Sicily By Carpayment not received, scam, ripoff, lies.

Gj Sep 30, 2019

After renting a car at Milano airport in June the car we rented broke down (technical problem with the gear). We were at about 1, 5hour drive from the nearest Sicily by Car rental station at that moment.

Sicily by car only made sure the car came back to them by towing is away. We where then stuck without car.

The receptionist from sicily by car said we someway should get to a rental station so that the car could be replaced and all taxi cost (220 euro) would be refunded by them, i should send them a mail wich i did the next day!

So, this is wat happend then:

I send them a mail when i got home - no reaction at all!
I again send them a mail no reaction at all!

I never got my money (taxi cost) back unfortunately

It also took them about 2 month to refund my depesit.

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