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T Jul 07, 2019

We had pre booked a car to hire at 12noon on 28th July 2019.

We arrived to collect our car at 12noon. My husband took a ticket and waited. His ticket was number 14 and number 76 was currently being served.

My husband went inside whilst I waited outside with our 11month old baby. After a short while we went inside. The place was so busy there wasn't anywhere to sit or wait out of the way with a pushchair and suitcases.

My husband queries about his ticket number and was told that it had to go to 100 and then it would start again from 0.

During the first hour which we were waiting I enquired as to whether the other hire companies had a baby seat and we could hire with them. Unfortunately, your website was unclear about whether or not we could cancel our car as we had waited a ridiculous amount of time!!

After an hour and 15 minutes my husband complained that we had waited so long and we had a baby. The man said ‘oh you should have said' came to check he had a baby (although he had been holding her earlier) and then was taken to the front of the queue.

Once he was being seen to this appeared to be a long process repeating information that had already been supplied! (Please note that at this point the tickets had only reached 96, if we hadn't of complained it would have been at least another 2 hour wait - which is ridiculous, why would I hire a car for a particular time if I wanted to wait another 4 hours)

Eventually we were given the keys and told to collect the car seat on the way. Once I got the car seat, it was completely inappropriate. It was a seat for a much older child which did not have a harness seatbelt. I then had to carry my child back to the office and they saw my daughter and then changed the seat.

All in all, it was 2pm before we managed to leave. This service is absolutely diabolical, I have never known anything quite like it.

The staff did not appear concerned at any point about the wait, nor were they apologetic.

This really put a downer on the start of our holiday and it is not acceptable in anyway. I want a full refund for the price of the hire of the car and the car seat. I will most certainly never be using your company again, and I will be making sure that others don't either.

I will escalate this further if needed.

Mr and Mrs wheeler
Booking Ref: IT617700230

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