if I cared so much about my site I wouldn't have canceled my is all I can say. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone and in fact I will go out of my way to tell people not to do business with Site Dudes.


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    YeaSure Nov 27, 2012

    haha well judging by your communication skills in the above comment you provided, you seem OK. I don't believe how someone could not follow simple instructions laid out by you. Did you ever think to reflect that it just might be your fault?!?

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    YeaSure Nov 27, 2012

    BTW, how is the site made by your 10 year old nephew coming along? Is it a few year from it or is it up and running?
    Post the link, I'd really like to check it out :D

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    JustSoYou know Dec 19, 2012

    Mr. YeaSure springs up again, like on all SiteDudes complaints. Being from Toronto, it seems logical to assume that the mocking tone of YeaSure is in fact someone working for SiteDudes. And again, I would suggest to SiteDudes to pay better attention to the staff they employ, and maybe have them follow sensitivity training. Mocking your clients who have issues with you is the last thing you should do: such reports are the best help you can get (free of charge) to fix existing problems take your business to greater success.
    Hope you listen and benefit...

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    Corinne22 Apr 29, 2013

    I am having a dispute with Site Dudes as well. On Thursday I was telephone solicited by their rep who talked me into joining up. They took my credit card info and charged my account for $150.00. This was to represent $100.00 for building a website and $50.00 for the 1st month. On Monday am I telephoned them to advise that we had decided not to go ahead at this time due to various circumstances.
    When I asked what my refund would be they told me 0.00.
    they did not even build a site for me since I did not give them any info yet to do as such. so this is a straight out rip.
    No WEBSITE AND THEREFORE NO 1 MONTH SERVICE. This is not even reasonable. I am just appalled since they telephone solicited me on Thursday and this is only Monday am.
    Any comments are welcomed.
    Corinne email: [email protected]

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    Christinethomas9 Oct 11, 2013

    I was also telephone solicited by a very aggressive salesman, Nigel, from sitedudes in early September 2013. It was through a customer referral that he got my name and number. I was not prepared to have a website developed yet and just wanted some info. He told me I couldn't refuse what he offered because he would drop the setup fee from $500 down to $100. I still said I wasn't ready to sign up and he then told me I would have 30 days to decide with a full refund on the money. I said, "even if you start to develop a site for me?" and he said yes. Well, 28 days later, I call to discuss cancelling with customer service, Megan, and she tells me there is no refund, only IF I can give them a cheaper price from another company for the same service(and that they never give the refund anyway because no one can find a company with exactly the same service setup). By this time, they had also charged me for 1 month of service, so I'm out $170. Why would they charge me for 1 month of service when I was still deciding on whether to keep the site? This is where Megan started to waffle...she believed me, but couldn't do anything because she had to "stand beside her co-workers and the company in any dispute". I'm grateful that I don't need to work for a company that is dishonest, unethical and allows their employees to lie in order to get business. It's also sad that a company thinks that by swindling people out of $170 because of hidden, unspoken terms and conditions, that they are going to make money that way. Instead, a company should be honest and upfront with their policies and then they would have long term satisfied customers. One more thing is that I question the legality of taking a credit card payment for a verbal agreement over the phone, and then sending the contract one or two days later which says something totally different. BUYER BEWARE:DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT INFO TO THIS COMPANY, OR TO ANY COMPANY THAT CONTACTS YOU AND WANTS YOUR CREDIT INFO WITHOUT FIRST SEEING THE CONTRACT THEY ARE GOING TO HOLD YOU TO.

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  • Ca
    CameronG Feb 16, 2017

    Currently working with Sitedudes for a client. They have been a hassle to deal with since the initial state of things. Now without warning they shut down their FTP service, which we didn't find out until the client wanted to make a change to their website. Now we are suddenly told that the FTP service has been down for a MONTH and to email any changes we want made.

    They say their team is 'trying to found a better way' (that is how they wrote it, horrible spelling and grammar throughout). Well it has been down for a month, citing security reasons. That is just pathetic. One of the worst hosting companies I have ever dealt with.

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