Short Let Londonwas ripped off by short let london apartments!

H Apr 18, 2018

I have also used their "services" and I am going to make sure no one else becomes a victim of these scam artists known as "Irene", "Lana" and the big boss "Serge"...I am 100% sure these are fake names. They all use the same gmail account and pretend to be the other person. They are taking advantage of people's situation of looking for a short term flats to stay until they find a job or while they are settling down in London.

They took 1300 pounds from me...make sure you are not next!

At the moment this company is registered under the following name

London Apartment Direct Ltd address 616a Finchley Road London but I have found out this scam goes on since 2008 as they keep changing names, address and the director's name.

I rented a studio flat for 3 weeks from the website and I was asked to pay a deposit of 115 pounds in order for them to reserve the flat for me.

I was also asked to transfer the entire rent of my stay including extra charges for electricity and internet in advance (otherwise they will not hand over the keys to the flat) overall 1207 pounds for 3 weeks (excluding the deposit).

Therefore, I have transferred the money a couple of days before I have arrived.

Upon my arrival, I was stunned to see a neglected flat that did not look like the same flat in the photos I had been sent.

However, the worst situation was the mice traps and mice droppings in the flat which the company completely denied.

I have left the keys inside of the flat, emailed photos of the mice droppings as well as the key and left the apartment due to its condition.

I should mention I was charged 57 pounds per night for this infested flat.

When I called the agency, the receptionist (Irene) refused to help me and claimed her manager "Serge" is the person in charge.

Serge, didn't reply to my emails and he refused to provide me with his mobile number.

As I had no place to stay, I have checked into a hotel and was hoping for a refund if not full then partially.

After I have waited for 24 hours in my hotel and have made 10 phone calls it the agency, I have received an email from the Gmail account of the company signed by Serge offering me (clearly it was Irene the receptionist) to relocate to a studio in Kilburn Park and that they will not refund my money (not even the electricity bill and internet that I clearly haven't used).

As I was not interested to move into Kilburn Park area (which is probably another infested flat) the only offer I was given is to get my 100 pounds deposit back. The only reason I agreed to rent this flat is the fact it is a registered company in the UK but it turns out this is simply not a legitimate company as its entire operation (as confirmed in the link of "trip advisor" I have written above it is a pattern of theirs) is to rent rat and mice infested flats and posting photos that are far from reality while making their tenants pay the FULL rent in advance.

I believe the activity of this company should be investigated due to the above issue as well as the fact this company keeps changing its name and address as well as the management name. They are purely taking advantage of people that are desperate for accommodation in London once they arrive and don't have many other options. They are also advertising on a short let studio known as "MELROSE APARTMENTS" so don't be fooled these are the same people. Amazing fotos and the reality is completely different.

I have found other victims that suffered exactly like me : lost their money to a flat infested with rats.

Please do notify if you have stayed with them as this is going to the police, council, company house investigation.

They can't get away with this!

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