Shortline Coach Bus USAbully and threatening driver


I would like to file a formal complaint against a bus driver.
I am a customer who travels to and from the city using both routes Montgomery & Newburgh.. I purchase 10 day tickets because buying daily simply isn't affordable .

March 10th begin the misappropriation and bullying of bus driver Alberry. Upon entering the bus I mentioned I was going to Montgomery.
At the Monroe-Woodbury stop he tells me I gave him a Newburgh ticket and didn't tell him I was headed to Montgomery. That's not true.I reminded him I'd told him Montgomery was my stop. He begins to rant about him only having 45 minutes left and he had no time to go to Montgomery. And said that he needs to turn back around and go to Mahwah. He told to wait outside for the next bus- it should be a minute. He also mentioned he could drop me off at Washingtonville. I refused to get off; I didn't trust him. I feared being stranded.
So, I told him Maybrook would be an alternative. I honestly don't know if he didn't hear me over his ranting or ignored me. He exited and entered the bus numerous times while on the phone. There were 2 Washingtonville passengers and me.
One passenger left on his own while me and the other passenger waited approximately 15 min for the next Montgomery bus.

Today, (March 27th) I let him know I was going to Montgomery. He begins rudely with "listen, listen, listen, you do is all the time..."if no one is going to Montgomery, I ain't taking you to Montgomery!"
He calls the office and speaks to Harb (Arb) .

I'm being bullied, this has reached a new low.
How dare he speak to me in such a disrespectful manner?
I called dispatch to complain (5:21 pm) I spoke with Stephanie C. I explained that I take both the Newburgh and the Montgomery line. I buy 10 tickets, ; however, I'm told the tickets can not be split. The Newburgh 10 ticket is a bit higher in cost-So I am the one losing out.
Dispatch determines I should pay the driver $2. I don't agree but do so.
I didn't feel confident in my complaint being taken serious.

Well, before my exit, I ask the driver for the bus #. That started his ranting again. A passenger tried to diffuse the situation - calm him down. I, along with a passenger showed him the stop at Scott's Corner. He refused to stop there and instead dropped me off on 17K where there was little sidewalk.
So, not only is he rude, he is dangerous.
This isn't a complaint where I am not happy with a driver. I feel threatened, intimidated and bullied.
This is a complaint I would like for the CEO to review if there is no resolve at this level. This is a complaint in which I do not want to see this bus driver on this route ever again and advise that he goes for additional training.
I'm sure there are other complaints about him - that exists.

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