Shoppers Drug Martterazosin hcl 2mg

Br Sep 12, 2019 ON

I have always used this Shoppers drug mart location for all my prescriptions because it is located close to my home, but for the past year or so I've been having problems filling this particular prescription, every time I tried to fill this prescription they would tell me they don't have the full amount, today September 12th at 9:15am I called to to fill the prescription and they told me they have only part of the amount, I got upset and told the person on the phone I'm going to complain to the head office, so when I went to get my prescription I got the full amount and told me it had just came in, ( how convenient) after telling me they do not have the full amount. Sorry but I think something is not right with that Shoppers drug mart location, and I suggest someone should look into it.

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