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On Sunday night I attended your location at Queen st and John St in Toronto to purchase Plan B. It is already embarrassing enough to purchase it but, than the pharmacist who helped me didn't help the situation. I told her my concern I had unprotected sex with my partner however, wasn't sure if I should be purchasing it as I had just began my menustration and perhaps I didn't need it. She couldn't answer that question so I said it's ok I'll just purchase it to be on the safe side. As I'm paying for it she than says you know the pamphlet inside will tell you factors of it being ineffective and I said yes I have to take it within 72 hrs .. she said no not that your weight does play a factor in it's effectiveness. I than asked it does? She said yes if you weigh more than 81 lbs or I think kilograms. I than said no it doesn't I've never read that and I've taken it before and it's always worked for me. She proceeded to be rude. I said I'm ok please give me the medication I have no concerns and walked out. I was with my partner at the time and I found her to be very unprofessional and insensitive. One yes I am a curvy woman but not obese by any means. It's embarrassing enough to purchase plan B because you're airing out a mistake but to be attacked for not being slim was absolutely insensitive. The best part is that whole weight thing was not outlined anywhere on the pamphlet. I read online it was from a European study however, not proven. I feel that pharmacists should conduct themselves in a more professional manner and should have more knowledge on something that I'm sure is commonly purchased especially in the downtown core. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth and a reminder that if you're not stick thin there's a stigma attached to it. I felt it was only right to file a complaint so that someone does not go through the same experience. It wasn't right and I was provided inaccurate information. I would appreciate the matter looked into further so again no one gets left feeling embarrassed like I did.

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      Oct 10, 2019

    Last week in a Shoppers Drug Mart store on 52st / Memorial Dr. in Calgary, Alberta, I was in an aisle looking for something when I heard in a low sound over the speaker system the Islamic call to prayer. I couldn't believe it, so to make sure I wasn't hearing things I asked the (white female) clerk and she said "oh no, we don't play that here."

    But a day or so later I was at a Tim Horton's (you will notice that the majority of their staff are Muslim wearing Muslim attire- hijab etc) and again I heard this Islamic music over their speaker system. They seem to play this music in small clips, not full songs. Perhaps TH head office is doing this to remind all the Muslim guests sitting around that it is their time to prayer? Or perhaps it's something to do will niche marketing to Muslims who may be illiterate in English?

    This needs to stop as this is offensive to non-Muslims and probable former Muslims.


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