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Aug 21, 2019 MB Review updated:

On My roommate purchased 4 one litre cartons of coffee cream at this location. We still had some in an open carton in the fridge so we did not open it until the next day.

Despite being well before the expiry date, I opened the first one the next morning and wasted my cup of coffee because the cream was sour. I opened the next one and smelled it first only to find it was sour too.

In the end we found that all 4 cartons were sour and still had over 2 weeks left until the best before date. If this was the first time we experienced this, it would still be frustrating, but the same thing happened very recently when I purchased the same product.

On the previous occasion, I returned it the same day and decided to go elsewhere as they keep the dairy products in an open cooler that is clearly not sufficient.

We are a busy household and didn't have time to take it back right away, however my roommate's daughter went back a few days later, still well before the expiry date, and was told that we could not be refunded as we did not bring it back on the same day?!

Who opens 4 cartons of cream the day they buy them and why is it relevant if the product is spoiled and the expiry date is still over a week away?!! Furthermore, why is it our responsibility to drop everything in our busy lives to rush back, when your company sold us rotten products? I've never heard anything so absurd in my life and as a long time customer, I will now be finding other places to purchase anything and everything I purchased from you in the past!

I'm equally disturbed that there is no contact information on the website for the corporation to be contacted about these issues. Does Shopper's Drug Mart not care at all about these things? I will give the company 1 week to respond before I share my story with the health department and on social media. I don't want anyone else to make the mistake of being ripped off by a company that sells rotten product and refuses to take responsibility for their errors!

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